Cock, Flock, and Bottom of the Barrel

It has been far too long since I have given Canada’s globalist hand-puppet son of a shameful commie cuckold the metaphorical execution that IT truly deserves to be subjected to. Lucidly, lucifer’s not so laissez faire lunatic willingly suffers from a globalist doled lazy fair vision of blindfolded myopia. Not only so, but his effeminate loyalist hands have already been tied behind his spineless back, keeping IT wrapped around a “royal” post of which penetrates the immensely violated Canadian ground. And, like the true cowardly waste of atoms IT is, beholden, hands and vision roped, ITS cowardly logorrheic mouth ceaselessly and unflinchingly runs, so as to make a terminal choleraic infection look to be a picture of perfect health. Time to put Canada out of its misery. 3..2..1..FIRE!

Surely it has been concreted that Just-him Truedope is indeed the biological “son” of Fidel Castro. But other that the obvious fertilizing of the egg, who got up to what in order for it to go down the tube? You know, egging it on. One would have to assume that Pierre and Fidel’s commie camaraderie sealed Margaret’s new deal allowing old Pierre to be there cheering it on while furiously waving his palm-palms in a linearly lacking shortitudinal fashion. Did that lefty even dare to think of going right? And was it a pining for Margaret that brought the old growth up for the subsequent felling? Seemingly, one must assume not. Premature extrapolation might indicate that Pierre had a thing for Fidel’s cigar, if you catch his drift. Fidel probably just played along, as Pierre played along with himself, so as to be able to release one more Fidelito upon hell on earth. No wonder Just-him turned out so be such a greasy, self centred, pathological  fibber, fantasy dwelling, devious pretender, and gutless shill willing to sell out Canada to globalist rule.

Just-him’s penchant for speaking moistly surely portends that Sophie(ITS wife) is accustomed to carrying a big stick. One would have to assume about 12 inches long, bulbous on the end, venous in detail, spelunking in nature, and more than likely imbued with ornamental gerbil reliefs in a dazzling technicolour sparkling rainbow gloss finish. Sounds about right up ITS alley. Bowled over. A perfect game! Though he’ll take a spare, so long as Sophie can have a strike!

Emptying the Chamber

When IT is not mirror gazing and nation razing, Just-him likes to endlessly tell lies in the chamber of parliament, so only fitting that one of ITS not too distant lies aims to take away the safety chambers of hard working, law abiding, highly responsible citizens. Yes, that cranial blank empty shell has just become a stopper pistol. Just like Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot before him, the raving egomaniac lunatic, Just-him Truedope has become infatuated with taking away responsible Canadian’s firearms under the guise of “safety” for aforementioned citizens. A “safety” that little Fidelito is incapable of articulating in a logical or rational manner. ITS nose – oh how it shamelessly grows!


“Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as having guns doesn’t serve the State.” – Heinrich Himmler

Beginning This past Friday, October 21st, 2022 Just-him’s “Liberal” government has put an immediate freeze on the purchasing, selling, transferring, and import of handguns within Canada, to go along with the other 1500 types of “assault rifles” to be outlawed for sale recently. How long before the legislation to confiscate existing guns comes to be? And how much time and money did it take for bureaucrats to come up with a list of 1500 “assault rifles”? Perhaps such a fantastical list has something to do with the 35,000 federal government employees hired during the COVID Armageddon? That hurts the brain, and the unnecessary tax burden. WTF!

“Nine guns for you.” – “My mistake, make that nein guns for you!” – “Heil Klaus Schwab!!!”

Here is a hint for you. Globalist scum do not like hard working, responsible, and cognizantly aware citizens owning guns and having the means to defend themselves, their families, or in an organized manner rise up and overthrow governments that have become globalist institutional run criminal cartels sucking the wealth and well being out of those trapped within the mass societal rape, if the necessity ever came to be. Besides – nothing wrong with vigilant citizens aiding the military in the name of freedom.

Truly it is a telling sign of a healthy calibrated society to have the means to defend themselves and their communities with a contingency plan, and understanding, along with will to do so, and to put the emphasis on personal responsibility and civic duty if one so chooses, and is competent to participate. Switzerland is a prime example, with there being a ratio as high 46 guns per 100 people, with a very low gun crime rate, and of course a system built upon personal responsibility along with firearms education and acceptability .

Just-him Truedope’s hollow points on the banning of many types of guns strictly prevents – again, hard working, responsible citizens from owning a means to engage in sporting, personal responsibility, self and community defence training, while leaving the “wicked” models of firearms strictly in the hands of criminal enterprise who quite flagrantly bypassed the checks and balances put in place to deem one worthy of gun ownership in the first place. Again with the extreme pudding brain government think: punish 99.99% of the responsible populace in order to placate and consolidate the devious criminal predators lurking in the violent shadows of a now handcuffed benevolent society while the ne’er-do-wells snicker in delight. Governments motto: “We are doing asbestos we can.”

