Cha Cha Cha Chia.

Doing Their Wurst

All in all they are just another brick with no wall. Well, anyways, physically present in rational three dimensional real world construct to be sure of that. However, enter the one dimensional irrational linear mind-scape of protruding baseless deconstructive entrapment – in which case that metaphysical masonry circumnavigates said perimeter of national shallowness tendrilly jutting forth, inwards and beyond, from the parameters of geographical dislocation awaiting the mortars of proportional levelling to again cement, post haste, the embarrassing cavernous subterranean goose-stepping foundation supporting the Globalist flubdub death machine clearly out in plain view, yet anomalously blinded in a Braille existence of a now zero functioning directional quintuple appendage amputation dwelling upon a sharpened stake. À la Deutsch schaschlik – the third helping coming soon.

Fool them once – shame on that familial fornicator Keiser Wilhelm II. Fool them twice – shame on that speedball injecting, effeminate, half moustached, mother hating, “royal family” fool pigeon orator Adolph Hitler. Fool them three times – shame on Herr Merkel and Frau Scholz, both of which, like Hitler, possess great oral marksmanship, though of different skillsets. Three time fools – a genetic condition perhaps?

Rumour is that Herr Merkel can bite the jugular out of a pig and cow, gnash his way through the newly opened neck orifices, chipmunk ten pounds of chuck within his jowls, inordinately produce a sausage casing of slimy mucous secreted from an evolutionary extinct gland located under his second dorsal hump, then in Teutonic tradition crank that nasal faucet into full production, producing 20 well done bratwurst from that satanic grill temperature of temperament emanating oh so wrongly from his man-boob protuberance. I will spare the details on Herr Merkel’s warm storage.

A Merkeltile Nasal Faucet Production

Frau O’laugh Scholz, prostituierte königin. O’laughs oral skills encompass the world in gag reflex accompaniment. Yes, her oral skills are the same as Herr Merkel. After all, they are literal clones, are they not? Summarily scraped from the protoplasmic drippings of a conglomeration of anonymous throne troll excretions collected from a South American bawdy house, grown within a test tube and emanating conjoined at the forefront of false existence then cleaved in two without being sure of actual facial orientation. In true throne troll existence, the bribes are endlessly absorbed in all pores as they project unbelievable ugliness in all scripted directions. A mad Nazi scientist having reactivated the dorsal hump mucus gland for future Turd Reich continuance. All it takes is a good mucus gland scraping, then add piss. Cha Cha Cha Chia! Enter the German politician! Make that Globalist politician!

Avoid the Globalist Noid

Occupied minds? Definitely occupied shallowed grounds. Transference, the shift of that “royal” Nazi nonsense-ability to the Stars and Stripes in their insulated by oceans death machine factory pumping out terror ever since the end of that oh so scripted WWII theatre. Get those Bolsheviks – subsequently subtracted from the equation – then multiplied to Russia’s integer – “royal” stomping grounds. Here the world turns and burns simultaneously, like a Merkel produced rotisseried bratwurst. Germany still occupied since the end of World War Two by the Empire Du Jour’s Nazi victors. Hmm, ex Nazi’s looked over by the new Gestapo. Kind of ironic – definitely moronic in the scheme of things. Enter the Empire Du Jour, the human condition going back millennia. Where is the enlightenment? Lies, unquestioned obedience, and moral prostitution, gotta love that pudding – the system lives on.

With the decline of civilization, so goes the calibre of supposed “sovereign” representation of countries by politicians. Surely it has become blatantly apparent that Germany is indeed the lowly neutered pawn of the Empire Du Jour and has sunken so low as to jump on any grenade that DC or London lobs. Prostitute no more, sex slave is Germany’s sole existence politically. Suicide by whoredom. Sacrificing its citizenry, industry and encompassing economic well being all to give a temporary boost to the Empire controlled energy, along with arms manufacturers and, again, bring death and destruction to the “royal” European theatre. No stage fright there, solely bad actors proud n’ a plenty.

The Future Under Globalists

One must hypothesize that until the offshore bank accounts became all too lucrative for federal German politicians to turn down, that aforementioned treasonous German moral prostitute politicians had at least an inkling of performing their duties in accordance with the well being of their citizenry, as well, a humanist approach to peace and prosperity for the entire world at large. If not, why was such a fuss kicked up about German government returning to the use of typewriters to avoid the prying eyes of the US spying services at large?

Was the German government just overtly concerned about the revelation of an exorbitant amount of homosexual and child pornography searches emanating from government computers? Where now they just type said sexual fantasies manually and mail them out randomly to government agencies.

