Lacing Society With Government Impurities

Illicit street drugs are soon to become non illicit street drugs in the province of British Columbia. In a pilot project starting January 31st, 2023, until January 31st, 2026, people over the age of 18 will be, through a federally approved exemption, allowed to possess up to a cumulative amount of 2.5 grams of cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, and MDMA, unless possessed on the property of primary or secondary educational facilities. As well, drug dealing will remain illegal, unless of course the dealer possesses 2.5 grams or less, then it becomes perfectly ok, even if 3 steps off of school property? More government mud.

For those unaware, B.C. is in the grip of a tainted drug supply overdose environment where in 2020 – 1771 people died, in 2021 – 2236 people died, and the first 4 months of 2022 – 722 people have died. With the overdose death rate beginning a serious ramp up beginning in 2014 with 369 deaths, then a steady increase to 1562 deaths in 2018. In 2019 society had begun to right itself by declining precipitously to 981 overdose deaths.

Yes, then the draconian, idiotic government covid(WordPress has taken away my ability to strike a line through covid) lockdown and other liberty stealing authoritarian decrees almost immediately doubled the overdose death toll to the aforementioned 1771 and 2236 in 2020 – 2021, and continuing the pace still in 2022.

So yes, the B.C. government sacrificed the mental health, liberty, livelihoods, and freedom of 5 million BC’ers, as well as implementing the authoritarian environment that led directly to the overdose deaths of thousands of citizens. All to “prevent” the death of, on average, 86 year olds with a multitude of comorbidities. And for a virus, which anyone able to do basic objective statistical analysis, would come to realize was on par with seasonal flu epidemics of recent history. Please give me more government!!!!

A Dose of Reality

Like everything in the construct of human “existence” & “achievement” there are sliding scales, varying degrees of dimensional dwelling, multitudinous levels of cause and effects, differentiating reasoning abilities, standards of attentional observance, or other constructs of and for being where one finds oneself, or matter of factly loses oneself.  No matter how much an incompetent government illogically and predictably attempts to flatline a cyclical universe into a fictitious linear lie, the expected miracle cure will mostly never cease at spreading the diseased mind of state.

In an objective analysis, if one so chooses to use drugs, surely one does not deserve to be punished for what one does to oneself in one’s own time, and for the most part in one’s own space, whether by politicians decree and subsequent law enforcement, or a morally depraved scumbag(other than a politician of course,) such as the low life toxic poison peddler knowingly selling fentanyl, benzodiazepine, or other, tainted drug to those not looking to consume such an item. Yes, there sure are the plentiful looking for the thrill(?) of chasing and tickling the dragons tail in a meaningless fentanyl and benzodiazepine gravitational zombie firestorm. Welcome to the decline of Western Civilization. Buckle up, the road is a long winding one.

This piece is not to harp upon drug users, more specifically “addicts,” be it of whatever functioning distinction or destitute despair their minds and environmental dwelling happen to occupy. As someone who tried hard drugs for the first time at 15 years old, and was finished with any sort of dummy dust by the age of 20, I can say that I have “been there and done that,” except for meth, which having witnessed friends of yore partake, seemed the equivalent of instantaneous brain damage to the power of infinity. No thank you!

Once, what seems a lifetime ago, an old friend smoked too much meth and became paranoid to the point of sitting in a filled bathtub for hours on end with a .22 rifle we had given to him(unloaded) because he thought “they” were coming to get him. Needless to say he looked like a prune by the time he emerged from the soaking narcotic stupor. Did it stop him from future meth use – no! Surely a warning sign for society.

In reality most of the company that one finds in the depths of the hard drug trade/lifestyle are not very intelligently stimulating companions to be around. In short, many have never gone out of their way to achieve any sort of informed/learned life philosophy, yet would create the perfect world of their delusional mind if so given the chance.

Truthfully, as much as hard drug use can change brain chemistry(as can smart phone addiction), and those unfortunate enough to be in the throes of a serious drug addiction, no doubt are incapacitated with a form of mental illness, the actual underlying reason for the continuous occupation and further descent into the substance abuse tornado is the users inability to put behind them past trauma, self esteem issues, episodes of abuse/victimization, feelings of being wronged, or other negative life occurrences. Hard drugs are simply the societally unaccepted escape to not have to come to terms with with ones own existence and live on peaceful terms with ones own psyche, while being able to live in harmony with all the things one had happen to them, done to oneself, or to others.

Drug & alcohol abuse, or any other addiction, or bad behaviour is a learned behaviour that has become wired into the neuronal brain map due to training of the neural network to engage in such behaviour, making one’s conscience able to rationalize and normalize the actions, where dependent upon will power, self esteem, choice differentiation, and ability to alleviate other environmental factors, a person either will or will not let the behaviour continue. Sadly for many, the easier choice is to make the choice of escapism.

Many would disagree, but it truly is just a switch in one’s mind that one has to choose to turn off. There is free will when it comes to addictive or other negative behaviours, it is just necessary to create new neural networks of positive reinforcement and accompanying behaviours. Unfortunately, many are not able to delve deep enough into cognitive dissociation and summon the needed internal power. On the contrary, many even proudly view their antisocial disruptive behaviours as virtues and distinguished achievement.

There really does exist those beyond help, truly only prisoners of their own mind, and they need not be addicts of anything more than misery, though add narcotics to the mix and exponential catastrophe ensues. Such are the real victims, and sadly self induced. Again, it is not possible to help someone who refuses to help themselves, let alone admit to being the problem.

