Lyer Lyer Mouth On Eire

Top o’ the morning to ya! It is looking like the time has come for the Irish Spring! Like jolly old England’s centuries long subjugation of the Eire, there might be enough medium here to make some Celtic cross, depending upon the tribe of course. Let us forego the pot of gold, after all, said rainbow has been absconded with to fulfil the orgy of destruction inserted into societally headlong in order to brightly evoke what must surely be a bottom up sense of internal pride for the earthly, though not universal existing politician and media bricks paving the road to nowhere with the base layer of grainy ass-fault low-way inter-changes criss-cross-dressing the Western landscapes form boast to boast to boast.

Yes, I know, I have a serious problem. A full time job that does not leave me enough hours to chop suey the alphabet, julienne the dictionary, and prepare enough word salad to feed the depraved word gorgers looking to masticate in-sizers larger than quad-monthly. Though if I were to make all buy-weekly, premonition says that my bottom line would be the same – CR, and still looking for a recipe to ameliorate the 7 to 3 thing.  Rope, beam, rickety stool, gravity – the ultimate dessert. Better than pudding!

Lye, it is all about the lye that Irish Spring, unless one is a cross Celtic, in which case, Disunite that “Kingdom.” Heaven knows there is a calling. Until then, time to have my mouth washed out with soap. After all, a dimensionally derogatory deluge of a curse word is about to be unleashed, and Mom is tired of breaking the wooden spoons! Suds Ahoy! Do not say that one was not warned. Beware of the retinal rape – once gazed upon such filth cannot be dissolved from synaptic intake. One will also hear the syllabic filth o’ seven – a vitriolic violation of the auditory canal, if so choosing the audio reader function. Once such sensory perception is tattooed upon the psyche, the invocation of the spirit of hell is unleashed upon the earth. It ist, it ist – Global!

C@R€€R POLITICI@N$! Could there be a bigger curse word? Well, only the variations of the originating filthy derivation of the emasculation currently razing many a Western nation, while totally unaware of the lingering heightened defenestration. We’re talking Globalist feral federal affluent effluent here people – Canada’s prize pig; Chrystia Freeland, Uranus’; Just-him Truedope, grenouille bouillie de France; Emannuel Macron, slimy Limey; Rishi Sunak, the Third Reich’s; Poopy-pants Biden, New Zealand’s neigh sayer; Jacinda Ardern, and Klaus’ Nether-region; Mark Rutte…….Every last one of them worthy recipients of the Nobel Piece Prize! Trinitrotoluene.

Back to Klaus’ Drawing Board


Chances are, whichever Western country one resides in, generation after generation of C@R€€R POLITICI@N$ have ignorantly run up the national debt while simultaneously growing the welfare state to the point of absurdity, in order to get as much of a demographic as possible hooked on state handouts, even further perverting society to the point of politics being a bottom of the pork barrel pandering pig sty of disgusting proportions. Such was the covid power play. Serfs Up! That’s some Globalist rogue wave!

Call it the Human Growth Whore-Moan model. Pumping society full of false attributes & substance as many lay back and take it in the veal existence being led to the block of butchery in state mark-it locales of untranscended minds of incoherency. Way back in more rational periods of what could almost (ok, not in a freed mind) be believed as a form of “democracy,” society was founded and funded upon things called budgets, of which have transformed into utter hopelessness by way of becoming a means of the competent members of society being forced to fund, in futile fashion, the utter incompetence of politician sows and fellow trough dwellers. Head cheese is the pinnacle of unthoughtful moulded existence delineating what has over the decades cancerously mutated into a Globalist C@R€€R POLITICI@N$  puppet-robot run shit-holes passing as “sovereign” governments. The Mad Sow Disease is running rampant – inhumanity cannibalizing a dwindling base of humanity.

No Porking Zone – Violators Will Be Lowed

Strung Out Roast Pork Seasoned In Treason

À La Avatar – All Sour No Sweet

Being patriotic, it is only fair for me to roast that Globalist prize pig, Chrystia Freeland (Slaveland.) TNT – oink, oink, oink – TNT. There she is, one of the finest. When I say finest, It means one of the most unfit pieces of literal World Economic Forum Gutter-slime to adorn a bragged upon infiltrated cabinet of a supposedly “sovereign” country. Oh Canaduh!

Not only is Chrystia Canada’s deputy prime minister, she is also masquerading as Canada’s finance minister. Doubling down on incompetence! Being a strung out puppet also makes the Slaveland a board member of the WEF, aka, Klaus Schwab’s right hand woman with extreme left tendencies, hence, the red dress. And if that was not enough, this swine is also bobbing for BlackRock’s Larry Fink’s pitiful crab appples, while wholeheartedly “serving” the Canadian people.

Let me refinance some of the lies, deception and human consuming slop emanating from the pink eye pig sty of this treacherous globalist trough dweller, though not before informing all that the Chrystia dwells in the same realm of hot-flashes, hoofed existence, and curly tailed likeness as the Globalists mascot, Lucifer. One must assume just a foreshadowing warm-up for her eventual afterlife of literally burning in hell. No doubt to be in likeminded company with Adolph Hitler and Queen Elizabeth II.

