Steppe Right Down Folks

The Z man. That plainly vast miss-steppe ankle biter rambunctious rascal of tomfoolery world tourism. He-brew a strange brew indeed. Still in his backyard of 20 percent reduction by volume of a now uncorked rosé spattered geographical vessel mashed a ton. Piss and vinegar, it will take people places, roundabout, say, one third of the way to hell. And back to that piss, one might say, oh, ninety eight percent at least for that pint-sized shaken and stirred Globalist concoction. Very little vinegar there. Hmm, seems to have slipped the audience a Mickey Mouse. That white lightning war delivery is on the way, right? Heil das krieg blitz, surely nothing can gestapo “Zelensky’s” UKraine now!? Moscow by the 4th of July!

The Z men. Denazification dénouement? Trouble is, the real camouflaged to the masses fanatical Nazi’s occupy desks in DC and London, pulling strings. And they are getting desperate. To escape with their architect derived lives that is. Nürnberg neurosis creeping in. Though something tells me, there will be no eventual occupation. Who would want to anyways? A waddling population, public genital reflections, lobotomized celebrity idolatry, mass hypnosis, all but vanished common sense, unearthly attention spans to nowhere, meth pipe sensibilities, immediate gratification mentality. Good old A D D – Anglicized Dumbfoundment Disorder. No, this will be an inside job. En français: Vive La Résistance! No Valhalla on their bent horizon. Congratulations, terrestrial spillage personified.

Sock It To Them

Those NATO tailors have been busy lately. Getting ready for the Battle of the Bulge is not easy work you know. Forget the kevlar vests, battle tunics, and those cotton under armour torso support garments. This is all about those pantaloon outer shells, check that; baseball players sure do. Deceptively, it concerns pantaloons, pantaloons and their accompaniments, you know, socks. Well, tube socks to be precise. No, not for the feet dum dum, this is the Battle of the Bulge after all. Those other kind of socks. The new standard NATO military uniform consists of a pair of rolled up tube socks to enhance outward genital appearance. With official NATO military terminology of: Topographic Reassessing Amorphous National Sovereignty Special Operation Clothing Kits, or, T.R.A.N.S.S.O.C.K for abbreviation purposes, it is literally bound in place to assist the terminal objective – enhancing the mission statement: Operation Self Mutilation. War-saw by October?


Jens Stoltenberg Approved!

Doot Doodle Loot Doo

Year negative 3, that’s where the West sorely stands. Or has it already turned into that terrible postured hunch of the knuckle dragging political example been spattered society over by means of all mind-wiping institutionalizing “informational” minuscule medium passing as cognizant importance? Devolution personified, year negative 3 AC (After Covid.) Where the propaganda arms try to hand the mass of digits a fingered existence – swipe left or swipe right, it is all wrong. Doing it for the likes!? Yeah, the likes of a muddled puddle immediate gratification centrifugal force fed short attention span to nowhere. In sin you ate it. That damn pudding. Chow down!

Can they keep a secret? Or must they secrete it? The ooze, the ooze, they are the “news.” Well, if constantly hearing about Russia or UKraine being about to run out of weaponry was not banal enough a Groundhog Day ear canal suppository for the past months of the Crowned Uncle Sam’s war of regression in the UKraine, then surely the cloned parroting of UKraine’s looming catastrophic counter offensive about to be unleashed upon Russia has been about as beneficial to one’s existence as repeatedly sticking one’s finger in the light socket of your childhood friends deepfreeze for amusement purposes (not that I would know of such occurrences, I swear.) Anyone with any sense of understanding has surely come to realize that UKraine’s real counteroffensive is Zelensky and his henchmen counting out stacks and stacks and stacks of US 100 dollar bills on their kitchens countertops before duffel bagging them to any location other than what will eventually become the smouldering crater formerly known as UKraine.

Welcome to the UKrainian Circus

Thine Struggle

Reverse psychology, or, maybe, reverse psychopathy? We will, but we won’t, though we sure might sooner or later, but if we do it will seem we didn’t, until it really happens, of which then everyone will surely know, unless of course it is right around the corner, but only if the time is correct, of which it is hard to determine, because we already began, though only to make it seem as so as we did, but tomorrow is another day, and next month too. Is that an old UKrainian proverb or a counteroffensive stratagem of the UAF? The hell with it, let’s blow up a dam to make up for our ferocious bulging pierogi flaccidity!

Clearly the UKrainian Neo-Nazi’s have not been paying attention to Hitler 101, which is kind of strange due to them having the exact same backers as the original Nazi’s – yes, European Aristocracy and a good contingent of Corporate America. Must be that generational devolution of aforementioned unearthly attention spans to nowhere and immediate gratification mentality, amongst other things. Guess that Anglicized Dumbfoundment Disorder (A D D) does translate to the Cyrillic alphabet. А Д Д? Though it is probably fair to put a sizeable portion of the blame on those teachers. Though they will probably blame it on the class size.

As American Projection as Apple Pie and Mein Kampf

As European Aristocracy as Fish & Chips & Heil Hitler! (Queen Elizabeth II as a child with her family)

Once Upon a Salient Time

For those who are unaware, before this NATO sock stuffing parody there was an actual Battle of the Bulge during World War Two. It was Nazi Germany’s last major offensive against mostly American forces around the Ardennes forest of Belgium and Luxembourg. And, believe it or not, way back in old timey black and white land, armies did not endlessly brag, nor telegraph coming military maneuvers over public airwaves.

Granted, times have changed with the likes of satellites, drones, stratospheric and space spy craft, infrared technology, unearthly attention spans to nowhere….But, The Boy Who Cried Wolf is still as metaphorically relevant today though, right? Dammit, I forgot about woke-ism. Oprah’s book club just reviewed, The Non Binary Ambiguous Possible Birthing Person Who Sobbed Sheep didn’t they?

