In Doctrine Nation

I kid you not. On my recent trip of driving across the country, in a city left to be unnamed, though once I heard a foreigner refer to it as “a frozen shit hole.” And no, I did not pass through Toronto, as some of you may be inferring as the chilly shitty city in question. Though I am not saying it isn’t one!

Well, come to think of it, frozen shit hole might be applicable to many geographical locations across many nations, and perhaps the entirety of Canada for five months of the year, except Vancouver of course, as it is only a frozen shit hole for perhaps 2 weeks out of the year, while, for eight and a half months of the year, being a temperate rainforest, it is a soggy shit hole, and then summer comes to above the 49th and almost everyone complains about it being too hot. I don’t get it.

Sorry, I got off by getting on a tangent. No, that was not a dirty math joke. Now the right angle. Where was I, oh yeah, kidding you not. Let me bore you with the details. I mean enthral you. Well, semi interest you anyways, perhaps.

The food was gone, though a few beers were in order. To gauge the sentiments of those in a foreign location, an appropriate action of ejecting stimuli was necessary.

To the left of me, a smart phone junkie mainlining that mind altering substance of socially distancing despair. Lights were on, but nobody was home. Should have heeded the warning.

To the right, signs of life were judged as existing due to social interaction with a friend. Time to toss one of the ENDPOLITICIANS.COM business cards I had made, to leave around here and there, consisting of only the logo on both sides, into a visible dimension in order for the intake of an anomalous concept into a realm not known to be permissible to even contemplate. Gets them almost every time!

Confines of a lifelong indoctrination one could escape not.

According to this converser the “democracy” of the American two party system of Republican and Democrat was immensely flawed due to there only being two choices, whereas the “democratic” Canadian three party system of Liberal(unquestioning follower looking for free handouts,) Conservative(wishing to be buried with their arm poking out of the ground in order to finally get their free hand out from government,) and NDP – New Democratic Party(closeted communists looking for free handouts) was a veritable bastion of democracy in action, because that third party was supposedly a check and balance on the other two. Foreshadowing – an NDP’er this person be.

No, never mind the endless lies and deception from all sides, the devolving of politics into a pandering bribe fest, the creeping authoritarianism, nor the boondoggles by all parties. “The three party system balances everything out!”

This NDP’er, after willingly caving in with zero resistance to admitted covid tyranny, was perfectly content with the Liberals and NDP forming a coalition in the attempt to federally crush the populace with authoritarian covid decrees. “The three parties form a check and balance!”

What about the ever growing society destroying debt by all parties, where Canadians paid 62.8 billion dollars($7000 per family of four) to just service the debt in fiscal year 2015/2016? Surely the system must be broken? Perfectly acceptable, “Such is a democracy with three parties!”

Would it not be better if party politics was eliminated to end the societal division, and then highly functioning, intelligent, and accountable people were chosen according to merit, through a lottery, for a limited term in a new, functioning economic system free of society destroying government debt, where personal income tax may very well be non existent, and the people get to vote on real issues as opposed to strictly “choosing” a beholden puppet every so often? “But the three parties counteract themselves to make the system fair!”

This person could not even grasp the concept to there ever being anything other than the current crumbled political disgrace of mental confinement, which is the sign of a free spirit being completely extinguished from a living(?) soul. Said person was going to vote for the NDP for the rest of their life regardless of what spiel of nonsensical utterance was spewed out by their politician into society. “Vote for me, I’ll give you this!”

In closing, probably after being tired of someone talking “nonsense” that could not even register in one’s mind, let alone make any sense, it was time for my government loving, non parameter escaping friend to go home.

By the end of the conversation I am pretty sure this NDP’er had taken me for a conservative lunatic strictly looking to take away their free handouts in order to trap those of an accepted self victimizing downtrodden existence into a dystopian “conservative” prison, as I dive and swim around in my vault of bottomless gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, laughing with my “rich” cohorts about trampling on lowly families.