One flaw of the medical system, in my opinion, of dealing with addiction “treatment” is what I would call the misclassification of what it labels those with substance abuse problems: specifically, labelling addiction as a disease. Firstly, telling someone with poor self control issues, possible rationalization problems, and an addictive personality that they have a “disease” seems counter intuitive. To many, when the word disease is processed in the thinking processes it may very well associate the notion that a disease is something occurring naturally in nature, therefore they may be powerless to fight and overcome such a powerful stigma without the constant intervening by “professionals,” so to succumb to the “disease” is beyond their control.

An addiction is just that, an addiction. It is about overcoming adversity and believing in oneself’s ability and finding a more positive outlet to deal with life’s many adversaries, making new positive neuronal connections, and what better way to do so than to occupy the body and/or the mind with self improvement along the lines of enlightening informational intake, physical fitness regimes, contributing to other peoples lives in a positive manner, participating in sport, or other social activities. An addiction truly is a battle to change one’s mind in order to overcome the self reinforced destructive behaviour, and the only way to conquer and persevere is to do so for oneself. Once such an accomplishment is achieved, the possibilities and meaning of life becomes heightened, along with the elevation of positivity one chooses to have around them.

Chopping Up Some Government Logic

Back to the 2.5 gram “legal” limit for possession. In the preceding years in BC, prosecution for minor possession of illicit street drugs had already become few and far between, as drug use has become recognized as a health issue, not a criminal matter for basic possession infractions. It sure is pointless to fill prisons, or ruin someones life due to what is mostly a self harming, or for many, a pleasurable, possibly creative occasional past time.

In reality, the majority of hard drug users are mostly able to live a functional life and not emit any wrongdoing, or societal disruption. Question is, does a healthy society have an obligation to intervene in the lives of those who are not able to help themselves, and is it even possible? Many such people are legitimately mentally ill before the onset of the narcotic psychosis that comes upon those stuck in the vicious cycle of drug abuse, and criminal/depraved acts to support such a lifestyle.

This federal threshold for a 2.5 gram possession limit was brought in under the guise of ending stigma for drug users during a toxic drug supply crisis, yet in reality probably achieves nothing of the sort to quell the number of deaths. The government logic was that the decriminalization would prevent people from using alone, hence, save lives – because hey, the government made it a decree so now miraculously everyone will just follow suit. Many people use alone because they have nobody, as well as not wanting their peers/family to be cognizant of their drug use. This will not change by allowing people to carry a certain amount of drugs. It may even make the problem worse?

As well, no doubt, the declaration of a 2.5 gram limit for drug possession is going to embolden many, who have the financial ability to purchase elevated quantities of drugs, to do just that. Not only may they purchase a higher quantity of drugs, but they could very well carry more with them on person now that it has been government approved to do so. One could see such a scenario spilling over into increased drug use at nightclubs or other venues, and may very well have the effect of there being “more drugs to go around” at group events/parties, allowing for first time exposure and usage due to the users having a smidge more to introduce others to.

For some humour, and the complete idiocy of the CBC(Canadian/Communist Brainwashing Corporation.) After the federal possession initiative was implemented, CBC radio sent a “reporter” to the Downtown East Side(Canada’s poorest neighbourhood) to interview a resident about the proposed legislation, to which the man replied, “2.5 grams is nowhere near enough of a limit, many people do 2.5 grams before breakfast!” then he went on to say something along the lines of, “most people I know buy their drugs in bulk, the limit should be 4.5 grams.”

This is literally the poorest neighbourhood in Canada, where a lot of people barely have shoes on their feet, let alone a pot to piss in. Most of these people are literally begging, stealing or selling their bodies for a pittance in order to obtain their next fix, they are not buying anything in bulk, though they are selling bullshit in that magnitude. CBC may have very well been interviewing a poison peddler that just wanted to be able to legally carry 45 doses of .1 grams of heroin/fentanyl and be immune from prosecution if selling drugs to kids. Because hey, “25 doses of .1 grams will have to make me visit my stash spot nearly twice as often per day!”

Perhaps the logical approach to have taken would have been to avoid the feds all together and engaged in a provincial/community based initiative that let it be known that people will not be arrested/prosecuted for small amounts of personal use narcotics, and leave it up to police to decide what to do in the very minute amount of events where those who possess drugs were not able to conduct themselves in a manner that did not draw police attention to them in the first place.

As said before, most of those engaged in drug usage do so in responsible fashion. If one acts like an idiot one truly deserves to be treated like an idiot, regardless of stature. Hence a fool and his drugs will soon be departed if one is not able to act in a socially acceptable manner when a societal intervention by police was emitted into society. No prosecution charges needed. It is called personal responsibility, accountability and at least pretending to be a decent human being for a few minutes of one’s life. You know, what government is constantly preaching against! Government prefers mud to clarity.

Society will certainly not be getting any better until the globalist branch of government, the feral federals, are reigned in from the globalist criminal cartel that they truly are. Party affiliation matters not!

In the end vices, substance abuse, victimization, whether by government, peer, family, or self, will continue well into the future just as it keeps escaping from the past. The Ten Commandments are well over 2000 years old yet stealing and coveting thy neighbours goods is a daily occurrence, and even hideously become a “government” philosophy and sole existence for being, along with projecting enough sophistry into societal orbit to get a great percentage of the self proclaimed yet totally unaware government victims to cheer the false construct, as the school/indoctrination system has welded the blinders on to full effect.

Education, understanding, and acceptance are some major keys to deciphering the causes and effects that serve/afflict humanity, whether positive, negative, or neutral in nature. Where any true education system would enlighten it’s pupils with all possible scenarios and inform all that there is no perfect worlds, as universal existence trumps terrestrial dwelling, and there will be casualties from the causalities of those unable to achieve a non-selfish, true individualistic existence of universal enlightenment and true elevation.

Way too much conditioning in the rendition of the current human condition.