What a bloody mess.

Government Ex Lax For Future Relief

Arterial constipation, it is now a thing. Politics and big Pharma brought it to the world under the Globalist umbrella. Authoritarian dictative societal entrapment getting off on the right foot – goose-stepping, if they will, left up to their own devious devices to carry forward the tyranny – ┬áboth sides of the boots upon freedoms throat. Billions of dollars to be made after all, not to mention the power of control, and politician wet-brained psychologically impaired dimwits looking to seem important in order to collect absurd salaries, golden pensions, and lucrative post society-screwing rewards for being a ‘YES’ rubber stamper serving the globalist playbook. That filthy melange somehow masquerading as democracy. Topsy-turvy indeed. Enter Joseph Goebbels.

Omission of the truth is as good a lie as any. Deceit through default of not committing to an objective analysis, no matter where it leads. After all, the truth can be offensive if performed properly. Oh right, political correctness to homogenize and lobotomize the general population – brought to you by state and corporate media and politician puppets; hell-elujah! The epic story of “democracy,” socialism, communism, fascism, and, hold on, hot off the “educational” presses; intellectualism.

Choke on this. Many a hearts certainly have. The new medical affliction of the 21st century – post covid “vaccination” arterial constipation, as mentioned above. Forget ‘pulling on peoples heart strings’, the Globalist medical tyranny has figured out a way to ‘fill in peoples heart strings,’ literally. ┬áThe following photo is proof of the deadly side effects of the criminal rushing to market of a known flawed and ineffective “vaccine.”

Those Ain’t Earthworms

DIED SUDDENLY – watch the documentary if you have yet not. All cause mortality is up, post covid “vaccination” authoritarian medical & all around tyranny regime. Why does state and corporate media not report upon the rise of all round mortality found in all age ranges, especially the troubling cases of young heathy people dropping dead in the prime of their lives? That’s right, they are part of the Globalist circle jerk. As said before; hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, is indeed evil. Clearly politicians and mainstream media are evil, lying through omission for the globalist agenda. Politician have become death the destroyer of worlds.

Political Mantra

No, I did not scour the internet in order to find the above photo of arterial constipation with no relief apart from death. Connections in the death industry indeed I have, though sadly, Mr. Death himself is not on my rolodex, though through internet email search one is able to be in contact with politicians who are beginning to catch up to Mr. Death’s statistics. It is like having death personified, in politician form across the globe! Politicians – Mr. Death’s apprentices.

The above two arterial constipations pulled from a dead one’s jugular certainly were not the only two hands on, forceps grabbing globular masses removed from the heart strings of human formation of my cadaver contacts. Though I was told a much bigger occurrence in veinous clearing operations while performing embalmings is the micro-clotting mentioned in the DIED SUDDENLY documentary. No doubt both afflictions of blood clotting and arterial blockage anomalies are playing out within thousands of funeral homes around the globe and quite possibly into the tens of millions of cases. Mainstream media where are you? That’s right, busy at the Globalist circle jerk.

Mr. Cricket – Mainstream Media’s Mascot

Time to dust off that accountability before fossilization occurs.

This post has been written on a public network, and let’s just say the interruptions were a plenty. I hope to return to normal programming in the next week or two.

Happy New Year.