Mirror Mirror On the Fall

Step right up folks, get It while you can! Or, the not so cleverly disguised illusion of said not aforementioned cheap, shoddy product so stingily handed out to the globalist government sanctioned marks standing in line to get a meaningful takeaway from a thoroughly rigged carnival laden substrate designed to bilk the crowd all the while projecting unflinching fairness, meaningful conduct, and an air of excitement on display to the take-home notion of walking away with something of value.

Step right up folks, how the air is electric so! Ready to deliver the atmospheric surroundings shock. Well anyways, that heart induced spastic jolt of retarded atrial fibrillation accustomed to light headedness and accompanying panicked torso flailing at the behest of an ingrained survival mechanism of using an available appendage in a desperate attempt to fend off the all too flushing face-dive in the keeling over moment leading to the noxious cathartic release emanating from the bowels of true realization after turning the corner, finally able to see the torrentially raging rapids upon a now Shit Creek that can no longer be navigated due to an endlessly spilling basin. Time for portage to a much higher grounded vantage point. What a prize indeed!

Step right up folks, democracy for sale! Cheque that indeed. This is the final blow out sale. A blow out sale, only for the fact that the shelves are bare, the product gone, the warehouses empty, the factories closed due to no more competent human resources worthy of public harvesting, so the current globalist sanctioned mess-up crew of institutionalized federal politicians have been let in to blow out the few fissured pillars of support and lay waste to their own laid waste. In the future, a full on implosion under its own weight, or lack thereof. Cheers to the levelled lot and subsequent level lot of a lot more with a lot less. That says allot. Back to the drawing board. Time for a wider footing and structurally reinforced foundation not taken from the engineered blue blood prints.

Blue Bloods Caught Red Handed With Familial Members

American democracy. It had a good run, though in reality was it just a fictitious fantastical jog right out of the false starting gate beginning with the end of the American Revolution? It is most certainly not a lie to state that a great many presidents elected in the United States is a blood relative of “royal” dynasties of European historical record. Even America’s first three presidents of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, not to mention others including Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Bill Clinton, Both Bush’s of course, and quite historically proven, a great many other of the heads of “America the Great” that “sovereign” bastion of freedom that is quite undeniably inextricably linked to the thrones across the pond in many a European nations are indeed “royal” descendants. There is too much coincidence here to be a random example of blind chance.

With all the historical “royal” plunder between familial fornicators of European yore to plot, cheat, conquer, kill, abuse, tax, deceive, steal, lay waste, inherit, or any other conspiratorial motivation of lurking and having others skulk about in the literal or metaphorical shadows to gain an edge, tidbit, inkling, murmur, passing fancy, or other in order to posit a plan to get a leg or head up in order to scratch the flesh of another down a notch to gain for an inner cyclical circle jerk within the spherical catastrophe that was and ever more becomes the now unbearable melange cacophony of institutional perversion that has come to become the atrophied bulk of pillared rubbish awaiting the final blow out sale and levelling of the lot, perhaps King George III was ousted strictly in order to create a rival familial fornicating foundation, who in the end could not resist the temptation of the more “pure” blue blood balls a dangling within a grasping latitude of longitude. A reach around fiefdom of their very own to let the powerful molest within a more controlled inner circle?

That rubbish. “Royal” families, The World Economic Forum, World Bank, Rhodes Scholarship(MUST READ,) World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, BlackRock, Bank for International Settlements……….including all the globalist politicians selling their not respected populaces up the aforementioned Shit Creek without a paddle, or even effluent tight vessel necessary to not drown. Perhaps the only thing Stalin got right was his purge?

Though America might have supposedly separated from King George III and establish its own constitution to supposedly limit government tyranny(of which has now passed by bounds the original Crown tyranny), it sure seems like the separation between the “Mighty Eagle” and inbred infiltrating Lion Crown never came to much other than an ideological insinuation. After the revolution was over, a mass of Loyalists and British merchants and wealthy elite remained within the new USA, or thousands just north in what became Canada, where the century plus of established infiltrating tendrils of the Crown were left to seethe at the ease of silent penetration of near immediate cooperation of trade and other matters. As the Loyalists and penetrators no doubt nibbled away overtly at attempting to distractingly weaken the “Mighty Eagle,” the covert back door grooming seems to have kept the parasitic tentacles attached and feeding, eventually leading to the war of 1812, and playing a divisive role in the American Civil War, and eventually leading to the sickening Empire Du Jour hitherto. Even in the early 1820’s, what came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine was seemingly enthusiastically supported by the Crown and nobility.

Unfair-Feathered Fiend

It is fair to state that American-British relations are in fact inextricably linked and have done nothing more than metastasize since the supposed emancipation from the Crown all those years ago after the American Revolution. The Crown and the accompanying Empire infiltrate and penetrate, and in this very day are indoctrinating and training agents to carry out the agenda of fully destroying the “Mighty Eagle” rendering it an incoherent shadow of a once semi false bastion of freedom carried out with a full on nanny/welfare state that has been unfurled in order to hook as many subjects as possible into its deceitfully spun web being accompanied by an ever declining education system providing an ever confused non-heightened state of mind courtesy of the mind of an ultimately confused state, and now leading to an ultra woke cancel culture disgracefully void of any wisdom or logic, and many without the ability to even reflect upon there being something seriously amiss. Serfs Up! Feed me some reality tv!

