My Mother Said……………..and You Are Not It

Time again for the fantasy dwelling children to engage in immature playground antics. After all, not a sensible nor responsible adult in sight. Welcome to the world of make believe. Where eating boogers and wet willy’s top the list of intellectual prowess emanating from the halls. Bars none – monkeys a plenty. Scripted poop slingers supreme. Throw enough and something is bound to stick in the defective collective minds of the state.

Time to engineer a weapon of mass construction – the transdermal Teflon bomb. Explosively exposing the non-stick of defective political mentality. Though, until such comes to be, let us see who steps in the thin of it. Swamp monsters of geographical violation. Lurking in the debts of despair. Puppet string theory: vocal chords controlled by corded scripture of the devil’s diary.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Catch a liar by the dough

After squalor let them go

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Boris Johnson….Liz Truss….Rishi Sunak. So far that is three prime ministers for England in less than two months time. Those “Conservatives” sure slither on a slimy substrate. Oh wait, that is the makeup of the entirety of Western politicians. In the end, all they truly conserve is the cascading into a void of nothingness political establishment waterfall drowning in their own cesspool. And that is a “Liberal” statement too. Down the loo, puppet strings and all. One has to wonder if Truss’ strings were clipped due to not being able to be caught in a compromising position with an underage girl, hence, persona non coerceo?

Grimy Prints

Rome once had a Year of the Five Emperors back in 193 AD. Back in those days however, things were much different, as the initiative showed by the contestants was not just a one dimensional stringed existence of reading off of the centrally planned script while pledging a moral whoredom of gutter dwelling existence in exchange for future compensation. A high degree of Get Up and Go was needed to succeed, where failure meant death at the hands of ones constituents and peers. Those were the days. Isn’t history supposed to rhyme? And, just as Rome in 193 AD, Britain today is reeling from tremendous economic conundrums due to the policy of preceding rule. #BLAMEPUTIN.

Rishi “Greasy” Sunak – lubricating the palms and oozing through the hemophile fingers of King Charles the Turd. You know your country has severe problems when the need to be vetted by such a wet brained cronk is common policy. Just follow the script. Greasy Rishi’s first was about 6 minutes long, penned by others, and an insight into the contaminated minds of the power elite pulling the Sunak strings. Am glad you asked; why yes, fresh meat Rishi is indeed perched upon the World Economic Forum flagpole.

Affluent Effluent

Below where you read, just like hell, dwells the scripted Sunak speech being mouthed to ensure the citizens of Britain that he strictly serves them. Of course, said speech is cordoned off to prevent any members of the general public from attending, while being recorded and eventually projected through the substrates of propaganda to reassure the dupes, and keep the realm of perversion, dislocation, disinformation, and abomination flowing oh so timely and grimy. One must suppose they were just preventing the PM from ending up with literal egg upon his face. Figurative it will be, just give him a few days.

Something tells me that if Greasy Richi actually attempted to validate his position with an election, the “Conservatives” would probably lose the competition to a matted fur-ball fished from the clogged main drain of a tenement high-rise void of any inhabitants suffering from male pattern baldness.

Well, the speech was well versed in typical political brown-nosery, assuringly snorted up by the typical misery addict believers incapable of escaping their basic serfdom captivity. The ooze, the ooze, used and abused perpetually and unknowing. The Sunak spewed out all those necessary clichés: a stronger health system, better schools, safer streets, border control, environment protection……….til the sheep come home.

“Things will be different, we have our first Indian prime minister” said anybody incapable of common sense logic. The more things change, the more things perpetually and increasingly get exceedingly more convoluted. Greasy Rishi is a mark, a mark of the beast, strictly chosen for his gusto to carry on with the globalist agenda of furiously marching forward with the Central Bank Digital Currency slave system, bring death and destruction to Ukraine, and eventually all of Europe, and possibly the America’s; as his direct quote from the above speech foreshadows with, “A terrible war that must be seen successfully to its conclusions.” MI666.

