Cetacean Citation

Living in the fantastically fallacious 21st century patchwork of diminutive self, due to an overdose of systemic pseudo individualistic falsehood of feel good selfish importance based upon a nothingness longing for something ultimately to be less desired for in the shattered realm passing as a viable model for relativity and greatness, it is only fair to project the necessity for myself, in this day and age, to identify as a whale.

It is not a case of species dysphoria for the now normalized, congruently scrambled, commercially pushed irregular societal normalcy that leads me to identify forthwith in a commensurate longing for baleen dreams, krill fantasies, emollient spermaceti accompaniment, and saltily baste existence of echolocation in the sub land level divides of continental drift. Neither is it a vain attention seeking splash agenda attempting to soak some passers by while dragging them down in a vortex of turbulence under current subtractive shallow anomaly.

No, this is no monomaniacal madness in an Ahab firestorm descent into the dying depths of a drowning fixation, this is about living in what has come to longer be described as a normal form of posture in tallness, nor in gait. There can be nothing wrong with my 21st century right whale migration identification. After all, and once again, in figurative linguistic, though not actual emulative literal physical function, I exposively blew out my back, spewing forth geysers of synaptic pain over my body governing system of nervous proportions.

Once, a wise-ish man that never managed to achieve an elevated form of enlightenment shared the wisdom of coming to understand what stimuli made one’s spinal wellness dissociate from a peaceful calm to a torrential electrical storm. And let me tell you, carrying one’s burnt out clothes dryer like a clothes basket while loading it into the back of one’s vehicle may very well end up in said aforementioned dissociated crippling state. Well, unless one limbers up with some prestretch exercises? Here I sit reflecting painfully upon my whaled existence. It blows!

How does one segue from a transitional non traditional whale blowing tale to the social critique of a modern post mortem society?

Drowning In the See of Shit

Blubber. Well, degenerate blubbering fools anyways. You know the ones. Talking loud while saying nothing. Whinging, whining, and wailing in an act of inner defeatist indoctrinated non-parameter escaping confinement of that state of mind mind of state, cognitively restrained in the shallows of the all too drainable murky, piss laden wading apparatus used to gauge the volume of the ammonia loving hands and knees postured deserved mutes making out their governmental fashioned water wings to be high class couture of a limited line named Wisdom & Logic as they drown in the muck captured captive sludge concentratively refined for patsy inducing consumption.

Cannibalistic depravity. Gorging upon the societal body bereft of even a semi intelligent head, yet countless asses coming out of the would work. The same but different, or, different but the same? The recipe for their disaster is always baked into the take. In the red government policy adopted and echoed by those of a negatively linear existence (?). Pudding says, “Time to hack those in the black!” After all, history has proven that such ignorant witchcraft of theft works not. Thine cognitive cogs doth lodgeth sufferingly unbeknownst to formative exploratory reasoning?

Lack of vigilance, personal accountability & responsibility, to go along with the now sewer dwelling further decline of government function, fiscal responsibility and mismanagement of what seems to be everything the hands of mind of state state of mind perversion molest, including the education (indoctrination,) and supposed “social” systems barf out the backside of a chunkily turbid infected public sector reflecting its existence to be the clarion call of crystalline clarity that has matter of factly become so opaque, obtuse and non self reflective that those unable to escape the follow the “leaders” follies only answer is to greedily violate those who expended one’s time and energy wisely in a non homogenized furthering manner.

For a government pudding induced self victim, to grasp the concept of an over a century old antiquated economic system and 50+ year old welfare state that accompany the government largesse and redundancy in all too many institutional realms is in fact the conundrum Western society as a whole finds itself within, where the literal flocks wool has been so thickly matted over what should be observational vision that the concept is not able to register in the incomplete mind, therefore be mentioned in “government induced logic” passing as anything other than so called conspiratorial nutter nonsense. What is there to escape from!?

Sorry, stealing money from hard working ingenuitive societal stokers to subsidize inept government and confine induced parasitic hangers on is not a solution to anything other than decency and progress. Creating a system to reward responsibility, ingenuity, accountability, and to set forth measures to boost those further down the multidimensional rungs, such as eliminating the income tax altogether for a great segment of society, while reigning in the madness of current government debt economics that does nothing other than ruthlessly punish ALL of society with criminal debt servicing costs to further engorge and infect the entire societal negative feedback loop that has exploded as the more “control” government has stolen anathema to freedom, liberty, logic, and ultimately decency and dignity the worse society suffers.

