Spraying the Foundation

Graffiti, or, in singular function, believe it or not, Graffito. That dictionary – the most interesting book ever written? Back to that wall scrawling. Graffiti or graffito has the possibility of being an interestingly, enlightening, and quite possibly a visually pleasant medium for retinal intake. Though unfortunately like much of societal function it seems to have entered into a dark age of immediate gratification without most participants time and dedication to display anything of worthwhile substance, whether visually pleasing or in carrying an impactful pondering thought of enlightenment.

Vancouver, B. C. and surrounding municipalities have become covered in the lowly talentless chicken scratch in the past couple of years or so. Soon after this website started up actually. And it seems as if it all started with a newbie in town fuelling the craze of covering main thoroughfare streets, with quite frankly, extremely childish, large renditions that are barely legible, in doing so, deviating from the usual pathetic sub art form of “tagging,” where low IQ pudding brained self professed geniuses would use magic markers and paint pens to scrawl, or sandpaper to abrasively etch non sensical linguistic diarrhea into or onto various surfaces. Because hey, you know when you are a big man when you deface an elementary school playground or other public places with absolute gibberish!

Though Vancouver does actually have one, or possibly two, at most, talented graffiti artists with great spatial orientation and natural flair who produce pieces that are artistically enjoyable to the eye. Sadly the overabundance of talentless crap overpowers the few and far between visually pleasing pieces, to indeed, I suppose reign in a way what the new kid looks to bring, chaos, or his Ebonics rendition – CAOS/LAOS ambiguity. Though the good and the awful do end up in the same geographical locations sharing the same building or other medium, and it seems as if the artists feed off of each other. No, not in cannibalistic fashion, or in homosexual terms. Well, actually, it is never fair to rule anything out unless presented with evidence to the contrary..

Gaying the Foundation

Five or so years ago I was doing some work for a company, and I had the, well, I would not call it an opportunity, more of a sentence, to work around someone in their twenties who would brag about going out in the middle of the night and “tag,” along with spray paint various locations throughout different municipalities. He was in his mid twenties and incapable of true objective though, though of course thinking himself to be a free thinking genius, who if given power would create a perfect world. Not a bad kid, but it was evident that there was a screw or two loose. Needless to say he preferred talking to working, and his pudding mind was all about taking from hard working “rich” people and giving the money directly to him in order to so as he pleased with it. You can’t fix stupid, it just has to be left to self destruct.

It just so happens, about a month ago, after years, I ran into someone that I used to work with on occasion that also had to occupy job site geographical locations with the above mentioned “tagger.” It turns out that my old friend was working downtown recently in a part of town that is considered to be the gay part of the city, and wouldn’t you know it, the “tagger” was there just hanging out on the street in the gay part of town, looking disarranged and seemingly embarrassed to have run into someone he knew.

It turns out Mr. “tagger” was living on social assistance in government supported housing, not working at all, and quite possibly selling his posterior and/or esophageal functions to strangers on the street in order to support what my friend thought was a dummy dust(cocaine) addiction. Was Mr. “tagger” still graffitiing by night as well? Perhaps knob gobbling by day in order to score enough dummy dust to go on a cocaine fuelled “tag” fest into the wee hours of the morning?

It is possibly starting to make a bit of sense now. The self hatred, self victimizing behaviour, unwillingness to put in the necessary time and energy to intake a life affirming attitude which translates into becoming a useful contributing member of a healthy society, instead choosing the logic lacking self defeatist dark-side attitude where it is society’s fault, especially the “rich,” for the circumstances that they only arrived at due to not following the voice of reason that is engaged within all yet is somehow cancerously engulfed by an immediate gratification of ignorance that leads to a cognitive mis-wiring due to a misfiring of rational thoughts and actions, where before they know it they are living “free” on government assistance, peddling drugs, or their own ass on the streets, then meeting up with “tagging” “buddies” in the wee hours of the night, skulking about in the shadows, though now, altering the mind with toxic substances and the elevated thrill of defacing public space has not become enough, there is a need for something more, that triple threat – to gay out with their “tagging” buddies for that added shot of adrenaline?