Get Your Free Government Handouts!

Firing Blanks

Why yes, most of the handguns used in crime within Canada are indeed smuggled from the US, so a Canadian handgun ban will have almost zero effect on handgun crimes within Canada. So once again, just like with COVID before, Just-him Truedope is acting out a globalist induced mandate that will again punish the hard working, responsible carriers of society, all the while allowing the true crimes to stay in the shadows, though this time it is low level gang and criminal activities, not the globalist government chamber ridden globalist terror induced money and power taking institutional circle jerk currently burning Ukraine to the ground.

As tragic, and just plain old ignorant as many firearms deaths are, in the scheme of things it is truly negligible statistics-wise. In 2020 Canada had 743 homicides, of which 277 were mainly by the hands of a low-life scumbag possessing a gun, of which a great proportion were not by the legally classified restricted handguns that have just been “frozen” by the “Liberal” government, but by indeed the easiest class of guns to attain, long rifles or shotguns which are legally classified as non-restricted. In Canada, medical error deaths claim up to 24,000 lives per year. When do we begin banning doctors, nurses, scalpels, medications, COVID “vaccines,” and other medical implements?

And if there were 743 homicides in Canada in 2020, and 277 were gun related, the math says that guns, or more specifically the imbeciles wielding them, account for 37% of the homicide rate. Gee whiz, that means that 63% of homicides were carried out through other means – more specifically the low-life scumbags wielding whatever method came into effect, be it knife, fist, baseball bat, fire, motor vehicle, or one could only hope a 12 inch long, bulbous on the end, venous in detail, spelunking in nature, and more than likely imbued with ornamental gerbil reliefs in a dazzling technicolour sparkling rainbow gloss finish “baton.”

The moral of the story is that there sure seems to be a lowlife scumbag problem, not a “handgun” problem, and the thousands of societally strong handguns in the possession of thousands of hard working responsible Canadians quite obviously and logically proves the totally valid, yet government deaf point, which only turns absolutely hollow when delivered through government “logic.” Not only so, but if and when a mentally deficient dirtbag does choose to murder someone for whatever reason, the statistical analysis above so proves that they will attempt do do so by whatever means at their disposal. Canada recently suffered a 10 victim murder spree at the hands of knives and two scumbags. Is it now time to empty all houses of knives and ban the sales in all stores?

Government: “We do asbestos we can”

In an objective reality, Truedope’s “Liberal” governments ban on handguns and other models of “assault” weapons is the erasure of personal accountability, responsibility, as well as the continued elimination of a healthy individual and societal sovereignty, which, in this day and age, is being transferred to a globalist dictated agenda looking to confine and corral those within the feral federal geographical location of globalist jurisdiction, in the process attempting to dismantle the necessary local grass roots community existence of safety, including the ability for said nation building municipalities to decide what is right for themselves in generations long proven fashion.

Guns are for the most part best to be kept out of sight and out of mind for the responsible citizens who so choose to own them in accountable fashion. For those anti-gun fanatics, who no doubt consist greatly of the climate fanatic pudding brained cult of globalist susceptibility: Mind your own god damn business! You know, there is a ban on murder, right? How is that working for society? Once again, it is a low-life scumbag problem. Yes, the same low-life scumbags that the “justice system” refuses to deal with until they murder or maim an innocent citizen while whacked out on drugs purchased with government supplied money.

There really is not a gun problem in Canada, nor knife, and certainly not motor vehicle…………,though quite possibly a medical system problem. However there truly does seem to be a bottom of the barrel low-life scumbag function of society incapable of making sound, rational, and logical decisions, whose atrocious behaviour, of which is attempted to be hidden in the dark underworld, all too inevitably and often comes to the forefront, in doing so ruthlessly and unnecessarily punishes the responsible, logical, hard working majority of society with punitive and ineffective legislation. Politicians people, I speak of the low-life politicians. Time to focus that scope of vision on the politicians!

A Political Roast

Aw Shoot

With the continual and fantasy ridden politician failure of political will along with ever-increasing government incompetence, as the decline and downfall of western civilization creeps ever further into the community consciousness, it would not be venturing too far out on a limb to predict the formation of citizen militias to deal with the utter failure of politically correct government nonsense, and begin to take matters into their own hands in order to make the streets of their communities safe and rational.

If society truly wanted to, it could render the substrate of shame of both classes of low-life scumbags null and void. Surely it is no coincidence that both classes of low-life scumbags have two great thing in common: the lack of both moral fortitude and possessing common sense. How long until the former supplies the latter with a golden pension for years of property crime and drug use?

Stop speaking moistly and grow some balls David Eby!