Perhaps typewriter nostalgia due to an overabundance of interdepartmental homoerotic pen pal correspondence realized to not be taking place in “private” chat rooms? Those South American gay Bawdy house fantasies – German folklore or fact?

Was the dorsal hump mucus gland abundant in greater amounts of a thoroughly cloned government manufactured populace and spied upon through intrusive computer peeping by countering intelligence agencies, leaving the Germans blackmailed to the now abundant Nazi supporting actions transpiring in UKraine? After all, one can not leave the UK out of Nazi traditions – Germany, USA, Israel, ISIS, Ukraine…..Where to next for Hermaphroland England ?

Germany’s Supreme Commander

Did German politicians and bureaucrats, with shoe polish, erotically adorn themselves with Adolph Hitler tribute moustaches and heil their likeness in a darkened computer screen, unaware that NSA cyber perversion was capturing their shameful acts, all the while the NSA, in twinned adulation, donning the same shoe polish fuzzy lip though with tape over their web cams?

Whatever the reason, zero decency remains in what seems the entirety of the political establishment of the West at large. Time for death.

Put Your Death Foot In and Shake It All About……

Mere days after O’laugh Scholz attended the World Economic Forums (WEF) Globalist gerbil event in Davos, Switzerland it was announced that Germany would indeed begin Supplying UKraine with 14 Leopard II German made tanks. Indeed I say ‘begin’ supplying UKraine with Leopard II tanks, because anyone who thinks that 14 is a one and done transaction must be fools. Three time fools!?

Surely O’laugh Scholz’s WEF appearance was not the deciding factor in Germany supplying said Leopard II tanks to UKraine, surely it was just the event to put a price on O’laugh’s treasonous selling up the river of German citizenry and no doubt secure his now Level 1 berth within those “royal” Nazi familial hump bunkers of secondary nuclear fallout importance. O’laugh has been greased up indeed! Germany is nowhere near a sovereign country. O’laugh still has to earn his way down to Level 7 of that Globalist hump bunker. Get ready Germany!

I Do Nazi De Problem

This Globalist death machine apparatus commencing in UKraine has been in the planning for years. Death and debt are the Globalists bread and butter. Rheinmetall, the manufacturer of Leopard II and other military hardware are currently approaching a 30 BILLION Euro backlog of orders, to see said numeration rise to somewhere near a 40 BILLION Euro backlog in 2024. That is a lot of death organized.

Not only is Rheinmetall chock-a-block full of human exploding device production backlog, it has acquired Spain’s Expal Systems SA in order to expand production of death and destruction with more mortars and artillery ammunition for UKraine, and to boost profits in order to pay for extravagant villas for Globalist politicians in the Caribbean islands 🏄. Serfs Up!

“My Caribbean Villa Depends Upon Your Death – Heil King Charles the Turd”

If it looks like a Globalist circle jerk, revolves like a Globalist circle jerk, and leaves a trail of gerbils like a Globalist circle jerk….It must be a Globalist circle jerk. Larry Fink the “royal” gerbil catcher, need one say more? Rumour has it that the Truedope always says “One more.”

BlackRock – Larry Fink’s “royal” ascension, heavily invested in the arms industry of death and destruction; Raytheon; Boeing, Lockheed Martin; BAE Systems; Northrup Grumman; General Dynamics……..And yes you guessed it BlackRock is caught red handed deep within that Rheinmetall as well.

In Fact Rheinmetall has so impressed the Globalist death contingent in investment assurance that it has goose-stepped across the pond and expanded onto American soil. Surely once a merchant of death gets invites from the death machine supreme on their home soil, Globalist terrorist status has been attained. Heil such a “royal’ achievement! When Germany goes up in smoke, Rheinmetall will still have Canadian slave labour to manufacture implements of death on US soil in a vain attempt to ship goods to that smouldering crater formerly known as Europe.

Do the Hokey Pokey Turn Yourself Around Germany

I am leaning to believe that the official Bundeswehr (German army) uniform consists of an abundance of skimpy pastel coloured panties as the foundational garment of structure designed around the fortitude upon which said institution is founded and continues to function in its exemplary role of eunuch existence and devotion to American whoremanship. Euro sissies the lot? Seems that way, as they would rather die fighting along UKrainian Nazi’s rather than showing some true courage and liberating their own geographical location from the Globalist terrorist and world oppressor, the American Gestapo Corporation.

De Bundeswehr Collection?

Time to atone for your sins of the past Germany. Escape the cowardice mould of antiquity and show the moral and righteous fortitude needed to stop what will come to be known as World War Three. Ignorant, selfish, greedy, belligerent, mindless grandstanding on behalf of “royal” Globalists and accompanying throne troll politicians in the Teutonic realm are responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in the 20th century alone.

