That old saying: when life gives you shit, you make shit sandwiches. Welcome to the government cafeteria warehousing of endless logically starved sandwich artistry abstractness of force fed food pyramid excrementous condimental esophageal diminutive hoagie ideal. That minimum waging of intelligence feeding societal discourse. Like gruesome horror movie victims on an endless loop, they run but they can’t hide, only flail about recklessly as their own self interest of greed, through Globalist beholden prostituted existence leads the real victim, “sovereign” geographical locations, to the all too gruesome bloodbath of ultimate transnational institutional necrophilic resting place upon the Globalists pole position.

Ancient antiquity, it had some happening going-ons. Enter damnatio memoriae, commencing after the logical obliteration has terminated the necessary being. Damnatio memoriae, literally the ‘condemnation of memory‘ upon Egyptian pharaohs, Roman emperors & family members, or other government officials after their timely snuffing out. Where statues, inscriptions, art, coins, laws and other mediums carrying the likeness, decrees and other personifications of the expired scorned pariah would be ceremoniously wiped from immediate existence to the best of the societal mobs abilities. It is best to let the serfs participate in contributive manner on occasion. And who says party politics is no fun? Time for an all around bash!

Coin of Damnatio Memoriae after Emperor Caracalla had his co-ruler brother Geta and supporters murdered to acquire sole emperorship. Geta (left) stricken from coin – Caracalla (right) with counterstamp.

Praetorian Guard morphs into 21st century Royal Guard, Secret Service, RCMP,……? Those ancient Romans knew how to do it. The prelude to damnatio memoriae that is. Murder to transpire sensibilities. Fertilizing their societal garden with the corpses of members of the ruling elite. A plowing under of the crop so to speak. The blight, the blight, let’s make it right. The Praetorian Guard had no qualms about about the task when necessity was universally orbiting a needed planetary shift. Where, if not done so directly, so graciously looking the other way while the chosen garroted, or, aerated crimsonly the body politic unequivocally. Good old soul spillage.

Damnatio Memoriae Canada Style? Just-Him Truedope Who?

But what happens to societies when the “ruling” human filth is left to flow mercilessly with impunity under reverence from the mainstream media propaganda channels of obfuscatory disinformation? Something tells me we might just find out in the years to come. That arc of defenestration. Round and round we go. Replanting that metaphorical garden. From Caligula to Up-Chuck the XIII, Geta to O’laugh Scholz, Commodus to Just-him Truedope, Hatshepsut to Rishi Sunak? Gravitational forces, golden arcs, earthly indentations. A real planetary blood moon contagion coming soon to a political theatre near you!? That will be some curtain call. Northern pikes swimming in a see of red, “cherries” on top.

Awaiting “Cherries” On Top

Really, zero agents of non-intelligence, victims of their own incompetence, arrogance, stupidity, ignorance, greed, and clearly believing their own fantastical lies, of which, in their mentally ill deluded minds, came across as scheming genius, acted out the whole way through the political sewer goings on. A decades long slow burn into fiscal insanity, dumbed down social fabric suicide, Globalist death diplomacy, political correctness anathemas intertwined with the sheer rape of logical sensibilities, leading to towerless eviscerated foundational nothingness and poisoned anomalous cockamamie covid nightmare of wet-brained retard-ability, pathetically eclipsed with a raw economic suicide pact of corrupted UKrainian goose-stepped cookery. And there was no problem finding political puppets for the whole journey into the abyss. Psy-oops, almost forgot about that gender bender time bomb. Sleight of genitals, publicly.

You can’t fix stupid, it just has to be left to self destruct. And self destruct it will. There is no fixing this dump of nonsensibilities. No, this systemic turd cannot even be polished, for you see the excrementous mountain of shit has become so high, deep and wide from the endless passing of aforementioned societally swallowed Globalist government sponsored shit sandwiches that the mound has not had enough time to solidify in between layered destabilizing dookie decrees, leaving the foundational and accompanying load baring strata a seismic catastrophe waiting to unleash the coming shit-storm earthquake/volcano/avalanche/tidal-wave/precipitous event catastrophe. Many will drown in the shit-storm, for you see, they plan on interestingly compounding the output. After all, our future is an indication of our immediate past.

This Article Is Jim Lahey Approved

No Donald Trump, Pierre Poilievre (Globalist dick-taster), Ron Desantis, Marine Le Pen or any other systemic flunky is going to save anybody from anything, nor make anything more bearable, equitable, decent, or bring any other positive attribute to the thoroughly defeated construct we dwell. They will strictly become rampaging interest upon the compounding debt of depravity that society has slept walked into for endless decades now. The powers at the true pinnacle of the mountain of shit we so infectiously stand will be wielding every and all weapons they have to cling onto the disgrace they so possess. Even if killing millions is the only viable solution their necrotized minds display. And they have reached that point.

