Is There Anything Left to Write About?

Let me let one in on the off chance of not knowing that our current trajectory of lacklustre ignorant fate is simply a predestination without coherent cognitive representation where the reiteration of finite amounts of self-victimization is falsely portrayed as an all encompassing societal authorization by the actualization of misinformation being endlessly and sloppily disseminated by the degeneration and organization of the substrate of infiltration which is supposed to be of objective formation in order to intelligently nourish the mind of a healthy nation.

Politicians and media – serving themselves, their masters and a steady main stream dose of one dimensional orally emitted rectal discharge. Forget the poison pill, it is time to exercise the mind.

Hell, don’t forget the handbasket. What a weave, amateur hour at the yarn spinning factory. Forget air tight or holding water, even a semi truth could not be supported in their out to lunch containment vessel. Those second and third tier intellectuals sure are first rate circus performers. Time for the dunk tank, or better yet, defenestration, then regeneration.

Some unquestioned questions questioning the political quest to flatline the extremely diverse multitudinous cycles to life in the universe, hence, the spheres of our sphere, specifically those souls committed within, or not so much committed, to a higher commitment to commit to the necessary philosophical effort and accompanying enlightenment, therefore presence, to that of a greater expenditure than sending in the proof of purchase from the back of a breakfast cereal box, emptied while gorging on the vision of vacuous tele variety:

Surely the diversity of life, understanding, enlightenment, outcome, presence, achievement, contentment, self reflection…… is mainly, but not solely, dependent upon the equality of understanding that one really does get out what one puts in, where to find that inner peace within oneself is the key to unlocking ones true purpose, meaning, and path in need of true in depth searching, where to blame others for a deep rooted and exuding negative discontent is surely just the inability to escape the critical recesses of one’s mind, leaving one to act upon the now ingrained fantasy, therefore the ability of unlearned, and false necessity to deflect then project into society ones self capitulation, lack of basic wisdom, in turn, the need to then attempt to cause the destruction of other beings or entities in order make up for an inescapably sour and unknown self-victimizing rampant despair?

The above  construct is now being latched onto by pseudo intellectual virtue signalling pandering political operatives in order to use the dispossessed as a statistic in order to carry out a nefarious, counterproductive agenda, where the overstepping incompetent omnipresence of incompetent government perpetuates and amplifies the ever growing toxic system where the normalization of the societal negative feedback loop is a guarantee to up the ante of the anti sensibility of the system which is highly responsible for creating the complex conundrum in the first place?

Why is the system never the problem in the minds eye of the eyes minding the systematic problem of systemic ignorant minds being systematically created through an ever increasing yet simultaneously depleting state of awareness sanctioned and engrained in those mind of state state of minds of the state system?

I a Door a Stevedore of Wisdom

One’s effort exuded, and the choices made, therefore the doors opened, or closed, whether beneficial or detrimental, are a major determinant of one’s outcome afforded through ultimately the perception of a universal existence, or the very lack thereof. There does exist what some may label as trappings of ignorance, possibly solely in existence as a means of deterministic solubility in the universal construct of which is quite possibly obfuscated and obliterated by the existential camouflaged will of an opaque yet transparent historically emanating power as a means of stealing ones true value and replacing it at the false cost of being spent unnecessarily to fortify the stockpile of oppression, where realistically the oppressor not only consists of the system passed on through the controlling continuance of power of antiquity into the future, but is ultimately, for a great many, solely in existence due to the inability to perceive outside the blurred linear lines and into the true realm of societally elevating unselfish individualism.

The portal to the realm of true understanding, enlightenment, universal realization and true reasons for existence, is just that, a portal. There is in reality no obstruction from allowing one to pass through to the other side, the only thing holding one back is one’s willingness to correctly decipher the societal maze of hallways containing the entrances and exits of an existence determined upon one’s ability to navigate in an advancing manner. Where even many supposed brilliant people are incapable of reaching the great hall after having searched out the supporting foundation of advancement, only for the fact that as many doors as they have passed through they have never been able to escape their own room due to the inconsequential, yet catastrophically perceived, actions of others to cross their threshold.