Globalist government has run its course and digital slavery through digital currencies and ID’s are these mentally ill worthless slobs “solution” to their obvious incompetency. Keep watching that TV – mmm, pudding! Decency accompanies responsibility, accountability and sanity. That mind of state state of pudding mind – where the average Canadian paid 43% on taxes in 2021 compared to 35.7% on basic necessities, yet somehow taxing the “rich” is a panacea to government incompetence. That docile TV lethargy existence, the foundation of society – way better than vigilance, responsibility & accountability to avoid the dorsal explosion from collapsing under the weight of the ignorant world. Serfs Up!

Perhaps it is critical to bring up a rational, salient observation about the cooked storybook nonsense of the “rich” paying their fair share as being the solution to the moronically computed nonsense of an egalitarian society coming to be in the current pseudo academic theory blindly  regurgitated by anybody not able to grasp a basic universal understanding of the worlds that humanity encompasses. Hunting the “rich” is truly the systems way of distracting the population which is too dumb to realize that nothing ever really changes despite what lies are spouted in the name of equality, where in true master-dependent relationship the handout junkie dare not stand up to the benefit dispensing drug dealer in fact designed to assure addicted continuance well into the future while abusing said victims mental and physical dependence upon said fiscal narcotic releases in order to lead the pudding into trap where what has been brought forth to eat the “rich” has indeed consumed all of society even more. “Wow, a climate change rebate cheque. What’s on TV!?”

Here is a statistic that will make a government confined non free thinker mad. The world has 2668 billionaires worth 12.7 trillion dollars. Forget the taxing the “rich” pittance claimed by the pathological liar politicians that will save society, lets just steal their wealth entirely and place it on America’s debt burden of 31.4 trillion dollars. Oh geez, 18.7 trillion dollars of debt left to punish the remainder of American citizens, and now millions of new unemployed people who lost their jobs when their billionaires ingenuity and subsequent entangled supply line network of contributing industries just went up in smoke, ricocheting across the globe into dozens of countries.

That is right, the hated “rich” actually produce a benefit to society, be it a sole person with 1 million dollars that employs 5 subsequent people, or a billionaire that employs into the tens or hundred of thousands of people once the supporting supply chain is traced out globally. Where in contrary, government actually produces next to nothing in value towards an economy, in fact the opposite, it drains and stagnates those within, and the larger government becomes the larger the fiscal black hole becomes.

Most public debt of the world has become unmanageable and governments refuse to even look in the mirror and recognize themselves as the problem. When government baits and switches the susceptible public into thinking that it is “rich” peoples opulence destroying society, it is humbling to read an article that plainly spells out the total hypocrisy and sheer incompetence of government, such as how the Department of Defence in the USA, over just three years, 2017, 2018, and 2019 has mysteriously “misplaced” 94.7 trillion dollars. That is enough money to pay the entire US debt three times over. Imagine the relief that said missing money would afford in advancing America out of the downward slide it continues to fall. Yeah, get the “rich!”

The current system of debt governance in the West has run its full course and cannot be revived, but strictly reviled. Yet the charade continues to be acted out in defiance of sanity, responsibility, accountability and the necessary change and vigilance necessary to start humanity down a more rational path of healing. Clearly anyone who has earned their merit badge has come to understand what is happening and what will eventually transpire.

Government clearly has zero limit on deception, depravity, moral prostitution, and just plain old ignorant stupidity. The West has gleefully signed up for destruction, death, and captivity to a Globalist digital slave systems wheeled out oh so untastefully through the Globalist sponsors of the nightmare and absorbed by the fully lobotomized populace unwilling, or not cognizant of the need to pull one’s head out of the sand in a participatory manner in tearing down the shame that has become.

So when the bombs and bullets start to seriously let loose the fury, especially in Europe, do not forget to despise the “rich” who attempted to create the economic opportunities that the elected political morons destroyed to such a degree that to maim and murder their own populaces with the hopes of trapping them within a full command and control digital prison so as to not admit their own incompetence supreme was the option they chose over peace and prosperity through intelligent dialogue and easily attainable mutually beneficial multi polar world.