Shall me carry on? On December 16th, 1944 Nazi Germany uncorked one last effort in the bid to rattle the Allies on the Western Front. Though with D Day over and done with, and the Nazi’s defeated in North Africa, Italy, and almost the entirety of France, not to mention the Soviet onslaught of Nazi Germany on the Eastern Front, clearly the jig was up for Hitler’s “royal” hijinks. Though Hitler believed that if he were to capture the port at Antwerp, he would have a chance for a bargaining chip by means of starving the Allied advance through halting their supply line at Antwerp and inflicting further damaging advancement by German forces. In thinking so, Hitler was hoping to sign a non fully conditional surrender in the west, with hopes of turning the bulk of Germany’s armed forces to the fighting in the east against the Red Army.


WWII was truly based upon eviscerating the Soviets. Yes, the Nazis were financed by both the American Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.  The only conspiracy theory about the above statement is that American, British and other European corporations, government officials and of course aristocracy truly did conspire (for years) to have the Nazi’s conquer Western Europe and then Russia in kind. One can only imagine the horror to be unleashed upon the Slavic population if the Globalist Nazis were to have captured Russia. Not counting the tens of millions that Hitler the henchman’s military forces murdered on their foray into the Russian heartland and brief occupation.

You ever wonder how that “pure Aryan race” produced fugly Frau’s such as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Göring, Rudolph Hess, King Charles the Turd….?

Bulging Back

All told, around one million troops on both sides of the Battle of the Bulge fought during the month long or so campaign, where Germany’s surprise attack managed to temporarily break through the Allies line in salient manner, hence the Battle of the Bulge moniker. American casualties of the battle are estimated at around 75,000 with 8000 + killed, 46,000 + wounded and 20,000 + “missing.” Whereas German casualties are estimated to be 81,000 + of which nearly 13,000 were killed, 38,000 + wounded and over 30,000 troops “missing” in action. And yes, “missing” in action refers to troops being blown into such small pieces that they were literally rendered unidentifiable. Around 3000 civilians died during the campaign.

A “royal” Byproduct of The Battle of The Bulge. “Those Damn Serf’s – Always Getting in Our Way.”

Guano Tomorrow

Bat shit crazy. The battles rage on. Over one hundred years in the making, the Crown and servile bone crushers plot and plod along. It is all about geographical locations and those resources, especially those non parameter escaping minds. Fed by CIA, CBC, BBC, ABC, NBC, CNN Conformity.

Anyone not coming to understand that what is currently happening in UKraine Goes back to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the eradication by the now extinct Soviets of the Russian Aristocracy including Tsar Nicholas II, of who was the familial fornicating cousin of both Keiser Wilhelm II of Germany and King George V of England had better go back to watching Coronation Street. Those “royals” and their Throne Trolls do so love to keep the penetrative war campaigns in the family so. That is what the Cold War and the subsequent eastward expansion of Nato have been all about for the past thirty plus years. The Crown and Throne Trolls, including American Gestapo Corporation of the Empire Du Jour are five generations deep within this plodding plot and desperate to achieve such by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Truly the objective of the Empire Du Jour is to have the conflict spill over into an actual NATO country, in due course forcing ALL NATO nations into a conflict with Russia. And UKraine’s Neo-Nazi regime is all for it. False flag beware. As panicked as the leaders in the West are to save their own hide, think about the absolute desperation of those UKrainians in charge of having created the architecture of the UKrainian Reich. Sure Zelensky and a few others may escape to the US, but like Göring, Goebbels and many other a high ranking Nazi’s, it will be the death penalty or suicide once the war crimes trial makes an appearance. So they will be fanatical until the time comes. Scorched UKrainian earth, or hopefully NATO earth if the architects of aggression have their desperation become actionable.

Until then, clearly no peace will prevail. Russia understand who and what they are dealing with and this is their last stand, and Africa, South America, the Middle East, China along with many other countries support the effort. The Empire Du Jour has so far emitted over 100 years of time and into the trillions of dollars to be in the position they so currently stuff socks down their and accompanying vassals frontside as they unseasonably molest the backside of the average western citizen, and all for the moral and monetary prostitution by the so called “leaders” otherwise known as politicians ruling over a great contingent of a mass hypnosis.

Will UKraine stay the stadium for fellow conscripts and foreign mercenaries? Surely the weapons manufacturers, engineering and construction firms, corporate and World Bank along the IMF surely hope not. That would not be a moneymaking endeavour after all, nor keep the citizens in a virtual state of terror to take the attention off of the fully collapsed yet propped up system of financialism, fascism, wokeism, and disgracism to name a few ism’s apart from pessimism and skepticism.

The West will lose this war and the cementing of another block is well under way and curing at a never before seen rate of advancement. So the West will have no choice to become evermore isolated due to their own egregious and out of control actions and edicts and social suicide further forcing authoritarianism upon their subjects. But hey, the mass hypnotized seem to get off on that shit. Sadomasochism passing as mind-wiped socialism. Serfdom in disguise.

Though something tells me that many geographical locations of the West will no longer stand for any of this madness come one day in the not too distant future. Though the guillotine may come, it will be of no use other than a temporary relief for the unthinking mob. The politicians, after all, truly are the head of the perverted Crown. The Hydra we deal with already possesses a thousand tentacled heads of penetration due to lack of cauterizing old wounds. The only possible viable solution is to blow the body and its digestive track of acidic consumptive nature to smithereens and then bury in plain sight within a museum to display to the successive generations of who will once again be graced with the nurturing cohesion of wisdom, logic, and an attention span of a well footed grounding.