Besides, who else but a “rich” demon could afford 86$ to have some double sided colour business cards printed for a website with a slogan that should be made illegal?

It is a recurring theme to run into the same non-think linear political syndrome in my life travels, and it is a full on confirmation that such minds have been divided and conquered by a political and social system put in place to let the historical power run amok globally while the peasants  selfishly argue amongst themselves over trivial issues as the globalist empire du jour steals their resources, of which includes many peoples minds, in a horrific staged power play.

I am no “conservative,” and even consider Canada’s last “Conservative” prime minister to be a war criminal for his role in allowing Canada, without being threatened in any way, to participate in utterly destroying the most prosperous country in Africa, Libya.

I have ashamedly voted once in my entire life, and it felt like my soul had been molested.  And I am in no shape or form at all, even in the slightest bit to be considered a “rich” person in financial terms.Not to mention that my retirement plan, as of today, has not changed from a rope, a secure beam, and a rickety stool. Such could only be a cognitive richness and bottomless sense of humour!

Literally Figuratively Literal

Then I might have cracked the code, which could only be a red alert. After again, in my travels, engaged in a marginally encompassing conversation, this time with a self described “gun owning liberal” who had voted for Just-him Truedope, for quite possibly the sole purpose of them calling their criminal cartel the “Liberal Party.”

Duh, how could a party not be liberal if liberal was in their namesake? All it took was an overreaching gun ban, and criminally authoritarian covid edicts to make this person begin to contemplate that a “Liberal” was in no way a liberal that lived and let live. “He will not fool me again,” was this liberal, now non Liberal’s decry. Though not quite ready to ENDPOLITICIANS.COM. Those mental confines! Now there is one more closeted communist looking for free handouts!

As ridiculous as it may seem, there very well may be millions of people voting for, or not voting for a political party, strictly due to the mental association that they perceive as tying the figurative name of the political party to a literal meaning of what their perception of said word means in the perfect world of their mind.

Without a doubt to millions of people a “Conservative” has come to mentally represent a bible thumping, poor person hating, privileged “rich” demon hellbent on stealing free handouts from the “exploited,” and therefore a “Liberal” or “New Democrat” would be a better choice because a liberal and democratic person just wants everybody to live in government controlled harmony.

Yet the status quo of inescapable parameter politics will not even allow a deviation from the tightly controlled mainstream narrative of actual democracy not only existing, but thriving in what is more realistically devolved into a cesspool of empty promises, constituent bribery, fiscal annihilation, and a dependency construct, for many to play a word association game that meshes with the free stuff that the more favoured  figurative alphabet construct will bestow upon the choosing ones.

Forget a societal system based on merit, responsibility, accountability, fiscal sanity, actual societal advancement, hard work, and an enlightening education system. After all, Canada has three political parties, and they make all the difference in transporting society to the fatal cliff just a little bit slower than having only two teams of lying puppets with their severed genitals soaking up the formaldehyde in the vast collection of globalist possessed mason jars adorning the shelves throughout the halls of the ever increasingly fatally flailing false foundation.

Definitely Freeland’s as Truedope was born without. Not Singh’s – way too big! Though maybe they have already gotten to Polievre!

 Rest in Globalist Pieces

HERE are a few of my past thoughts on direct democracy, if one has not read them before. There will be more to come in the future.

Now I am going to go drill a hole in my skull and pour in some hydrochloric acid, after which, I will snort a few massive lines of pre-chopped rat poison, then huff gasoline for a quarter hour or so. If that does not get me into the proper frame of mind and line of thinking to believe that a three party system run by globalist shit for brains is better than a two party system run by globalist shit for brains – then a full frontal lobotomy it will be!

Somebody should start a Guillotine party, then form a coalition with the Defenestration party. Hold on, we need three parties for it to be a fair system. How about a Humpty Dumpty Party?