Red Their Minds

Surely to confer meaningfully and intelligently on the world outlook ultimately depends upon the sharp vantage points of articulated multi dimensional analytical prowess demonstrated in proven abilities to forecast salient trends and ultimate outcomes, while steering clear of the worn-out & rounded blunt disadvantaged blobs of manipulative existence of an unnatural nature participating within the West’s shameful stampede of the ultimate running of the bullshit responsible for the ever deepening trajectory pervertedly sliding down the slippery slope descent void of truth, integrity, dignity, common sense, decency, moral constructiveness, and of course, ingenuity, other than expansion of the graft begun upon formative inception that is.

Yes, it is their annual time of the month again after having interrupted their own regular cycle with an overdose of girth control concocted with a monstrous covid suppository of epic distortional representation, that Globalist Circle Jerk free for all, where they, the hatchlings from their mothers deviled eggs discourteously conglomerate under the Empire Du Jour’s imperialistic goose-stepping swan song of relevance to further stroke each others egos while steering way clear of Logos in their non-universal existence of self victimization & loathing hell bent upon trapping societies within a well decreed authoritarian polluted environment strangled by noxious hot air emittance supreme. Heil the heil! What a royal event.

Circle Jerker Supreme

An intellectually lacklustre event teeming with shellacked minds of the morally prostituted politicians, institutional garbage, self loathing ‘YES’ people, bottom of the barrel “celebrity” know-nothings, blood thirsty warmongers, and without saying, the gerbil breeders lobby extraordinaire. Where this years back-room motto is “Up the Ante For Future Political Placements.” The bar has been raised after all – a Zelensky level of standardization has been set, no? Don’t forget, the mainstream media will be there fulfilling the lies of truth sponsored by the Globalist Empire Du Jour cultural indoctrination medium of extreme lowliness. Eat your bugs while they circumnavigate the globe in private jets while pretentiously preaching of ethical superiority and climate consulship.

That trivial Teutonic eunuch twerp of Mason jar testicular existence labelled of Irish nomenclature, O’ laugh Schultz, is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. O’laugh is the only one of seven G7 leaders to attend the event in 2023. With O’laugh being new to the position of German head of state it looks like O’laugh is seeking a direct line to brown nose efficiency extraordinaire that the other six G7 nation “leaders” have oh so treasonously acquired.

O’laugh seems to be in desperate search of a place on one of the levels of the Empire Du Jour’s familial hump bunkers of nuclear fallout secondly importance. One must suppose that the reason for the other six of seven G7 “leaders” not being in attendance at this years WEF event is that of trying to distance themselves from a possibly approaching defenestration or decapitation event of future significance. Don’t forget, Hung like a horse! Merkel was a sick prank, but O’laugh Schulz, the funniest joke in the world, has just defeated Germany in WWIII. Three times a loser.

Appropriation to Be Die Vested

Speaking of treason. Oh Cana-duh. Slaveland would not forego that WEF pigsty for all the Globalist slop in the ungrounded earthly pill-popping fantasy world that she snorts and wallows in, but not upon. Upon a Globalist pedestal to the abattoir of destruction and deceit shamelessly feeding upon a rapidly deteriorating nation robbed of nutritious uptake by politician tapeworms unleashed from being allowed to be consumed from the consumptive appetites of a parasitic sty of bestial debauchery brought forth by Globalist pigs. The Globalists right hand woman with extreme left tendencies must ever stroke onwards and upwards to the institutional climax. Enter the Globalist circle jerk.

