Offended by the alphabet!?

Leaky Buckets In the Heat of the Fight

I feel like committing a crime!

Let’s say, oh, murdering some insensibilities of the unconscious rambling zombiism passing as rational politically acceptable societal discourse!?

Perhaps a good old premeditative red lined brake stand vehicular homicide upon the smoked out jalopy of sloppy reversely running government crushed road base supporting the media delineated parameters of navigational directional confinement all too driven by the asleep at the wheel passengers of life!?

Surely there is nothing quite as uplifting as an all out cranial bashing for the guilty party date raping history in a whacked out timeline of nonexistent supportive events warping the sheepish minds!?

Shall I overpoweringly poison the well being of the ill-gotten short attention span diatribe buzzword catchphrases barfed out to appease the overabundance of leaking, asleep at the wheel woke pudding societal indoctrination catchment vessels void of the necessary bottom to retain a grounded foundation to un-clingingly approach the top in a non sliding scale diluted drip!?

“Potable” PC Wokeness For All

Give them their safe space indeed. Just leave logic, wisdom, common sense and ignorantly smothering an ever depreciating society at large out of it. Is that not why people have a private space, so as to act like an idiot within if they so choose and leave public discourse well enough alone with said idiocy incarnate when the real world needs to see responsible actions in order to stave off the poorly staged “reality tv” freak show nightmare society has come to bleed out in every directional sense?

When the guiding bulk fail to advance to basic levels of needed simple understanding, self esteem, multi-dimensional analyses, juvenile economics, stoic necessity, rational vocal emittance and thought processes that do not diverge from indoctrinating public and accompanying private sector infiltration of the psyche society is in serious trouble.

Sadly we are far beyond such a point. Welcome to equality for all! The laws of the universe are methodically counting down to reaffirm such a clearly observational basic truth – equality is a false non-universal fantasy construct believed by mindless dupes and brought forth by dupes of less importance though somehow a form of authority. Question is: when do we cease scraping the bottom of a bottomless bucket and begin to fashion an actual vessel capable of bailing out the confined deluge of stagnant drowning that has collected in the Open Society sewer?

Want Your Very Own Private Safe Space?

  1. In case of pudding induced emergency – break glass.
  2. Remove rope – securely anchor non looped end to a sturdy substrate leaving looped end at just below head height.
  3. Important – do not selfishly seek attention as this behaviour is what has led you to this stage. Nobody cares except the education system, Entertainment Industrial Complex, and fellow victim brothers/sisters in shared noose fashionable couture.
  4. Take looped end of rope and place around neck – cinch rope while pondering in a reflective manner.
  5. Keep reflecting about growing a backbone, escaping one’s own deluded mind, attaining a worthy life mantra, pondering of a higher power, ditching the victim card, how systemic heeding has utterly misled to a pudding termination point, self respect, and the greater societal good. (If step 5 finally makes sense do not proceed to step 6, one stands a chance at recovery from the illness – welcome to being a real human being.)
  6. If step 5 is too much – slowly bend at the knees until gravity lets loose.
  7. Congratulations, terrestrial spillage has been attained – one’s very own private safe space void of public poisoning!
  8. Hallelujah – society can begin to recover from its descent into the dark side of the systemic spoon-fed pudding.

Things That Make You Go Hmm

Tumbleweeds of Society’s Deserted Mind

Undoubtedly the sickly problem society finds itself in is a multilayered decades long slide into what has clearly become an upside down topsy-turvy grandiosely dumbed down zero truth anomaly partly constructed from an ever heightening propaganda and cultural indoctrination through the education system, mindless entertainment industry, safe space feel good for nothing fantasy two dimensional apparatus in turn evoking the cultural norm that seems to have enveloped multigenerational purveyors of the filth clueless as to there ever being even any other remotely different way of doing things in order to alter the descent and begin to transcend the anomalous bog. Why has the only sense of pride circulating society become an ever projected homosexual/gender fixation? Give us more tv!

The deep dark recesses of the mind of state minds have stealthily, since prenatal offering slipped simultaneously into an all out overpowering matrix of selfish fantasy keenly camouflaged to the average loboto-mind as empowering individualism. The disease is not new, it has just become ever permeated into every emittance projected forthwith from educational, institutional, televisional, delusional, public and private mental-corporeal surreal pudding congeal of a societal diarrheal ideal. Me, Me, Me, Me! Give us more tv!

I have spent my entire adult life escaping its drowning existence and have watched it swallow the bulk whole. And that was before asleep at the wheel woke shit all over societal precariousness. We now have an entire generation + that have formed their life mantra and existence out of a loboto-mind to the power of infinity woke disgracim that has left the bulk unable to deal with a notion that was not repeatedly hammered into their culturally indoctrinated shallow vessel tapioca “existence” of feel good for nothing fantasy nonsense. Entertainment industry and government – the new god and religion rolled into one obedient package. Tune in to tune out. Pudding. Deviate from societal programming and the shunning begins. Zero point zero zero somehow passing as a sum.

Heil the Woke-Happy Propaganda!

And surely the problem with ever more overflowing abundance of loboto-mind is that loboto-minds are stuffed into every filthily overflowing nook and cranny government and bureaucratic job offering known to sleazily dictate and emit societal goings on, where public discourse, when left in the inescapable hands of loboto-minds, has “elevated” to such a pitiful level of minuscule “intellectualism” that societal genetalia and what one uses said genitals for, or would like to turn said genitals into has somehow become serious and foundational critical public forum to the “rational” continuance of “progress.” Where all of this societal importance is critically, radically and endlessly vomited in echoing, or is it premiered (?), in the state and corporate media and accompanying televisional chunder bucket. And don’t get me started on the private sector. Loboto-minds galore! Society seems to be a loboto-mind tidal wave. Serfs up – way past the nostrils, eyeballs deep in muck!

