The Pincer Movement

An Err of Sophistication?

Sling Shots Without Marbles

Obtrusively inferring, cosmically, in the bigger picture universal painting, tomato soup free no doubt, as any supposed enlightener would have used Alphagetti so as to be able to spell it out in an intelligently substantive iconography of matter-of-factness, not in tactless watered down blandness oozed upon the framework, cast from the wading shallows of mindlessness. Well, one knows what is said about ignorance……it follows the ignoramus in short order within one’s real zero life construct, and not to mention in the good book. Need I spell it out? D-i-c-t-i-o-n-a-r-y.

Drunk En Masse

Attention whores. Seeking recognition for pudding brained acts of vandalism is right on bogey (of a negative one) with that of seeking recognition for the type of genitalia one possesses and one’s preference for using it, or heaven forbid, the type of genitalia that one would like to possess. When a primitive primate slings its poop in the guise of seeking attention, is such an act not very briefly and immaturely chuckled upon, then to be met with extreme derision and ultimately avoidance altogether?

Of those who bare their private parts in a crowd of strangers bragging about what they have, or how they would like said organ to be counterfeited into something else, what sort of reception is society going to reflect for such an anomalous projection? Scorn, and the understanding of mental deficiency surely comes to mind, and again, ultimately, future avoidance for much of society.

How is it that societies supposed channels of objectivity and intelligence, the media, have become the charioteers of the primitive primate induced 360 degree poop slinging bandwagon? Why is it that a segment of society thinks that once a primitive primate does indeed sling some poop, that a small mouthful of buzzwords and catchphrases ultimately turns said shit into a gold form of substance other than that of the fool’s variety? A short attention span and that highly engineered mind of state state of mind. That veal existence, cultural in doctrine nation. Thoroughly poured over by the system’s vessel of vassal proportions. No doubt those poop slingers have had their minds dispensed, meticulously wiped, and in the process, discarded. Poop slingers and substrate projectors are one and the same. Useful idiots, manipulated morons, and institutionalized imbeciles. That sliding scale is oh so politically correct. Educationally too!

A Grate Homogenization Utensil – Say Duh!

Yes, beware those seeking recognition for, in their minds, supposedly making the world a better place to be. While those that truly do make the world a better place to be are in no search of any reason or recognition whatsoever in doing so. It is just done in accordance with unselfish understanding along with universal existence. It is the be all and end all of being. Necessity in using one’s powers for good, regardless of the amplitude of which one has managed to capacitate. Sow to speak – separating that wheat from chaff, or, Alphagetti of substance from a soupy oozing existence. Drink that state sauce – pudding for the mind!

Seek many differentiating paths and one will find a suitable trail and subsequent vantage point. However, wait to be slung upon at the system’s accordance and amplitude will only leave one in the manicured shallows rippling upon the surface within grasping point of the shore encircling the captive potholes consuming the road upon the bridge to nowhere spanning the flowing currents of societal occurrence all too eagerly whisking away those incapable of seeking alternate dimensions to a ford the crossing over of the figurative yet blatantly literal obstacles dispersed in drowning implementation of a cleverly terraformed environment of degradation. Negating those differentiating paths and terminal vantage point will leave one primitively slinging poop, or worse, providing the substrate to try and make it stick in the mind of the susceptible collective public.

A State Recipe For Spreading One Thin

Surely, near all have instilled within them, and are most definitely capable of harvesting evermore said engrained function of what could be called using one’s powers for good. Though in actuality, has the system not truly ignorantly continued over the generations, going back millennia, to, in fact cheat, steal, and even prevent the true unselfish individual from one’s universally waiting emergence? Being truly muted by the larger, but in no way higher power of the function of the state of exploitation to draw over and completely submerse the desire, acceptance, and even known intuition for one to deviate from said obedience, in doing so preventing many a worldly harmonizing paths from ever being laid down, while continuing the cycle of ignorance.

In reality, the architecture of repression is nothing new in societal form or function of the failings and flailing of historical conduct and the conventional standards that have been reared throughout existence of what and where has unquestionably garnered the human condition from which is tirelessly drawn upon from the ever deepening reservoir of conditioned storage. A reservoir heightened by the affects of technologically induced turbidity at the sensory deprivation levels of eye and ear, though the non-metaphorically blind are no doubt able to literally feel the doublespeak of side of the mouth representational casting of consciousness conformity. Serfs Up!

Numpty Dumpty – Just Beat It!

Unquestionably, to speak up and differentiate or diverge from the official state narrative oh so gloatingly and gleefully slung in highly degrading globalist globular construct is met with ignorant baseless conspiratorial accusations, fallen back upon with mainstream reassurance that the “scientific consensus,” “professional discourse,” “educated acceptance,” or “non bigoted” poop slung narrative could in any way possess any room for deviation or even slight refraction from the passed down the line parroted exclamation of endless degeneration. After all, the not even cognizant “minds” of the media utensil “intellectuals” told all of society so. All just literal textbook examples of sub-straight representation.

In the end is history not really all about a limited number of unselfish individualistic trailblazing mavericks who have overcome the adversity while casting aside the shackles of all consuming groupthink to expend the critical mass of energy needed to truly expand and propel society further through meaningful observation and actions, à la Socrates, Buddha, Leonardo da Vinci, Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King Jr, Adam Smith, Marie Curie…..While those entities that depend upon an unthinking mass to just follow without question under the guise of justness, equality and betterment of “society” (mind monopolization) are responsible for the true regression of the human race, the watering down of society and exploitation and death of countless millions of followers of mass mind hypnosis, à la, Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler, Mark Zuckerberg, any European royalty, mainstream media, Jack Dorsey, Pol Pot, politicians, Hollywood celebrity……..

Smashing the Wall and Bricks Within

**Although it consisted of a canned hunt, no Alphagetti were harmed during the making of this article. Like society today they swirled the toilet bowl of waste only to be released in the sewer.**