Somebody clip their wings.


Warning: this is not a drill – it is an impact driver. Though matter-of-factly, definitely a boring tool for those who do not want to constructively screw around while building a based framework structurally engineered upon a foundational blueprint void of the shoddily cast shadow developments all too reinforcingly raising the waste-of-time-shares used to thoroughly tilt the level of unsquared condemnable dwelling in the subterranean govern-mental tenement confines, within reinforcing a dilapidated cockroach laden existence to be terminated for the unencumbered penthouse soul gentrification renovation overseeing a suitable vantage point towering from the building of Wisdom and Logic inhabiting the corner of Responsibility Street and Accountability Avenue.

Geez, that thought construct needed some unforeseen overtime. Good thing this is a cost-plus social contract upon my bidding. The price has just gone up. So what is a further 20% upon the $0.00 I charge for priceless semi-soliloquy for thee? Oh right, you are collecting for free hundreds into a thousand plus hours of my alternate handling, hard-pressed whacking-off time. You are all cheap ℑü¢κëℜ§. Or is it sheep ℑü¢κëℜ§¿ C’mon Ashburn, Va – Deep State government credit cards abound! You are my biggest fans.

Sorry, I lie. To be fair, My poofter stalker did leave me $5 in my mailbox one night. People, I do accept wooden nickels you know. Composite dimes as well. Heck, att least send me some 1 PISO Philippines coins please. Do not tell anyone, but, 1 Piso coins work in Canadian parking meters at 25 cent value. That is a deal for sure. Canada Customs: expect large shipments of 1 Piso coins originating from the Philippines. Those Filipinos – they love a bargain! Citizens: expect governments to install cashless parking meters due to an influx of 1 Piso coins!

If someone had told me, before the marking of time had turned negative with the now official swirling overabundance of humanity crushing Globalist flowing Triumvirate hogwash suicide pact officially pinpointed by the covid power-play and dragged forth so in such skillfully incompetent subsequent UKraine buffoonery, that I would own a self-styled observational information conveyance platform that has published over 170 articles while garnering views on every continent except for Antartica I would have thought one crazy. But here I sit, in front of a computer while not even whacking off, just yet anyways. Oh, how the world is changing. Although, perhaps this alphabet stretching could be considered a form of mental masturbation. Exercise that organ, it does bring pleasure after all, and helps with premature extrapolation too!

Governments and their masters, well, the puppet masters anyways, have surely come to realize that they indeed, in self inflicted hideous fashion, have thoroughly and nonefficiently blown their own brains out over the public sidewalk, so now it is inevitable for the severed nerve centre to command the marionette body to flail reactively while wildly running about helter-skelter in all directions in a vain attempt to evade their own laid-out death as per the proverbial headless chicken in a last ditch effort to avoid the all but guaranteed rendering, consumption and eventual passing, only to end up as fertilizing substrate to foster an altering environmental growth anew. Don’t forget to wipe that bloody sidewalk. Nothing quite like a clean defenestration. Remove those stains!

Antarctica – ENDPOLITICIANS.COM free? Of course it is dum-dum. It is free everywhere you freeloader. Remember, —– ℑü¢κëℜ§. Heaven knows there has to be at least one Antarctica dwelling Throne Troll, Crown Clown or American Gestapo Corporation member all too ashamedly curious not to hear the latest comedic revelations of lambasting truthfulness. Chances are they just have a VPN. Those Vindictive Producing Numerators – always blocking out the signal of truth. Besides, there has to be an ancient “royal” Nazi base way, way down under, no? Certainly too much land mass there not to be infiltrated with pole inbreeding experimentation.

Think Hitler on cold storage, for the Fourth Reich shallow puddle spread of course. George Bush Senior too. Gotta love that eagle. Heil the heil! This is year negative three after all, the thawing has already begun. Strict scheduling mandates. Rumour has it that propellors on all Empire Du Jour ocean going vessels have already begun to be switched out with the new swastika shaped design. Basically hidden in plain sight, all one needs to do is peer shallowly to see the screws about to be put on society. Round and round they go, in a blur. Proverbial headless chickens. What a bunch of useless cocks.

Bird Flu Over the Cuckoos Nest

Speaking of undeserving, pretentious and wasted avian viruses poisoning society. How about that sickly Twitter? If it digitally transformed from silicon chip oozed electron server medium to a tree-pulped dwelling status, it would fittingly belong at the bottom of a bird cage to absorb the overpoweringly and intellectually superior eye stinging acidic cloacal droppings that by far transmit much more rational and useful information than the smug, moronic, superficial, detrimental, nonpreferential logorrheic offerings spewed forth by so many a walking corpses referred to as “human beings.” And such an evaluation be befitting after the Elon managed to polish aforementioned cloacal dripped Deep State apparatus. Can I get a fact Czech please?


Used to be that attention seeking dolts had to ramble on stupidly in their delusional reflective gazed upon mirror, or to an uninterested friend, relative, or most likely significant other, who, in order to escape the numbingly vile sole-genius of self-oozing verbal slime-fest emittance had no other choice but to repress the alphabetically formed uninvited offering by means of further stockpiling the bitterly ingrained, deeply harboured feelings of who gives a shitness, by, in distractingly simultaneous manner, in their own head, planning on executing the perfect murder that they have run through their mind countless times before being confident that they could finally get away with it. What, don’t look at me, I am single, with two hands. C’mon, it was just a well contemplated proposition, I swear, so do not let me give you any ideas – wink, wink. Oh right, back on track. But now there is a Twitter to Tweetle Dumb the societal discourse.