The German military, through bravery, decency, common sense, basic moral compass, and altruistic humanism could begin to end the madness currently transpiring in UKraine. Remember, Herr Merkel has flat out admitted that the pussyfooting by her Globalist cock and bullshit story was strictly a ploy to further plan WWIII and reap sickly rewards for Rheinmetall and other Globalist invested death factories around the world, of which the sausage factories of Merkel & Scholz are no doubt receiving gross coffer stuffing to match their wurst behaviour. And now Herr Merkel and his protege Frau O’laugh have set the precedent to fill UKraine to the hilt with heavy weaponry. 14 Leopard II’s is just the beginning, and once the Empire Du Jour enacts their false flag event to drag the entirety of NATO into the conflict it will be a matter of time before Russia has no choice but to take serious action against the current Nazi UKraine enablers.

The narrative of the mainstream media and Russia’s imperial ambitions are absolute garbage for the dumpster diving pudding brained morons homogeneously breathing though incapable of thinking outside of what tv endlessly broadcasts in order to gelatinize the pudding mind. With all the heavy weaponry Russia has, it could have levelled the entirety of every single Ukrainian city in a matter of a few weeks, occupied the entire nation and have had their own puppet government in place by now and be smug and pretentious in American fashion, though after actually accomplished a worthwhile deed.

German generals of the Bundeswehr, it is time to perv out by dusting off the old stocks of Panzerschokolade, read the old ‘Blitzkrieg’ manual and make quick work of that pathetic copycat American ‘Shock and Awe’ used to initiate wars on helplessly non-defendable countries yet somehow still end up pathetically losing.


Or alternatively stockpile a mass of those synthetic party drugs that the Europeans are known for, download hours of that German bass block rocking techno, and command your troops to liberate your own country back from Globalist run government and the occupying army of the American Gestapo Corporation. We all know that you have been thinking about acting out such a needed humanity advancing act of mercy for the world, after all, why would America have sent out an additional 7000 troop boost to the American occupation force in Germany the same day that Putin began Russia’s Nazi eradication foray into occupied UKraine? God knows, the world will be much better off once the throne troll contingent of the Empire Du Jour is tried and convicted in Nuremberg 2.0. Time to start the party Bundeswehr!

Just broadcast it to the world on the internet, heaven knows the Globalist owned media would pretend that such an event was not even happening. They are after all part and parcel of the sleaze factory falsely passing as a reality. Here is what you do.

Firstly and quietly place Frau Scholz and Herr Merkel under house arrest for treason and war profiteering, along with any other members of the Bunestag throne trolls selling Germany up river, while simultaneously surrounding the British and American embassy’s, consulate offices and accompanying NGO’s within the country and proceed to Lufthansa them to any geographical location other than that of the forthwith liberated German Peoples Republic (or possibly Wurstberg?).

Next, secure and sabotage all US war plane death machines to prevent US nuclear strike on Wurstberg. While the American occupiers are still sleeping infiltrate the mess cooks and proceed to dose breakfast with a helping hand of LSD. Once said is accomplished bring out and offer out those Euro party drugs I mentioned earlier and let the US troops know it is a field trip day of appreciation for doing such a good job at occupying Germany. Tell them the final destination is a German bawdy house, though make no mention of it being a sausage party. Then proceed to drive them to the Polish border and let them know that there is an issue with the Polish submarines malfunctioning due to a screen door issue and said prostitutes will be offered up once the submarine issue is resolved, but make no mention of the prostitutes being the Globalist Polish government.

Polish Submarine?

And Voilà – A liberated Wurstberg and a beginning of the ramping down of hostilities in UKraine. Once Germany sets an example to the world, surely the courage will spread to other Globalist run terror locales such as France, where that grenouille de la bouille Macron will be stuffed into a pastry with a gerbil filling of which nobody will touch, as since the liberation of Wurstberg the Western population will be done with swallowing shit.

With Western countries no longer supporting Kiev’s Nazi regime Ukraine will have no choice but to accept the Minsk agreement and will be forced to abide by a pacifist constitution the likes of what Japan had to adopt at the end of WWII. The hundreds of millions of dollars that Zelensky siphoned off of “UKrainian aid” will see the light of day and the newly liberated Ukrainian people will stuff Zelensky, cement shoes in place, along with his portable gerbil farm into a torpedo tube and give him the exit that he truly deserves; to become fertilizer at the bottom of the Black Sea amongst the other slimy bottom feeders that fittingly dwell in such a politically warranted locale.

As for King Charles the Turd….well, I will not spoil that for everyone just yet. It ain’t pretty!