Screwed By Latex Dominate Tricks

Weather and surveillance balloons – historically floated by the wind and accompanying gas of either hydrogen or helium. Now enter the 21st century, where said bulbous atmospheric expanding latex capsules are now laboriously propelled by the hot air emanating from the all encompassing unworldly parasitic political/media drone on par with that of a dead air intellectual accompaniment.

What a stink that symbiotic parasitic dumbed down hot air flatulently emitted from, ultimately, the true backside of the commercially produced horror show all too perpetually, now extremely violently breaking wind through but all vibrational vocal chord ejections while charting the directional plummet of eventual free-fall and ultimate destruction. Around the globe it goes, that flattened earth one dimensional projection.

That Chinese “weather” balloon. Heaven knows, If one bought the ‘Home Edition’ from a Canadian Tire store near wherever, if it did not break taking it out of the box that cost more than the product within, it would have precipitously climbed the sky for an anticlimactic instant of elementary excitement before destructively crashing down like the current slow motion government trajectory of shoddy construct and inferior material. Oh, that planned obsolescence and the watered down and greased up corporate whoredom we live amongst – round and round it goes.

Aye Digress

This past weekend, yours truly-unruly, out of curiosity, attended a world outlook financial conference with many other passengers. Lets just say I have come to further appreciate the multifunction of a sleeping tight while not letting the bedbugs bite apparatus. Time to hit the hey! One of the event speakers was gloating about the sole purpose of a corporation being that of producing profits for the shareholders. Seems somewhat of a caustic scenario, perhaps why many confuse todays defunct financial-ism with that of capitalism.

Surely sanity and common sense would rationally dictate that manufacturing a quality tried and tested product with the goal of future continuance and building a loyal client base and future converts should be the main goal of any company, no? Saving $1.27 per product through using inferior supplies so a shareholder achieves a higher return surely cannot be a viable means to a level existence? Oh right, couper les coins – that planned obsolescence – even built right into the political theatre as well. Can’t wait for that curtain fall.

Another financial speaker at the event who bragged about spending years in DC was gloating about blockchain and cryptocurrency being the sole future. People were going to digitize their farms, houses, cars….cutting out those pesky real estate agents and other middlemen in order to save a small percentage of their money… that will conversely be stolen by a Globalist run government in “taxes” once the true digital slave system had been captively created. This Canadian with a PhD “expert” came across as a throne troll of homogenous nature looking for a larger flock to further the digital enslavement while seeking out returns in the process. Sadly, humanity is that dumb. Remember, flatulent vocalized hot air is propelling society at large. The societal ballast has been jettisoned. To the sun Icarus.

More of the Balloonatics

Sorry, I digressed on a financial Capitol. Back to that basket of current sees. Oral political/media flatulence propelling society to that analogous sun. What a joke.

Weather balloons are typically 6 to 8 feet in pre elevation diameter and are designed to explode once reaching 60,000 to 100,000 feet; in doing so, parachuting the information gathering radiosonde back to earth where it is recovered about 25% of the time.

What China floated, they knew damn well was heading east across the drink. Who knows, maybe it contained a shipment of drugs for Hunter Biden, or the remainder of Papa Joe’s classified files being returned by the Chinese government along with a sack of cash for the pleasure of doing business. Might explain why poopy pants Biden waited until it was over the Atlantic before shooting it down. Best to not let the general populace be privy once the spotlight was on.

The Biden Ballast

You know, China does possess spy satellites in space that, daily, do what this balloon is accused of doing in the growing conflict normalization that the political/media theatre wants to implant within the general populaces mind. Gelatinizing the pudding. Surely a case of Chinese rabble rousing and moronic American grandstanding of truly dumbed down proportions. Really, it should not have even made the news. And in the end the nonevent only made America look ever more incompetent, indecisive and fully out to lunch; at a buffet no doubt.

The US should have shot it down once it was over top of the first vast expanse of wilderness above Montana, analyzed the remnants and then shipped the junk back to China – Cash On Delivery – in a welded shut shipping container filled to the ceiling with expired Long John donuts after having slapped a ‘Made In Canada’ sticker to the wreckage. Though seems like with all the American sensationalizing going on, that the intent is to stir into US “minds” the heightening concept of future conflict with the balloon unleashing lunatics in Beijing. Such malarky does after all make that future false flag event ever so much more acceptable in the pudding mind.

