I Would In Nickels

The ENDPOLITICIANS.COM logo for this website – there is a deeper meaning of its construct other than the desire to represent the wish and accompanying need for society to terminate the scourge of flea bitten cancerous parasites parroting orders while selfishly acting in their own self interest under the guise of doing good for society. Touché to the swallowers of Klaus Schwab’s sordid sword! What was that about the pen? No, not their pigpen where they swallow anything. We’re talking righting utensil here.

Speaking of the disintegration of a construct, let me breakdown a logo in no need of a fix-up.

ENDPOLITICIANS.COM – Definitely a bold statement – so the letters are too.

ENDPOLITICIANS.COM – Where the END is bigger and overpowering the following illegitimate accompaniment of POLITICIANS.

ENDPOLITICIANS.COM – Those POLITICIANS are crooked from the beginning to the END.

ENDPOLITICIANS.COM – The crossbar of the POLITICIANS puppet masters is black to represent the dark forces attempting to END our freedom through the use of treasonous moral prostitutes.

ENDPOLITICIANS.COM – Blue represents freedom and liberty more than any other colour, so let it be the means to END those crooked POLITICIANS. Red is a representation of blood and violence.

ENDPOLITICIANS.COM – That .COM, surely a representation of a possible venture involving transferring money, though it has only caused the disappearance of my surplus of labour. Not to mention my time, ok I just did.

Note to self: if creating a website with the prospect of receiving donations, do not call it ENDPOLITICIANS.COM as such a combination of letters causes paranoid thoughts and sheer panic in the minds of many. Go for something like CHUNDERBUCKET.COM or SCRAMBLEDBRAINS.ORG, as they are less intimidating to enter the WWW. I do take wooden nickels!

Surely such symbolism is scraping the bottom of the barrel of mysticism, no? Ok, possibly skimming the lard of a countertop bacon grease storage can? Hell, at least one has the choice as to whether they imbibe my symbolism and alphabet chop-suey constructs. However the same can not be said for the plain in sight naked dressing of an obviously obtuse obscene hemorrhoidal hanger-on disgracing the societal minds eye. When one truly sees it, it becomes a retinal rape violating the optic nerve, in turn clouding too many’s vision in the normalization of an antiquated “royal” death machine of epic proportions. That cancerous crown.

   Serfing the Web of Entanglement

Cruel and Usual Punishment – Gag Reflex

Symbolism, it exists all around us. In this instance a representation of the formation and continuation of indoctrination, a pleasure free forced mental masturbation rape, if you will, stroking and poking in public, a family affair, one just needs to know where to look then cerebrally grab hold of the blatant false construct, then it can be felt, a shameful public sect act. A rude awakening that 360 degree burn, seared into the mind, molestation of the soul, some even identify with and praise their arrogant captor. Definitely a down syndrome incapable of raising one up.

Driving You Insane

The poor souls in the Commonwealth. Absorbing that infiltration shortly after parental procreation all the way through gestation, and then upon birth, within every corner of the “royal” track marked nation. Time to go cold turkey on that old bird and her familial mind stuffing of imperial symbols disgracing the land from coast to coast. How could anybody appreciate antiquated genocidal tokens left in time and space in order to reiterate their criminal existence and continuance into the future?

Burning of the Cornea

Most certainly, many inhabiting their Commonwealth country have become desensitized, accustomed to, and numbed to the psychological manifestation of the symbols of oppression disgracing public space, to the point of literally not being able even have it register in their minds as it has become part and parcel of their psyche.

British Columbia Double Shame – Crown and Union Jack

Surely it is time for Canada and other Commonwealth nations to move on from the shameful ignorant past of imperial malevolent ignorance and domination, which includes their political systems, put in place to keep the “royal” orgy in perpetual action. Time to put their realm on the chopping block and move on to a justified participatory future of mass participation in an actual democratic system.

Ontario Provincial Police Logo In Need of an Edit

The Crown, a truly terrorist construct symbolized by what else but, a crown. Time to take that head topper and let it become a toilet dropper, flushed into a much fitting sewer to carry away the diseased waste.

Yeah, that crown, surely it disgraces any enlightened society with its omnipresent presence. Does Canada and other countries want to enter the 21st century Age of Enlightenment and put that shameful crown and accompanying remnants where they belong, a museum, to teach posterity about the ignorance that was tolerated for much too long a time?


Only One Thing Wrong With This Logo

Geographical Mislocation

Which brings me to the Province of Ontario, simply way too much “royal” symbolism suppositories injected into that province. Perhaps that is why British Columbians look down upon so many Ontario immigrants coming out West. We have no problems with Filipino’s, East Indians, Europeans, Vietnamese, Mexican’s, Newfies……………….but it is time to put a quota on the province of Ontario.

Prisoner of His/Her Majesty, or POHM(pronounced POM) is a slang term for a citizen of England. Originally the title was used to label prisoners from the British Isles who were to shipped to the penal colony of Australia. In short order the derogatory term was flipped around and became a way to label those still stuck in the heart of the inbred imperial sewer, so much closer in proximity to the head terrorist wearing the crown.

Enter the Groom of the Stool

Mean Streets

Perhaps instead of spending tax money on things like supplying Ukraine with weaponry in order to prolong the senseless letting of Ukrainian blood in order to make profits for the partners and stakeholders of the globalist empire through their investments in the Military Industrial Complex, countries like Canada should begin the transition from their antiquated imperial past by removing the crown symbolism altogether, and renaming streets that bear the ignorant association of inbred psychopaths.

There is going to be the necessity for a lot of hard work and participation by all across society to reset the antiquated power structure that currently exists. As for Canada, we are all Canadians, and perhaps as a beginning to a more inclusive environment for all we can start be renaming the eyesore vestiges to the past of street names like – King George Boulevard, Kingsway, and Imperial Street to more suitable and appropriate names such as – Musqueam Street, Coast Salish Way, and Semiahmoo Boulevard.

As well, no doubt it is time to remove all haunting imperial portraits from the money supply. For those outside of Canada who do not know, Queen Elizabeth II not only disgraces our 20 dollar bill, but she also besmirches one side of our nickel, dime, quarter, loonie(1$), and toonie(2$) coins.

Truly the only Canadian monetary instrument that “King” Charles wants to see come to be is the implementation of a Canadian Central Bank Digital Currency implemented by his globalist infiltrators at the Bank of Canada so as to gain the control system of control systems in order to elevate the infiltration of the Canadian system and press the “royal” boot even tighter on the public throat of which the Crown sees as nothing more than scumbag serfs to be abused as necessary to profit immensely off of.

No Way In Hell Canada!