Aye, the rub – the season of treason scattered without regard on the display case covid marinated corpse of societal consumption cleaved at the behest of globalist powers. You can’t fix stupid, it must be left to self destruct, hence the pill popping extravaganza of a pseudo finance minister, phoney deputy prime minister, and globalist pork byproduct.

“I Am Working For You Canada!”

Should someone employed as a finance minister and second in “command” of a country not be versed in some sort of fiduciary and economic understanding? Maybe like the elementary school principle that to forcibly confine people in their homes and prevent them from frequenting small, or any other type of business’ would have an extremely detrimental, if not murderous affect on the economy, livelihood, mental health, productive capacity and all round well being of the entire country? Is that sow that dumb, or unfurling the C@R€€R POLITICI@N$ globalist agenda? Probably both. Globalist rogue wave!

Certainly somebody put in charge of the financial affairs of an entire country should grasp the concept that if the national debt is nearly doubled in one year (125+ years to reach the initial fiscal shame) by way of handing out billions upon billions of dollars to government confined citizens, that perhaps the shortage of goods from murdering production and subsequent pent up money would release a massive wave of inflation once society was freed from the incompetent government gulag of self confinement, no? Or that in the real world interest rates would surely increase, ruthlessly punishing citizens with criminal interest expenditures. Oh right, if it was up to Miss Piggy society would still be in the grips of the C@R€€R POLITICI@N$ globalist covid terror regime. Freedom Convoy!

Speaking of which, Canada has just wasted millions of dollars into an enquiry as to why the C@R€€R POLITICI@N$ of the feral federal “Liberal” party invoked the Emergencies Act when neither the police, nor intelligence agencies declared any national security threat. Hmm, seems like anyone paying attention has come to realize that C@R€€R POLITICI@N$ are the national security threat across the Western world. Treasonous pigs! No, it is not time to construct the gallows Canada, as the inquiry will pathetically put out some middle of the road, zero gravity, politically correct, unoffending pile of meaningless jibber-jabber not meant to offend or hurt anybody’s feelings. The Canadian way.

Political Correctness

And what did Klaus Schwab’s far left reaching, right handed piglet oh so unceremoniously let loose in her squirming, clearly panicked testimony while on the stand at the Emergencies Act enquiry? Yes, that hussy hog claimed to be overtly concerned about, that’s right, the Canadian economy. Yes, that curly tailed boar is that mindless in acting out her strung-out globalist C@R€€R POLITICI@N$ agenda. Lies, lies, and more lyes. A full helping of Irish Spring lodged in esophageal fashion would surely put an end to that potty mouth. Those pigs, they will eat anything. Lies are their favourite course. Here is a global-list.

Yes, public defecator and Globalist grunter, barnyard Slaveland was lying through her crushed pill snorting snout at said Freedom Convoy Enquiry. And all one has to do to prove it is take her claim of “Worried about the economy” as the reason for enacting the Emergencies Act and butcher it in alphabetical wordy fashion. You know, common sense wise.

As the sniffles, sore throats, and headaches spread like the purposefully created and unleashed corona virus it was, and as those older than the average age of life expectancy were dropping in rates much lower than proverbial flies, as society was criminally inundated with authoritarian government mental retardation evoked, Globalist dictated mandates, Miss piggy was so worried about the Canadian economy that she deprived millions of Canadians of earning a positivity informing living that fed a healthy fiscal environment for the country which fostered what an economy actually is. Responsible people working hard to make their lives and simultaneously the world go round.

Strung Out Pig is “Second” in Command

While implementing Globalist dictated mandates to please the Globalist whore master Klaus Schwab and fellow criminal cabal, pig in shit Chrystia was so worried about the Canadian economy that she was preventing the 12 million plus annual American travelers from visiting Canada and the billions upon billions of dollars that said US visitors spend annually to bolster the Canadian economy. What’s that you say? there were 193 other countries that the Globalist, strung out stroke off sow was preventing said citizens from spending billions of more dollars to be injected into the Canadian economy. Wow, Slaveland was really worried about that economy, or, crushing said economy to create Globalist serfs.Do you not remember the WEF videos bragging about how much better the earth was with humanity locked in their cubicles? Yes, Miss Piggy is a gloating member of that organization.

Globalist pork byproduct Chrystia was so concerned about the economy that she pumped in hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy during the 5000 year low in interest rates, of which were so due to a bungled mismanagement of government policy the likes of which has not happened in living history, without even having a basic thought about interest rates rising and the homicidal impact such financial obviousness would have upon an economy, and the effects upon an already overtaxed financially struggling balance of society forced to service a non-payable, economy crushing debt. I mean, it is not like she is a finance minister or something is she? No, just a well placed Globalist serving treasonous piece of pigsty filth. And so you have it – the story of C@R€€R POLITICI@N$ in a Globalist infiltrated legislature near you. Circle jerk!

Bring on the Irish Spring!

**Work Wanted: Carpenter with many years experience looking to get into gallows building along with window plank manufacture and set up. I am punctual, able to read blueprints, familiar with composite materials, have all necessary tools, will work overtime to get the job done, and know the value of the effects of gravity and mass on Globalist sub-straight representation.** 

The Heart of Hearts

Bottom line is,