“I Devour the Giblets of WEF Cocks”

Oh Cana-duh indeed. It is not possible to fix stupid, one just has to let it self destruct. In a clearly Globalist coached cockamamie scheme of extremely low intelligence, planning, logic, decency, rationale, and certainly common sense, Cana-duh’s double fisting Globalist sour-heart has attempted to pitifully hide, in 17 lines of text within Bill C-32, the extortion of 2 billion + dollars from tax paying Canadian citizens so that she can invest it in a company that does not even exist, so that “private” investment (WEF circle jerk) can insert up to 3 times “Canada’s” starter, in what is no doubt a filthy government guaranteed enrichment of the partners and stakeholders engaged in the aforementioned Globalist circle jerk – the World Economic Forum that Chrystia Slaveland so gleefully and treasonously sits as an insider board member. Those must be some good drugs that the Slaveland is crushing and snorting.

The WEF website has updated Slaveland’s photo to showcase her commissar red dress, though please do not stare directly into her eyes without donning welding goggles! And as horrendously moronic as Slaveland’s billion dollar Globalist grift is, it is probably heads and shoulders above most Canadian’s Intelligence Quotient, especially the political stooges, and will probably end up seeing the light of the dark days we live in. Oh Cana-duh!

But it gets better. Scratch that. Make that worse. This 2 billion + dollar racket is to be implemented on behalf of His Majesty, King Charles the Turd and is to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canada Development Investment Corporation which is responsible for administering the Canada Growth Fund. So this non existent company attempting to embezzle 2 + billion dollars from the collective public will be owned by the Canada Development Investment Corporation of which, you guessed it, is responsible for reporting to Canada’s minister of finance (Chrystia Slaveland) who will oversee the raising of “private” capital via the Capital Growth Fund. And yes, this phantom company of dire earthy importance is been paraded under the guise of Green investment of urgent climate importance. It’s green alright – anyone with half a brain must be green with a non settled queasy sickness to the entire body politic.

All one can say is watch the video. This Globalist junkie should not be able to con a troupe of girl guides, yet she has a majority of Canadians eating out of her controlled substance littered red Globalist stained palms. WTF? At least Canada has one curious Senator able to smell the sewage and kick up an ounce (that is a figurative weight Chrystia, not a narcotic stash) of resistance of which seems doomed to failure.

Holey Crap

That World Economic Forum. The deeper the ties to government over the decades and the larger the penetration of morally reprehensible politicians willing to commit treason for future appointments and throw their own non respected countries under the Globalist bus through Globalist dictated agendas of ultimate control such as Central Bank Digital Currencies, Digital ID’s, wholly nonobjective pseudo science scare tactics of climate terrorism to suppress the population while keeping a centuries long Globalist stranglehold upon the earths natural resources  through exploitation of other geographical locations politically beholden by cheap shills misrepresenting themselves as “leaders” of said areas of despair, the more societies suffer.

Yeah, that combination of incompetence, they have really dug that societal grave quite deep, yet they crave even more control because this final slave system increment will finally make it all fall into place, utopia that is; haven’t you noticed? The world’s sovereign debt burden and cost to societal betterment is at unprecedented historical levels; yet they pile it on. Inflation levels are at multi decade highs due to a covid terrorism and authoritarian control regime acted out by feral federal politicians of all dimensions alongside subsequent international law breaking sanctions imposed on Russia that have boomeranged to fully devastate the most vulnerable members of societies around the globe; and the madness continues.

How Low Can They Go?

While in true psychopathic, mentally ill fashion these nutters continue to flood UKraine with conflict prolonging weapons, dragging out the death and destruction while spilling evermore blood as they prepare to ramp up hostilities engulfing Europe proper, by means of fully neutered European leaders all too willing to commit literal suicide for their respective yet not respected “sovereign” locales, and all for monetary gain, plus the chance to join the club of becoming human gerbils in the annals of historic perversion as they cavernously explore King Charles the Turd’s and accompanying throne trolls realm of legerdemain. TV knows best!

God, give us that purge-worthy geographical location of logical thought infused metastasization that would undoubtedly be brimming with conscientious objectors willing to give it a go to cauterize the rancid penetrating ichorous discharge of that child molesting crown and throne troll accompaniment noxiously spewing the morally miasmic and metaphysical weapon of mass destruction passing as an objective reality in all too many captured minds.