Anyone of substance has surely realized a re & re to be the only case in point of no return enveloping societal function. Unfortunately, not many want to do anything other than ignore the massive problem staring them right in the face, other than bury their head in any medium other than actively participating in making a change. Though the time will come when heads will roll, the windows will provide relief and the nod squad will Jackson Pollock many a walls, and that metaphorical garden will get the needed nitrogen release for a new season of growth.

There does seem to be a societal lag when it comes to the scheme of things. Take the dystopian covid debacle unleashed by “professionals” the world over. While many in all walks of life were espousing grounded, fact based logic and common sense ideals consisting of an objective reality, the mass of unthinking follower hysterics were trampling society into the somewhat downtrodden crater of shame that is still depressed to this very today. Where slowly the misery addicts began to comply in conforming to the covid terrorism revisionism policy. Oh, that self fulfilling prophecy of kowtowing ignorance following pudding induced logic.

Torque Those Lag Nuts

Come on, we all know them, good little covid warriors parroting the government television narrative, who two years on were coming across as the free minded bastion of covid informative prudence. Now they hover in the UKraine anomalous mind bog of shamed non-reflectiveness. Give them time, say, til the 57th nuke rains down.

If it took two years for the mass of inhumanity to laggingly slink their way out of a blatantly obvious Globalist masterminded covid power play, surely the retaliatory bombs will be dropping in their safe-space geographical location of ignorance before any semblance of reality makes a posthumous appearance. The West, has after all, given UKraine’s ultimate destruction 123% effort in kind, in order to help to wipe their covid-war crimes under the threadbare doormat.

Those piddly Globalist pseudo-capitalism pharmaceutical vaccine and PCR test rackets just were not doing it for them, their real investment is death on an epic scale. Yes, to escape their UKraine shameful failure the Globalists will be bringing death incarnate as far and wide as the pudding induced followers suffering from rabbit hole starvation will bend over frontwards to comply.

Think of it as Klaus Schwab’s (Vanguard & BlackRock) ‘stakeholder capitalism.’ Basically the Globalists pseudo ”stakeholders” (YOU) will be allowed to participate by being either maimed, blown to kingdom come, or by becoming refugees. Whereas the Globalist racketeers will be allowed to profit into the hundreds of billions, or perhaps trillions of dollars all for the benefit of ‘people-kind’ through their vast investments in their Military Industrial Complex, Globalist banking cartels, engineering and construction firm racket for post-apocalyptic genocidal obliteration zones. Globalist hump bunkers. They really do exist.

Up-Chuck XIII

Yes, nothing says pretending to care, like that of coming up with a catchy phrase such as ‘stakeholder capitalism’ to hypnotize the asleep at the wheel, non parameter escaping waste of atoms gullible enough to think that the Globalist behemoth, including their insider puppet politicians care about anything other than the continuation of their power, and vast society raping profits along the way while they dangle the blatantly obvious dystopian term of “democracy” for those foolish enough to believe the more than a century long repeated lie.

Those wacky intermingled sad-mixture of political moral prostitutes, international institutional bone-crushers the likes of the IMF and World Bank, and last but not least, though ultimately saddest of the sadist Satanist dick-tasters of the World Economic Forum including the likes of European aristocracy stunted vegetables supreme just love to spin the ruse of “for the benefit of the people,” “stakeholder capitalism,” “democratic values,” “all for equitable purposes,” and any other fallaciously barfed buzzword that so further decorate the highly laughable illusion of even a hint of any actual democratic discourse whatsoever.

If “democracies” and their Globalist masters are so intent about claiming to so have built a system of participation for and by the people, why is the general public not allowed to make any decision other than voting for a beholden pathological liar every few years or so?

What kind of “progressive” geographical location governance would not even allow the ultimate building block of “citizens” even to have a basic say as to who or what they would like to adorn the currency in which they cause to have the value and worth given to it?

That same currency that the Globalist politicians are scheming to do away with so as to not even allow their subjects to have a choice to even be allowed to use cash, so as to trap the entirety of society in dystopian track and trace digital regime authoritarianism.

Time to taut the societal lag in order to expunge the waste of Globalist slag of impurities so societies can get on with forging a product worth calling democracy.

There will come a time when it has to be taken.