It sounds plausible. In fact, a short while back, I went with my friend and his kids to the playground at his school to let them use the equipment, where I noticed two used condoms, along with that “man” defining “tagging” on children’s play ground equipment. What “men” these “people” be!

Paying By the Foundation?

Months ago in a past article I had mentioned that I had felt the tentacles of the arms that infiltrate. That was not a fallacious statement. On November 18th, 2021, being close to the anniversary of the JFK assassination, I had published an article about the CIA and quite likely involvement in JFK’s murder, amongst other extrapolatory ideas. Well, right after I published said article, both the front and rear of my house was spray painted with threatening words & symbolism. I was threatened on the front of my house with, “TWO DAYS NOT YOUR DAY,” and the rear alley of my house, there not so coincidentally appeared a doodle, including that of crosshairs with what seems to be a cartoonish little explosion motif. Yeah. Here are the photos.


Faded Remains From Front of House


Back Lane Shame

Well, needless to say, since having come across said graffiti in my back lane right after the publication of my article, you guessed it, Vancouver and other municipalities began being inundated with the above mentioned large renditions on main thoroughfares, which to my eye seemed to be from the same hand that sullied my back alley. Said surface debaucher also likes to take 4 or 5 letter words and give them an Ebonics retooling. Oh, and I am pretty sure the “FENTO” being sprayed and tagged everywhere is of the same origin. There are a few implications if such is the case. Personally, a 10 letter word would impress me. Something tells me it is coming!

Remember my journey across Canada and back. Well guess what? Said graffiti style either front-ran me the whole way, or was painted by someone from the East coast on their way to Vancouver before I took my trip. I am guessing front-ran. Yeah, I came across the “FENTO” of the same hand seen in my geographical location. First in Winnipeg on an overpass, then Kenora, Ontario on a utility building by the side of the road. Montreal, on the detour route to bypass the tunnel was covered in the same graffiti that is plaguing Vancouver. It also turned up under an overpass on the main highway around Drummondville, Quebec. As well it appeared heavily on an abandoned house along highway 17 West of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario amongst other places.

And, why yes, he does read my blog. How do I know? Well, he likes to pick out obscure words and spray paint them on walls right across from businesses I visit. His last one I noticed was “CRONK” which I used only two blog posts ago.

But how does he know where I spend my money? Good question. There can only be a few explanations for such knowing. Either he or someone else is physically tailing me, of which is probably not the case, as I would have noticed. Personally, my belief is that some entity is either passing along my locations via the geolocation of my cell phone, though I am not sure if the flip-phone, of which I use, is capable of passing along such detailed route paths, though it would not surprise me in this day and age. The third option of course is that the Empire Du Jour does indeed posses the ability, through satellites, to monitor in real time wherever and whenever they so choose so long as there is no cloud cover or smoke to obscure the surface of the earth. Interesting indeed.

Stalked by a psychopath. Welcome to my world. Is he going to attempt to go Sirhan Sirhan, or Hinkley Jr. on me? If his roadside Easter eggs are any indication of future actions, it sure seems like a good possibility. He likes to brag in giant lettering(and small) about stalking and KOA. Trust me, he ain’t talking camping. Just waiting for the Announcement?

Oh, and I am pretty sure my stalker is the only person to make a donation on behalf of this website. 5$. Though unfortunately it was through my house mailbox in the wee hours of the morning.

We may have ourselves a Yankee Doodler here folks. Or possibly just a highly manipulated local taking orders from south of the 49th. FENTO, CAOS/LAOS, HYD……one and the same.

This was by no means a full confessional. The biting of my tongue through the restraining of my fingers by means of cognitive function. Where is a good priest when you need one?