China: next time if you lash two of those bulbous balloon protuberances together and manufacture an areola protrusion into the design you will have America distracted for weeks on end and perhaps even create a mini recession with all the sky gawking and media frenzy going on. Boobies – literal and figurative; U-S-A! U-S-A!

Now let’s use our imagination here all of you now non allowable denominational mentioning gender anomaly people, other than xe, ze, ney, ey, ick…… of course. If war was to truly break out between the Empire Du Jour and its Globalist commanded vassals, it does not take much pensée to foresee one million plus of these Chinese bulbous boobs being unleashed in twinning fashion upon the skies at varying altitudes and designed to deliver various payloads once a GPS actuated release mechanism is triggered. First Drop – Japan.

Heaven knows, the jet stream is on their side, not to mention manufacturing capabilities. China: find a way to parachute crystal meth, fast food and live gerbils from the balloons and you will be able to walk clear across the continent unopposed. If one simple balloon leaves America flabbergasted, what would 500,000 massive bazongas do? Let’s call it: Operation Mammary Memory – Udder Devastation.

Heck, there would not even have to be a real payload in order to cause a monumental national melee. The airforce would be fighting over who gets to fly into and motorboat which protuberances; in the name of freedom of course. Meanwhile the only flak flying about would be mainstream media focusing on the inequality of the breast size to the average woman, and surely the gay lobby would be upset at China for not floating enough massive dongs for them to proudly participate. U-S-A! U-S-A!

A Blast From the Past Gas of An Imperial Ass

World War 3 – 1 = World War 2. Land of the rising sun, of which was most definitely set upon, through a radioactive haze x 2 = terrorism.

That was some war that WWII. Millions of people dying around the globe while the continental America’s got off scot free. Well, actually, no. There were deaths on American soil to speak of, and I ain’t talking pilot trainees who were more suited to where the effects of gravity could not rapidly compress vital life functioning components, or, non-spontaneously combust said trainee in a fireball of aviation fuel.

We’re talking highly scientific cold calculated murder here people, of regular people; innocent citizens blown to kingdom come by the mechanical machination melange of pretty little origami folding fingers, skillful scientific engineering, and accompanying brute force of TNT packing palms a plenty of the followers of that god on earth, “royal” cousin marrying Emperor Hirohito of Japan. Yes, that Kamikaze mascot of imperial Japan. What a divine wind out the backside of morality and decency. Serfs Up!

Business End of a WWII Japanese Balloon Bomb

And how did this continental civilian American death transpire one is asking? Read all about it! That is right, balloons and bombs riding the jet stream of antiquity. Balloons; the first intercontinental weapons systems. It only took 9000 balloons to kill 6 innocent American civilians, though to be fair only around 1000 of the balloons made it ashore in the America’s, and only one of the thousand or so balloon bombs was responsible for the 6 deaths.

Is there a moral to the multigenerational balloon story?

Well, in the 1944-1945 period when Japan was launching thousands of actual killer balloons to the shores of America, the media and government were acting in a non sensationalizing manner in order to not whip the public into hysteria on behalf of literal killer balloons that posed almost zero threat to the populace at large.

Fast forward to today. One Chinese balloon, of which China mischievously let be known was heading in our direction was so blown out proportion in such childish nondiplomatic fashion that it caused a bickering spat between “super powers” of which China no doubt had the first, second….hundredth….and last laugh, as the pathetically enthralled pudding parade passing as “leaders” of the free world were as indecisive as a neurotic Attention Deficit Disorder afflicted youngster let loose in a video arcade with a sack full of endless quarters to while away the afternoon in oblivious fantasy to the outside world headlong. Yeah, and it is climate change that is going to kill us!

When does America start rounding up 3rd generation Chinese Americans and begin interring them in nation building woke reeducation camps? Or do they go straight to the gallows this time around!?

Pitchforks Unite!