Thinking about direct democracy.

Why Does the Cognitive Additive of That Free Style Amass Such Curdled Pudding So?

That eastern iron curtain covering of antiquity, blocking out the humanist view, which was doubtlessly spied upon and counter surveilled by those able to rationalize the concreteness surrounds of geographical location inhibitive construct engineered to keep one in their place of the state of mind controlled within that aqueous sand and gravelled heightened construct containing more than a twist of caustic lime and sullenly adorned with an all too accompanying razor wire of permanent garnishment. Locked within the bounds, yet most able to have escaped the formative pudding encompassment of grandiose comatose commissar disillusionment. No looking back.

This western titanium blind covering of soul stupidity, blocking out the humanist view, which has helplessly died upon and countered any surveilling by those unable to materialize the open air surrounds of metaphysical cognitive location noninhibitive construct engineered to not put one in their place of the state of mind not controlled within any realm other that of what a walled in, blocked off psyche construct containing less than an ounce of liberty while miserably adorned with an all too dizzying phaseout of heightened permanence. Strictly locked within their minds, unable to escape the non-informative pudding encompassment emanating from the comatose disillusionment of “democracy.” No looking forward.

Checkpoint Charlie the Turd

Either way, living in a highly describable and glaringly debatable antiquated substate designated and designed by the indecisive self professed you-na-versal existence of the political bunga bunga bungling of all parties involved in the governmental orgy of destruction by way of the sewer is/was a default of the blueprints drawn out, but not drawn up by those of any merit. Surely those trapped within the Commie framework of yore, nor the “democracy” dwellers of here and now were/are very well aware of the consequential TNT bureaucratic repercussions, and that the cyclical timeline of existence was/is destined to, in an unknown exact number of sleeps, usher in the awaited creative destruction necessary for there to be a new world next week sometime in the future. Evolution, especially from systemic rot is inevitable. After all, systemic disgracism can only go so far before realizing it is coming up way too short.

Suicide it most definitely is. A slow bleed out, that metaphorical blowing their own hypoxic governmental brains out in a fashion lacking any sort of class whatsoever. Well, kindergarten class maybe, but that may be too much credit given. Suicidal self destruction for all to see, just turn on that tv. If it registers not, you are part of the cadaver plot. That political corpse, some will bury it deep and regenerate anew, while others, stillborn in the mind, will burrow deep in ostrich like fashion for aggregate maggot prolonged feasting twice upon the time of the filled, offered coffin. One cannot fix stupid, it has to be left to self destruct. Burying of the corpse however, is permitted.

Six feet deep, the standard depth of laying to rest the departed inhabitant. Though we are talking government graves here, so they will probably come up at least a tad bit shallow as per government function. Redacted burial alright. Question is, how deep have they gotten on average? My guess is around 5 feet or so, and that was the gravy top soil and sand layer. They are now in the hard pan descent to reversely  refilling, and working with dulled shovels. Real dull. This is going to be a painful undertaking. Lord knows there will only be two pallbearers, as  a garbage can is the fittingly perfect vessel for “democracy’s” interment. Its last rights are all wrong – covid & WWIII treachery. Sayonara!

The Last Right Was Louis XVI Head a Rolling

Konnichiwa. Governmental hari-kari be done. What’s next? Well, how’s about a few ideas and observations that steered western society to its Rubbermaid resting place, and perhaps a reinforcing notion as to leave said ignorance out of what rises from the antiquated barrel bomb burnt ashes of a substrate that is all too overtly and overly crooked. Well, if the world is not in a global nuclear winter due to all the multigenerational snowflakes unwilling to engage in actions to stop insanity personified within western politicians actions that is.

Brought to You By Globalist Politicians

Perhaps existing countries, and the yet to be formed separated geographical locations of future country existence might want to think about constructing a political system consisting of a helping hand of merit, as clearly the moral prostitution of Globalist foundational degeneracy the likes of what is currently transpiring within the West is a clear cut example of how to destroy confidence, well being, fiscal responsibility, safety, economic prosperity, societal cohesion, decency, and basic functioning reciprocal continuity.