Taking the easy way out. Loboto-mind heaven. The new woke to get ahead model. Or the story of government workers from the dawn of government. Standardization of incompetence, a real Peter Principle. The Peter Principle delves into some reasons as to the disheveled  situation society finds itself in, and that was fifty three years ago before the standardized propagandized Deep State cultural indoctrination apparatus had penetrated so deeply into cultural mannerism and subsequent unleashing of the woke suicide pill of despair swallowed by all too many a mind of state state of mind junkie unaware of their own helpless addiction of sucking upon the systemic devil’s dick, thinking that beneficial nourishment has been the outcome.

Emotional wrecks. Weak minded self melted puddles of despair drowned upon the mucked up indoctrination apparatus of thorough homogenization. Victims of the system. A short attention span of helplessness. Escaping of confining boundaries a’ not. Immediate gratification of irresponsible nature regardless of future consequences. Avoidance of responsibilities in dealing with necessary character building stimuli. Cognitively annihilated since before birth. Spectres of susceptibility to zero accountability.

Speaking of woke id dilapidated ghosts – how about ghosting. Surely a sign of twenty first century crumbled emotional toilet swirled delving in a loboto-mind sewered place of inhabitance. Imagine not even being able to tell someone else in a reciprocal, honest character building thought induced offering the reason for not wanting to do something, even if it is just in the medium of withdrawn electronic device conversing of whichever lowered means. Pathetic indeed.

Now imagine not even being able to tell someone in a self-delusional petty lie the reason as for not being emotionally capable of even making up a pathetic excuse as to why the continuance of whatever relationship exists is not even worthy of a minimum of a few seconds time in an already detached lowly medium as per distantly texting environment. Loboto-minds indeed! Yet in their thoroughly defeated shattered psyche the perfect world of their inescapable head is just a matter of them dictating the foundation of society. Wisdom wiped, logic lacking.

And then they unite to steamroll the societal carrying mass who actually have critical responsibility baring life affirming regimes to attend to. And the politicians cheer! The pooled homogenized conglomeration of fuck-tards including the filthiest of the lot politician hangers on will lead society into the sub, sub, sub basement. The dark age has already arrived. Prepare for the loss of all sight age. It lurks around the next gender-bend. More welfare for the sick-fair.

 Sink Hole Rabbit Void

Anyone waiting for government to accomplish any improvement to society’s perils will be waiting in perpetuity until their own death. Widening the entirety of the ever crumbling chasm is governments only qualification, in turn swallowing an ever greater base of society whether those advocating for something for nothing, or those who are endlessly bled for something to an ever growing government and leaching contingent metastasizing nothingness.

The system is entirely broken and in reality the only way to fix it is to tear it down and begin anew educationally, economically, socially, judicially, politically, responsibly and with towering regimes of accountability.

The Empire Du Jour consisting of those at the top, therefore the unthinking “YES” minions down the rotted chain of said Empire Du Jour’s Globalist Triumvirate of the American Gestapo Corporation, the Crown, and the tributary Throne Troll assembly of parliamentary stuffed politicians and bureaucratic bungling marionettes, along with the woke accompanying contingent of nothingness are aware of the dire situation that they have engineered for themselves &  unthinking following and thoroughly intend on starting World War Three in order to slip the world into disarray through a heightened regime of terror, killing untold amounts of civilians of any country necessary all in an attempt to further grasp their perverted management abilities, and to even further the theft of freedom through ever greater digital control means of the entirety of the currency system and social credit regimes to parallel the authoritarianism delusions of grandeur.

The Brains of the Operation

It is the new government dependant serfdom and any woke loboto-mind is all too ignorant to see anything other than the systemic agenda  apparatus that has been dangled between the entirely void nothingness between their ears no matter how false and dystopian the stimuli truly is. They will follow any loboto-mind “leader” to anywhere including hell. So get ready for it, They seem to be driving.

Clearly the North American awake general populace does not want to do much other than watch tv and possibly vote for another party thinking that the new troupe of pathological liars is miraculously going to fix the decades long decline of the entirety of the endless socioeconomic backwardation peril we have been ungraciously sleepwalking into for decades now. So the system will collapse under its own incompetence for sure.

My advice for those who are able to see past the blindness of the utterly fake woke politically correct maelstrom of systemic disgracism and stand for true responsibility, accountability, hard work, decency, moral fortitude, fiscal sanity, honesty, family values, freedom, right and wrong, liberty, competence, and governance by definitive qualifications, make your voice heard. Though of even more importance get prepared for the eventual coming end to the current madness, especially the police, military and those of true character willing to aid in the transition of rising above an open sewer dwelling.

Heaven knows there are all kinds of woke, asleep at the wheel, insignificant, parasitical, treacherous, ultimately mindless, criminal dwelling, commie leaning, know nothing self genius’, all too ready to aid, willingly or passively, the current disgraced power structure by whatever means necessary for a new reign of terror to be borne out of the shamed collapse that the bulk of society seems all to interested in sleeping through in the hopes of somebody else solving the problem we so find ourselves.

Give the loboto-mind parasites, pseudo intellectuals, and paddocks of Crown rape victims their very own Pair a’ Dice Paradise. Just leave any competent individual that chooses true responsibility, accountability, hard work, decency, moral fortitude, fiscal sanity, honesty, family values, freedom, right and wrong, liberty, competence, governance by definitive qualifications, and of course as much free will as one is able to attain out of their authoritarian dystopian nightmare passing as a living hell.

Screw ewe DC, London, Ottawa, Canberra, Berlin, Jerusalem, Paris, Den Haag………..

Globalist Triumvirate Shore Leave!