Flat Liners Are Now the Pulse of Nations

You know, telling the truth feels good. Well, maybe being honest is more applicable under the circumstances. After all, does not many a truths in this day and age actually equate to a flat earth, everybody is equal, a man with a lopped off penis is indeed a woman, climate “science” is predominantly CO2 accounting, all white people are racists, more government will solve the current tailspin of societal crash-landing, bitcoin is a saviour, zero accountability & responsibility is an asset to a healthy society, it is all the rich people’s fault…….or, just anything that makes one feel good passes as reality.

As someone born in the 1980’s it sure is disheartening to see what has come to be the representational norm of a supposed enlightened society living in the “Information Age”, where “smart phones,” computerization, laziness, short attention spans, a self entitlement complex amongst other things has rendered freedom into free-dumb and accompanying detachment from any form of reality, of which, the TV sharing the “reality” moniker is as structurally significant as calling breast implants on a man as life nurturing necessities. All that has truly transpired is to have given the freaks a place to sit as they shamelessly motorboat society under the guise of intellectual advancement for the benefit of mankind. Wastebook, Shitter, Instascam, Crapchat, MSM – lowest common homogenizer.

Oh, those simpler times when “blowing a tranny” meant that one had car problems; that, to “have a horseshoe up one’s ass” was an analogy of being blessed with a bout of good luck; and, where “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” did not equate to choosing many of the now 47? gender pronouns to selfishly seek attention with. The prism (rainbow) still is a refraction of white light is it not? It is not too late to abscond with the periodic table is it? Now there is some true individualistic diversity – into the 100’s!

The bottom has fallen out, has it not? This is the Wile E. Coyote revelation of coming to realize that the cliff edge has been overshot, the action of pursuing rational character through disproportionately irrational means and tactics has done nothing other than, for many, to fuel a fantasy based approach to life, virtually eliminated proportional societal logic and wisdom, all the while attempting to supercharge the TNT, and simultaneously refusing to acknowledge the existence of gravity.

It is not that the world is flat, it is the infiltrated systemic disgracism that has warped the thinking process into one dimensional epic distortions; me, me, me! Scratch that notion – the world is truly indeed flat, though not in actual spatial dimensional existence, just general comprehension and projection of the mass of mind of state projected by the system and its new world “academic” flunky camaraderie treading a watered down pudding matrix of shame. Or more simply; A Non-Universal Basic Outcome! Garbage in, trash oozes out.

I feel sorry for a lot of people in the varying degrees of navigational existence and encompassment in the supposed choices, dwelling, ignorance, satisfaction; or lack thereof, enlightenment, or any other beneficial or detracting accompaniment that the system of today has so ruthlessly and punishingly slip-slid into head first, yet quite obviously mind lacking due to the consumptive brain-wave goodbye of  common sense, decency, and that once strong magnetically fielded, now societally flimsy notion of moral compass; endlessly spinning without direction, pointing to “me, me, me,” immediate gratification, birthing people, mediocrity, child grooming, lack of accountability & responsibility, celebrity ambitions, and consumptive genitalia existence.

Happy Daze

Not being a follower of Globalist government insect consuming buggery, the sit-down for a nice steak coincides occasionally within calendrical food consumption habits. So it happened, last week, as had been done many times before. They say one snowflake will cause an avalanche. What happens when generational millions flakily rest upon the societal mountain that has been laid bare to a gelatinous pudding mound? (To find the answer just start reading again from the beginning of this article.) On second thoughts, an avalanche would be appreciated as it unleashes a mass of energy falling from an elevated perspective. What society is dealing with is a snowflake deluge smothering blanket in such covering magnitude that they have shallowly and in non-exerting unfashionable dwelling, not knowing that mountains are scalable, covered up said aforementioned rolling plain pudding mound to create an artificial, barren, zero landmarked flat earth existence adorned with veneerial diseased melted puddles.

Sorry, I digressed. Steak dinner. Having no friends or family typically equates to sitting at the bar. This restaurant has a foot pull on the washroom door, so, needless to say, it is necessary to contact a hostess for seating arrangements. Looking at the bar, with its half full rental agreement, and my not so uncanny ability to show up wearing pantaloons would surely translate, in geographical location advancement, to myself immediately sauntering over and pretending to read the menu while matter of factly knowing what was going to be arriving from the kitchen in short order. It would not be so seamless this day. Hemmed in emotional fashion.