Need one say more than Just-him Truedope, Joe ‘Poopy Pants’ Biden, covid lockdowns, Emanuel ‘Grenouille de la Bouille’ Macron, O’laugh Scholz, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Mark ‘Klaus’ Nether Region’ Rutte, World War Three, Rishi ‘Greasy’ Sunak, unpayable national debts, whatever revolving joke that is Italy’s omni-bunk head of state, taxation without representation, and most definitely not least and certainly not last; the two spirited trans sex act forcibly crammed down society’s throat; Adam’s apple & Eve’s peach alike. Or, Pat’s protuberant – or not, for ambiguous scrambling analogy.

Would it not be objective to state that an elevated construct of a country really would not have political parties in a design that seems to divide and conquer in an effective manner while feral federal Globalists scheme and pilfer all possible from a backdoor existence. A real political system would be made up of all of the best of all universal understanding, no? Of course a real education system would have to begin teaching wisdom & logic, of which a vital component would be that nothing in the universe is equal whether the systems that govern it, including the accompanying particles, entities, participants, psyches, and overall understanding to name a small contingent beginning. That pudding – it is in our current societal proof. A 180 proof for sure.

Yes, merit. Heck a country might even want to design a test that is a frame worthy determinant and analytical diffuser as to decide upon what role an individual is qualified to serve whichever position is needed to be filled. Maybe something testing and evaluating the wisdom, street smarts, logic, philosophy, intelligence, historic understanding, motivational existence, critical thinking, and other all round general knowledge pensée. Needless to say, it should assuredly be performed in a controlled environment and not have a textbook so as to study from to debauch the mind and spirit while leaving the opportunity for corrupted opportunists attempting to game the substrate for coercive defeatist actions.

Heaven knows that the sole or combined attributes of intelligence, wisdom, logic, critical thinking or other elevated functions in no way would qualify anybody for being worthy of serving their country or other geographical location in any way. Dignity and integrity would perhaps be the pinnacle of a more equitable governmental function. Certainly nobody can respect others or the substrate of existence if they fail to respect themselves. Clearly, Just-him Truedope, Chrystia Slaveland are prime examples of sleaze personified. Politics sure seems to be a magnet for moral prostitutes, self loathing delusional personalities, selfish narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and pathological liars, to be somewhat descriptive of our current conundrum.

Volunteerism and self betterment would be a beneficial and heightened particular construct for an elevation out of the current gutter slime we wallow. To say that the following idea would only be to speak for myself would undoubtedly be an outright fallacy: surely anybody truly wanting to beneficially serve their country, province, state, city….would surely be eagerly ready to in fact sign a social contract in order to uphold the ingratiated PRIVILEGE that a true service to one’s country or other locale should truly entail. Personally, for myself, signing my life upon the dotted line would deter me not in yearning to represent meaningfully  Of course a public shaming and subsequent dismissal along with a possible incarceration contained within that social contract of service might whittle away the rotten until a core of decency and integrity is reached. A good old tar & feathering, then sharing the big-house with some hardened criminals. We’re talking Viagra thieves here people.

And in classic good example of ultimately classless bad examples, pick any leader of most countries of the West, and voila, bad examples submitted as to why it has to be prevented in letting one person have the power to inflict national, societal, economic, and the accompanying life destroying edicts, laws, decisions or other actions that so ruthlessly, counterproductively, and ignorantly crush all aspects of entire nations right down to personal choice. Where clearly republics the western world over have been infiltrated by Globalist powers such as the World Economic Forum.

Globalist powers that sure seem to have disgustingly bought and concurrently own the entire legislative contingent of damn near all sitting and waiting to be seated political parties of the West. Again, the cuckoo covid totalitarianism and the race too see who is willing to officially and proudly start World War Three the quickest are prime examples of the mucked up filth of the beholden group non-think digging that governmental and societal grave.