The “Mighty Eagle” did have its half day of greatness in the past, but it sure seems like the American dream officially died the same day JFK had his brains blown out in Dallas, Texas by many actors other than a lone nut in a book depository. Sure the absorption of the Nazi empire and full unveiling of the intelligence state was a major calling card for the imperial sickness that has done nothing but expand ever since, but the parasite of Empire Du Jour was long infecting the current south of the 49th geographical location host even well before the Rhodes scholarship of the early 1900’s came to be, or the accompanying creation of the Council on Foreign Relations was birthed from the Rhodes rape on behalf of the king.

The multigenerational European geographical melding of empire has been growing and consolidating within America from day one of Columbus setting foot in the “New World.”  After hundreds of years it has become refined, manufactured, and pumped out of the London and D. C. offices, with the “Mighty Eagle” being used as the home away from home due to its separation from the rest of the world by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans used as a buffer while it has cranked up its death and displacement factories to be unleashed upon any “customer” unwilling to sign up for its rotten byproducts, right to this very day where many of the “people” surrounding Brain dead Biden are Rhodes scholars including Susan Rice, Jake Sullivan, and Pete Buttigieg to name a few.

Now add the World Economic Forum to the recipe and the cooked books lead right into the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, Bank for International Settlements, BlackRock and its investments in the “news,”  weapons  and pharmaceutical industries, and finally, the tying in of the moral whore Federal politicians who bark along with the mainstream media the evils of the propagandized world, and before one knows it the few entities willing to stand up to the roving Imperial death machine, Trump, Russia, and China, are public enemy number one on most all channels of propaganda. Go Figure. As said before – it is all about the resources – whether mineral or the heavily undermined mind. Topsy-turvy indeed.


Bringing us to this very day and dark age. The eagle soars not, but is canker sore in perching horrible posture. Celebrity worship syndrome and delusions of fame run rampant, reaching the point where social “media” has given a platform to mindless attention whores seeking out and finding like non-minded waste of atoms insufficient in their own lives so they band together in order pressure gutless politicians and the media echo chamber into any ridiculous lack of direction that hurls scorn and shame upon someone or something that possesses a possibly enlightening idea or scenario which could lead to a neuron of discovery through synapse if the “politically correct” mind of state state of mind dark age of undebatable non-enlightenment had not stolen their true purpose for being in existence. Step right out folks!

Those government feathers. Plucked from day one. The body is near bare, and sense of direction is guided by an inner nonsense of a broken moral compass. Flying in an ever downward spiralling circle jerk is the only navigational manoeuvre able to be performed by the institutionalized globalist ridden corpse coming in for a pancake landing. When it comes to the old sodomizing Uncle Sam, it sure is hard to decide where to start, but surely it is necessary for it to come to a stop.

Democrat or Republican, for the most part it matters not. Same shit different pile. Wargasms all around. Not to mention the outright bribes from lobbyists, corporations, and globalist institutional inbeddedness(I made it up – should be self explanatory.) If the 1 trillion dollar annual military budget is not enough to satisfy the plunder of endless nations while making money for the arms industry investors, how about the 94+ TRILLION in Pentagon accounting adjustments for just 2017, 2018, and 2019 alone! Kind of makes one wonder how many underground nuclear fallout shelters, or in politically correct terminology, subterranean inbreeding enclaves these mentally ill globalist rot minds have built and stocked with secretly cloned likenesses to bring “purity” to the world post above ground era? Watch: A Boy and His Dog, and the picture will become much clearer.

Now the lion headed eagle continues with its imperial death march towards Russia, through the fully infiltrated Ukraine, leading the world ever closer towards: Operation Familial Hump Bunkers. And as D. C. pledges and sends tens of billions of dollars of “aid” to prop up a war being fought to again enrich the arms industries and investors, along with pay off the Ukrainian elite to allow their country to be turned into a propaganda tool of imperial machinations, along with staging ground for the ever needed continuation of the rape of other nations resources, the US homeland infrastructure crumbles evermore, the non-payable US “official” debt has reached 31 trillion dollars as interest rates climb ever higher, ruthlessly punishing the hard working contingent of American society while the welfare state provides lazy selfish loafers the means to parasitically leach off of a fissured architecture of repression and aggression.

The “Mighty Eagle’s” saviour might just be right to bare arms. Though it seems like many geographical locations of the US are already full on stuffed, basted, and thoroughly overcooked hotspots of ignorant politically correct wokeness suitable and all too ecstatic, nor even capable of deciphering the subservient pudding mind existence; all too happy to do without question or truly think outside of the tv box, there seems to be an all too exuberant highly motivated, freedom loving, globalist government despising, hard working, accountability seeking, medical autonomy wanting, revolutionary contingent base willing to prove that indeed a great part of the nation is undoubtedly Seventeen Seventy Sick and willing to seek reward upon an investment of risk to secure a future free from the tyranny that has magnified many fold from the original uprising origins.

That lion headed eagle is nothing more than a massive turkey stuffed full of European asses.

That is going to be one heck of a blowout sale!