And now for the cuckoo Tweetle Dumber. Yes, hard to believe, but Tweetle Dumber’s do exist, en masse, left to rot in their own self-parged abjectly cemented disillusionment of pretentiously smug and oh so projectingly hideous self reflective anomaly transgressing objectivity to the point of their poorly constructed agenda driven apparatus of attempting to toe some fantastic line of neutrality has them coming across as some decrepit mass of pudding brain enriched commissars just waiting to gain complete control so as to ruthlessly run society head long into the all too stupidly approaching full-on blind age rapidly pulling away from the trailing dark age of rearview clarity. Red alert!

Time for some filthy curse words: Canadian Brainwashing Corporation (CBC), National Pudding Radio (NPR), Pudding Broadcasting Service (PBS). Basically, geopolitically, in form and function, the national propaganda arms of the Empire Du Jour. Chock-a-block with pretentious, non parameter escaping, educated to the point of infinite nothingness, mind-wiped useful idiot Throne Trolls preaching Globalist serfdom under the guise of “equality,” genital diplomacy, climate terrorism, geopolitical misinformation/disinformation, omission of objective discourse, and an all consuming bleeding heartism passing as professional conduct. And government funded to boot! Just don’t tell them. Safe space needed in their pudding vessel existence. Step 1 – Break glass!

Yes, those useful idiots in the shameful 3 letter, non intelligent acronym spelled, government funded institutional pudding spooners are incapable of hearing a basic truth that does not align to their heavily sheltered, shadow laden, Globalist dug, thought trap hackneyed, lowly, pseudo, non confine escaping, self melted ideological slippery slope loose footing societal encroachment. Time for the cognitively dizzy to throw a sub-toddler tizzy. Wah-wah indeed. Call the wambulance, we have ourselves an overdose of stupidity – À la clueless commissars.

Uh-huh, Tweetle Dumb’s owner, the Elon, respectively told the truth and labeled the above three cuckoo Tweetle Dumber institutional propagandists as ‘government-funded media’ on the Tweetle Dumb platform. Government-funded media is in no way a lie, mistruth, disinformation, or misinformation. The Canadian Brainwashing Corporation in fact receives, according to the Elon’s hijinks – 69% (over 1 BILLION dollars of its funding from government coffers.) Now there is an agenda. Serfs up!

So what did CBC and the other 3 letter Empire Du Jour mouthpieces do? Well they have paused all communications on the Tweetle Dumb platform, and all because the Elon interrupted their fantasy as a reality topsy-turvy upside down pseudo intellectualism serving the Globalist agenda. Let me iterate again from one of my early articles that the mainstream media, state and commercial, do indeed spoon feed the mind-wiping filth being conveyed by the Empire Du Jour’s “intelligence” arm being compartmentally used to mentally cold-cock the populace at large through a mass Entertainment Industrial Complex homogenization operation. Stay tuned for more. Drip, drip, drip.

Perhaps not a coincidence that when the Elon took control of Tweetle Dumb and began releasing document dumps revealing just how infected the Tweetle Dumb platform had become by NGO’s and government, including intelligence agencies all in order to pollute the “news” environment by pushing a predetermined, lie driven agenda, the distancing, outrage and hatred by the mind-wiped contingent of Tweetle Dumber society began.

Minds so shallow that there could be no objective reality to the subjective mind slavery that years of literal cultural systemic brainwashing has unleashed upon the ultimately weak mass of self melted puddles. Intellectuals, academics, low IQ morons – the pudding system entraps them all. Cultural indoctrination. Welcome to their programming. In high places they sit, truly lowly in cognitive delineating stature, yet influencers of millions. The human conditioning. Free minds, only for the fact that they have been given away. Crap stones upon the crumbling pyramid. Dead centre of the bell curve of understanding yet pretending to be on the fringes. Drip, drip, drip. Leaky buckets.

Yeah, all it took was the literal truth labelling of ‘government-funded media’ to clearly display the blinded utter welding of “independent” institutionalized, smug  “information” peddling minds to that of the Globalist dictated agenda. If one blatantly obvious literal truth such as ‘government-funded media’ sent these hackneyed minds into such a dilapidated childish tailspin, how difficult is it to contemplate that any shred of “truth” that does not originate from their centrally fountained safe-space chain of command waterfall – drip, drip, drip – surely has to be malign propagandized treachery.

Because hey, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a justification for war, Russiagate is still reality, covid was akin to the bubonic plague, trillion dollar debt driven economics are sound governing principles, the American Civil War was all about slavery, Russia invaded UKraine for no reason other than for something fun to do while recreating the USSR, the Nazi’s were not a Globalist manufactured regime to recapture Russia for the Globalist Triumvirate, What Ethiopian War? The climate change agenda has nothing to with securing earth’s resources in the hands of limited international organizations, January sixth was an insurrection and not clueless dupes being used to carry out a Deep State agenda, What Yemeni War? Israel was not founded upon graft and terrorism, a man with a lopped off penis is a woman, asking someone what country they are originally from is an aggressive form of conversation…….

All the above paragraph’s non linear, unreported education system anomalies are outright lies, just like that of the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation (CBC) being a ‘government-funded media’ propaganda apparatus. Where clearly, the over 1 plus BILLION dollars doled out by a Globalist cozying, Throne Troll inhabiting cesspool geographical location is the foundational misleading construct used to form the basis of the “logic” that is endlessly wielded by the educated to the point of infinite nothingness pudding dwelling troop of incognizant poop-slinging primates walking the halls of that egregiously sickening and diseased round table of discussing ne’er a thought that does not derive its origin from one-dimensional centrally dictated and soberingly simplistic homogenized gobbledegook.

Welcome To The CBC

Screw Ewe CBC, other than your regular, now mind-wiped sheepish followers that is.

Scatter like the cockroaches to disinfecting light that you truly are.

Go back to your nonsensical “totally logical” covid lockdown safe-spaces.