Very briefly, it was, in my non delineated ceiling free universally permeated construct, applicable for me to uncork a look of disbelief when the hostess told me that she needed to go and make sure that the bartender was something along the lines of “able to cope with the situation.” After an emotional well being check, permission was granted to sit at a half vacant area specifically designed to cater to eating and drinking necessity. Looks like Globalist government’s covid Universal Basic Income is still paying out a Non-Universal Basic Outcome. Sheltered in place.

Note to climate fanatics: with the oh so delectable dead cow of world destroying proportions, a couple of beers were imbibed; of which contained CO2. Is your non-existent god going to send me to a hell other than currently having to listen to the endless mind warping fallacious projections of the highly escapable Globalist propaganda emittance machine that is part and parcel of the systemic disgracism passing as an objective reality?

No Silk In That Screen

If one is young and reading this, it is time to reminisce and evoke some historical nostalgia about what life was like before your soft “sheltering you out of love” parents and the still swelling systemic “educational,” propaganda, and entertainment Hollywood complex infiltrated the psyche so deeply. Which should surely make anyone not suffering from a physical addiction to electronic devices relate to a semblance of free spirited real world exploratory adventuring. Here is your ribbon for participating! What a good boy/girl!

Cantankerous old societal dinosaurs such as myself used to have newspaper routes, with real paper and ink. We used to get up early before school – in rain, snow, and darkness and deliver newspapers to friendly neighbourhood clients. Then on a day of the month it was necessary to visit said subscribers in order to collect payment for services rendered. It was called gaining social skills. And people actually used a medium called cash, where it was necessary to engage in deductive mathematical logic in order to acquire a basic life skill and not rely on a computer to dumb one down to the point of dependence of functioning. Then on Christmas said subscribers would give you cash bonuses or presents. You probably would not like it though, as it requires one to get off ones posterior and start life advancement early with concerted effort. Surely, sitting, clicking, and pressing buttons on control pads is much more beneficial to a healthy society.

Believe it or not, way back before internet times; yeah, it was never always there, parents in the neighbourhood actually kicked the kids out of the house on weekends/holidays and told them to be home before supper time. Or we even took the initiative to leave by ourselves. Crazy, I know. We are talking at 6, 7, and 8 years old; grade one, two, three people. Surely that is child abuse one must be thinking!

We used to do things like get on our bikes, cross busy roads and venture onto massive preload construction heaps of sand aggregate and sometimes play for hours, filling our shoes, pants, and underwear out of playful delight. Then we might stop by school and in monkey-like fashion climb onto the roof and retrieve the balls that we had purposefully kicked up there during recess in order to have something to do for the weekend. Or we would pick up the rocks from the tar and gravel roofs and proceed to have rock fights. It was great fun! Now adult construction workers can not even step foot on the same roof without a rope, harness, high visibility vests, hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, a safety orientation, and lamest of all, a ladder that touches the ground with a centrally dictated Workers Compensation pitch. How thoroughly moist society has become.

The freedom before free-dumb was magnificent. Where the local rebelling teenager had the handwriting abilities to forge a note that allowed a six year old boy (me) to purchase cigarettes from, Danny’s Market in Richmond, for my “parents.” Then we would proceed to go hide in the bushes somewhere and smoke as well as elementary school students could, sipping on a bottle of teriyaki sauce afterwards, thinking to do so would no doubt alleviate the odour, hence, guilt associated from partaking.

Without question, I most surely grew up in a time when the door to parameter dwelling encapsulation was already two thirds closed, and many of my peers were/are unable to escape the confines of the system, swallowed the purple Kool-Aid heftily and melted into the systemic disgracism construct, where there is no need for more learning and the self improvement that comes along with such a venture. Again, that Non-Universal Basic Outcome. It must have been something to have been born in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, with the freedom, personal responsibility & accountability, lack of ridiculous regulations, cheap energy, and sensible moral encompassment to name a few societal adhering attributes.

Simpler times. When people used to marry their best friends; the majority of homes were 2 parent dwellings; society would rightfully and correctively call people on their bullshit; women’s underwear was on par with what is endlessly worn in public today; the government did not encourage and reward irresponsible antisocial behaviour; sex, violence, and physically impossible special effects did not make up the bulk of the entertainment industry; society was not anchored to the welfare state; people possessed an emotional backbone; a spade was not a heart; laissez faire systems fostered healthy competition; treason was met with death or prison, not golden pensions, book deals, and becoming millionaires in the institutional Globalist circle jerk that “sovereign” nations have become.

Oh, how the not so mighty have fallen. With much further to crumble.


Got vigilance?