Time for a History Rhyme

In ages gone by the peasants of the sty, laboured for those of nobility much higher.

More the peasants doth make so more the swine doth take, to stoke their own gluttonous fire.

Time for more rules to heap upon the lowly fools, said the masters from their elevated tower.

Their new decrees made no sense to those sitting on the fence, so it was time to question the power.

The wise peasants then explained to those who refrained, that to stand meant a future for the better.

Before the glorious raid they all sharpened a blade, in order to hand out many a sanguinary scarlett letter.

During an orgy of red off came many a head, to end the rule of the shamelessly obscene.

And the vanquished sure did spike at the end of many a pike, the filthy mess that they did just clean.

Now to this very day where again the inbreds say, we are to be herded like sheep for the taking.

This time the chosen error was a fabricated virus terror, sure sounds like history in the making.

Politicians and press enacted a scripted globalist mess, all for a spot in the club and television rating.

Our freedoms were checked and many a lives were so wrecked, and without even so much as debating.

History has taught about governments permeating rot, that it follows all seasons and ages.

Us plebs have begun to unite to illuminate the liberty light, revolutions unfold in advancing stages.

Globalist bunkers are deep as the circus they hope to keep, though clearly it is the end of the ruse.

The crowds have the crimson thirst but which country will be first, to begin with the decapitation blues!?