That being said, the doors that need to be navigated in order to reach the portal threshold are many in the making, where many exist at perils, complications, and rewards as numerous as the souls contained within. In reality one can choose then put in the necessary work to enter numerous doors of advancement and go forth to accomplish a perceived productive, fulfilling existence, yet never managed to have unhinged even the slightest notion of a reality outside of the sheltered rooms of one’s endeavours.

Some might say that the sole passages of many academic entrances may lead to a centre forum where the reassured mirrored existence of the crowded leads to a room where a staircase does not exist, though only for the fact that the thought of a reality of further elevation was not pondered. This outcome can very well be as concerning as the following navigational doors to nowhere, especially when the two meet on the common mirky ground of the current self destructive quicksand society finds itself in.

There is nobody standing guard and a negative entry fee to many doors that have zero prerequisite for entrance, where nothing is gained and all ends up being lost, for many often leading to a capitulation of ignorance before any effort was produced, where acting out, crying foul, pinning blame, and the need for selfish retribution upon others, has now been deemed politically correct.

When the maxim becomes lack of self betterment or even a minimal participatory effort, pulling the victim card, a sense of entitlement, looking upon ones fundamental chosen flaws as a virtue, shunning of hard work, unwillingness to accept accountability and basic responsibility, which is then deemed to be socially acceptable and something to form a society around, surely the system and those running it have lost the plot to decency, though quite likely sanity.

Is it possible to even help somebody who is not capable of helping themselves? If the whole caves to the ignorance of political projection, surely the ignorance is just going to multiply to a level that becomes unsustainable, slowly crumbling away the societal fabric that was once intricately woven together, now a tattered rag, unable to soak up the metastasizing vomit, consequently thinly spreading it in all directions hoping to cover all in the shaming spillage in the attempt to engrain a sense of guilt and prevent the overwhelming soberly stunned chunder free onlookers from piping up with the necessary quip – “Clean up in the hallway of unknowing despair, an extremely slippery substance has been categorically spread to and fro by the custodian in the attempt to pass off a slick hazard as a protective coating!”


Round and round it goes, profuse political posturing and pandering, predecessor to posterity, perpetually pathetic – left to right, side to side, up and down and out of touch, back and forth, to and fro ebb and flow, to each their zone, dimensionally skewed linearly, always some degree on an axis of calculated rotational conformity. Designed to circle and wag on while the destractor plows the frontier of all’s existence. Harvesting that organ, do you mind?

Surely anybody who has passed through enough doors, regardless of whether they have been able to escape their own room or not, must surely realize that the system of governance that exists has long past its expiration date, while simultaneously devolving into a shameful display of the effects of the implementation and continuance of custodial “gatekeepers” incapable of grasping the mere idea of an objective analysis or reality, whose legitimacy is on par with that of  blind, quadruple amputees claiming to be repeatedly sinking holes in one while not being cognizant that the course is indeed just the negligibly small parameters of the miniscular backyards of an eighteenplex put in place solely to distract the players and those naive enough to become club carrying caddy’s on an inter course domain of legerdemain.

In reality our current system was created for the sole purpose of keeping outright imperial dominance over the masses through the school and social system induced hypnotism of the populace while giving the outward appearance to the hypnotized that endless choice and limitless free will are indeed a construct of the “democracy” parameters doled out to complete the illusion of the construct that was engineered in order to keep the “riffraff” distracted and ultimately divided while power “elite” and ultimately their puppet masters make off like the treasonous scuzz bucket bandits that they truly are. And that is the True-dope for a Freeland orbiting the moon!

There is no doubt that the West’s governance system is crumbling faster than a Chrystia Freeland prescription medication to be inhaled through the metaphorical nostrils of despair that the West’s trajectory has become in the hour glass of minute representation. Though unfortunately it sure seems like the tornado of obstruction that has managed to discombobulate the crowds while tearing its swath of destruction and capture every construct of society within its violent swirl, except for the glaringly obvious lack of transportation vessels – those damn doors!, is set to carry on along its path of destruction and at an intensified presence for some time yet.

Shelter in place, and get ready for the cleanup of the trailer park of nations! Heck, there might be corpses strewn about willy nilly in some ungraceful geographical locations. Hopefully a participatory framework rises from the ashes, and the doors of perception play a significant role in constructing a foundation of meaningful substance.