In linguistic terms, “Seen successfully to its conclusions” in Western Globalist speak equates to: do whatever it takes to wipe out Russia and its willingness to stand up to the West’s rapacious imperial death machine of vacuously infiltrating metastatic proportions currently razing the globe, even if it means mole-ing out in a thermonuclear familial hump bunker for the rest of their pathetic existence, while playing hide the hamster, or possibly by the end of the bunker breached year one – down on LEVEL 7, switching it to hide the irradiated greasy politician, all the while purchasing hastily drawn globalist government bonds with imaginary CBDC’S on thoroughly kaput computers by the light of a hand-cranked flashlight powered by the earths last living prostitute, Volodymyr Zelenski. Now there is a mouthful.


Yes, the Globalist Wizard, King Charles the Turd’s right hand man, the Sunak, “Fully appreciates how hard things are” in his inaugural speech being delivered to reassure the regular public that he has indeed been chosen to strictly represent them. Well, there must be no doubt that a man, and I use the term loosely, who’s family is worth around 800 Million USD knows what much of the general public feels when deciding whether to heat their homes or put food on the table. Has Rishi donated anything to the Food Bank other than the projection of his grimy grease he so clumsily exudes while addressing those he flagrantly tramples upon in overt fashion?

Slimy Limey

Grab your preferred snorting implements subjects of England, your new Hindu Guru has just laid down a long line of HOPE for you to intake while nasally grumbling. “Together we can achieve incredible things, we will create a future worthy of the sacrifices so many have made, and fill tomorrow & every day thereafter with HOPE.”

And while the fooled Limey subjects cling to their outright deception of HOPE, as they unnecessarily suffer economically, spiritually, physically and emotionally from the boomeranged “Russia” crippling sanctions, and a war the Empire Du Jour elites look to bring to mainland Britain, Greasy Sunak will be profiting from his wife’s stake in the Indian IT firm, Infosys, a company with an office in Moscow, and a connection to the Russian, Alpha Bank. “Do as I say, not as I do!” By golly yes, Infosys is a partner at the World Economic Forum.

And the scariest quote from the scripted, stringed Sunak had to be, “We will not leave the next generation, your children and grandchildren with a debt to settle we were too weak to pay ourselves.”

Rishi just admitted that Britain is indeed a weak country filled with weak subservient people that unquestionably allowed their weak minded politicians to spend recklessly to the point of putting the entire nation in the position of financial armageddon. Although a politician finally admitted to there being a debt problem, what is the solution to reneging on the debt?

I suppose being vaporized by retaliatory Russian nukes would absolve Britain of the responsibility of paying their debt. Is that Britain’s plan, to go full scale WWIII, thinking that they will win, eliminate the debt, then rebuild the financial system at the hands of the same numpty rubes that have run our current economic system into oblivion?

Britain’s grave is already dug to 5 feet, surely a debt default out of nowhere would just get it to 6 feet and immediately infill upon the corpse, leaving it resting in pieces. Unless, out of desperation of not being murdered by their own citizenry and having their heads paraded on pikes through the streets for destroying countless nations, the West collectively holds a debt jubilee?

Either way, Greasy Rishi, according to his speech, speaks of, “Difficult decisions to come.” And for someone as vain, delusional, clueless, pretentious, and golden carrot envious as he is, such hard decisions no doubt amount to trifling annoyances such as whether to have the thousand or two thousand dollar bottle of wine for dinner? Should he hire the blonde, brunette, or red headed high class call girl/boy – or possibly all three? And, when will his first official visit to Ukraine be in order to compete with Volodymyr Zelensky in an official whore-off competition so as to see which can attain the lowest level in the Empire Du Jour’s familial hump bunker?

When I say lowest level, know that I mean the deepest in subterranean depths, not whether they are on their knees, or flat on their backs with their legs spread wide open, as quite obviously that is unquestionably a given for the both of them.