Maybe a merit infused governing conclave teeming with common sense, wisdom, logic, integrity, dignity, and moral fortitude could transform our current Globalist circle jerk model into a nationally benefitting round table of condescending circle smirks knowing truly that a nations logical and integrity emitting minds, acting in accordance of what was definitively acted upon to benefit the citizens wellbeing of their geographical location, not an extremely minuscule amount of Globalist connected throne trolls and institutions acting out their agenda through bought and owned politicians and accompanying mainstream media propaganda machines?

In Canada’s 2021 feral federal election, voter turnout was 44.5%. Astonishingly a 55.5% no-show disenfranchisement rate. But that does not in any way shape or form represent the true disenfranchisement statistical truth. As a great proportion strictly turned out to vote, knowing the entire system is sick joke, in an attempt to confirm their ‘lesser of sleaze bag’ terrible life choice options.

Remember, society is on autopilot regardless of which gang of rot-minds is in political power. Society needs them not!

Certainly the crux of a new system would be allowing individuals to vote on something other than choosing a pathological liar every few years or so. Not only such, but the option is there for anybody to engage in constant self improvement and forming an objective and highly informed world view then being rewarded for such behaviour.

Just as today, if a direct democracy was to come to fruition, there would absolutely be clueless, vindictive, disenfranchised bottom of the barrel dwelling know nothings professing true genius though not willing to spend any amount of time or energy on constant self improvement, seeking out enlightenment, rationale to understand an objective encompassment, seeking contrarian knowledge, or anything other than watching tv, wallowing in ignorance, envying others immaculate efforts, plotting graft, and hating the entire world due to an innate ability to even tiptoe briefly outside of their own shallow cognitive cacophony unaware of even the notion of a universal existence.

For such self reviling defeatist lethargic nincompoops of self victimization the choice of which individual or object to adorn the next issue of currency would be a decision worthy of voting on in a direct democracy. Or other direct democracy actions to the effect of, should government money be spent on highway widening improvement to ease arterial constipation? No doubt such participation would surely give the needed stimuli to prove that one is indeed a contributing member of something much larger than themselves, no? In the end leaving people with a greater sense of pride and belonging maybe? Many people really do just need to have their voice heard in some way or other to attain positive reinforcement.

Though surely when it comes to national security and other critical concerns of utmost importance, it would be absolutely foolish for a dimwit, emotional bleeding heart, culturally indoctrinated dupe, propagandized pudding mind, or other non logical and integrity lacking person to be anywhere near the decision making process when it comes to military operations, trade agreements, border disputes, economic prosperity, monetary policy, and other factors of vital importance. And likely a contingent of societies best minds infused with integrity and decency would perform the task to greater national and individual benefit than that of a lone moral prostitute and shameless throne troll beholden to Globalist powers, as what observably looks like the current scenario of the West in general at this moment in history, no?

Yes, geographical locations should be seeking out the best and brightest candidates to begin the uphill climb out of the deeply dug grave at the hands of extremely shallow minds and all round existence, as no doubt the current norm is going to blow themselves up big time. Hopefully a new rational, non debt based monetary and enlightening social system will come to be, rewarding those who willingly and proudly do what is necessary as there is truly no other way to go about it, and showing mercy to those starting the climb up the ladder to wherever positive they want to take themselves – morally, spiritually, logically, representatively, responsibly, beneficially……….One is only as good as they make oneself, regardless of the obstacles that all differently navigate on the journey one travels. The key is to not let the system steal that inner voice integrity, at such absorbing the negative construct that equates to the self defeatist projection that political correctness has all too normalized as that societal grave now scrapes the hard pan under a government logic awaiting to be put out of its misery full of all too much company.

No, a direct democracy cannot be used by the victim mentality and disenfranchised accompaniment to take things from others who have put in unconceivable efforts and other positive life advancing and informing regimes. A direct democracy is not for taking, it is for giving, giving those who want to elevate themselves, therefore the entirety of society at large to a more understanding, logical, responsible, accountable, and operationally effective geographical locations of all dimensional constructs.

As for the mental midgets masquerading as self professed genius’, well, we have been here before my friends: Give Them Their Pair a’ Dice Paradise! I would most certainly donate to their cause & effect. The bridge is that way, and the cliff is over there. Sweet, sweet gravity!