Dromedary Hallux

If I had one of my very own, chances are, I wouldn’t leave the house for a week. Well, check that – repeatedly and often for thorough purposes, I most certainly would. After an affirming reassessment, I had better make that a month, at the very least. Leaving the house,  remember, in no fashion whatsoever. Enthralled in selfishness, no doubt about that. That, that that is anyways.

Certainly it would have to be bona fide in order to excessively hide. Leaving the house, uh-uh, no way. Hands full. Genuinely speaking, it could not be faked. Faux, heck no. Authentically prepared, since inception of conception. The only way. A natural phenomenon to stake the future upon. An origin for the species would be the only way. Knock off be damned. Counterfeiting is in no way fitting. So foreign, yet domestic.

She got – he want.

He got – she want.

C’mon guys, who hasn’t wondered at least a few times in their lives? Damn liars!

Ladies, the same but different, no? Damn liars!

How does one transition from such a cuttingly poignant anomalous mind stirring? Literally of course.

Cyndi Lopper

Being poor tends to start one in the position of a shitty job when getting started in the working world. I knew the feeling. Production line cabinetry shop. Boring. Sanding too, and assembly. It worked at the time. And here I am all these years later and still in the same field. I know the feeling. Zing! Moving on. Only difference now, my boss is a hoser. Ah, self employment.

Those were the days, before wokeism anyways. Anyone over 35 years old must remember it well. Homosexuals were clubbed in the streets daily like seals in the arctic, the Empire Du Jour instigated wars to spread democracy, members of the trans community were burned at the stake every Friday night in the Legion parking lots, politicians were honourable and moral altruists, mind pudding was not being dished out smorgasbord style by the lying legacy media…..and the earth was 10 degrees cooler due to the lack of hot air emanating from the societal maw. Barring the 12 degree margin of error that is.

Actually, believe it or not, but none of those above mentioned things were true. Although, I have never been to Arkansas!

The point is this. We are talking just pre 9-11 here people. You remember, that self harm to falsely justify a worldly rape-fest. I do, it is my damn birthday.

The Mascot That Really Wasn’t

Anyways, Cyndi Lopper. I used to work with “her”. I will call “her” ‘Cyndi,’ for short. Well, ‘Cyndi’ started out with said cabinetry company as ‘Frank,’ a genuine man. I never knew ‘Frank,’ only ‘Cyndi.’ ‘Cyndi’ was one hell of an ugly woman. But honestly nobody really cared. To new workers like me, ‘Cyndi’ was just ‘Cyndi.’ As was ‘Cyndi’ to those who knew “her” as ‘Frank.’

For you see, ‘Cyndi’ showed up to work on time, worked hard, and was not a pretentious drama queen seeking attention. ‘Cyndi’ never looked happy when I noticed “her,” which wasn’t very often because ‘Cyndi’ worked in the office, so, was indeed a mucky-muck to us mindless production line drones. ‘Cyndi’ used the office bathroom and therefore was not that proverbial swinging dick anomaly in that tampon disposal geographical location.

Did ‘Cyndi’ go full pretend dromedary hallux? I will never know, nor will you. As I quit that shitty job after not too long. I wanted more.

Was ‘Cyndi’ the butt of an odd joke when the boys would be boys and ‘Cyndi’ was not around? Well, let’s just say it was hypothesized that ‘Cyndi’ was indeed the butt of a few cocks.

Innie and Outie Contemplation

Tolerant of others. Most of society truly is, and always has been. Anyone who thinks that most of those voicing counterculture leanings against the current rip-tide of trans mission systemic disgracism drowning are homophobes, transphobes, or, two spirit poachers, are surely mistaken. Truly such an agenda should not be foisted upon the social construct anymore than should that of bestiality. Especially not on susceptible and developing minds. People have been having sex with animals for thousands of years, why do we not start warping children’s minds in school curriculum with such notions? And yes, if such behaviour was glorified, it would multiply many fold in societal appearance. Hollywood would be all over it like King Charles the Turd on a sheep, or a ram. “Royal” velcro mittens! Hell, my constant “royal” gerbil ascension reporting has probably already sprung multiple gerbil mills society over.

Satyrs Are Horny Dudes

Kind of seems like this trans act of twenty first century celebrity, short attention span nonsense is coming across as nothing more than deranged and gender dysphoric people looking for attention for the kind of genitalia they possess, would like to be rid of, and are keen on counterfeitly acquiring, or pretending that they do not possess, while being foolishly egged on by systemic disgracism of governmental, educational, professional and televisional  scripted pudding brain, spoon-fed syndrome.

This mainstream trans mission is a serious moneymaker for the pharmaceutical industry, an integral part of the societal divider as the Globalists steal everything in sight, including cranial cognizance. Most assuredly the trans mission is definitely part of the grift to hyper-sexualize the world in lieu of hyper-logically boosting society for cohesive advancement, and, for the lowliest of the shepherded rams and ewes, a means to control the population reproductively. There are always takers, regardless of the stimuli. Obfuscation and terminal latching. Cling-ons of another sort.

As said before by CR, anyone seeking attention for anything other than making the world a better place to be – beware indeed. While those that truly make the world a better place to be seek zero recognition whatsoever.

Sorry, but publicly decrying a genital diplomacy agenda, whether it is what type you have, want, or what one wants to do with them is a private matter between who one is doing it with, regardless of what is being done with them. It must be sought, not slathered endlessly, especially upon young, formative, and no doubt maturely inferior, logically starved, highly impressionable and mouldable minds. And definitely not in the education system should such be going on.

I think back to the sex education that was given to me back in elementary school between the age of 8 or 10 years old. Basically, it was a fundamental anatomy lesson of boys and girls, how babies were made, and that absolutely nobody had a right to touch you in your private areas, with a demonstration on a hand puppet, of no-go zones.


Will I pretend to have an understanding of what is transpiring in the mind of those who suffer from gender dysphoria, or are living with other identity syndromes, or feelings of self reinforced deception. And there are many out there, and just as many reasons for them. Brain function and neuroplasticity in particular are fascinating fields of discussion.

A basic premise of brain function and behaviours, habits and formative existence is that of – neurons that fire together wire together; which can decipher such afflictions as sadomasochism, where a great majority of hardcore sadomasochists were afflicted with terribly debilitating diseases and painful treatments as children, who, through brain map rewiring, managed to synch the pleasure receptors in the brain with those responsible for the transmission and sensation of pain in order to create a fantasy to alleviate them from their pain and to in fact eventually be sexually aroused by truly painful experiences after training their synapse to reach the eventual outcome.

As well, the geographical location on the brain map that is responsible for genital function is in extreme proximity to that of which is responsible for foot function, and may very well explain the high prevalence of foot fetishes among the population, of which could be due to neuronal synapses that occurred during plasticity events while the brain was maturing.

There is also a condition of that of adults who were molested when they were children and have convinced themselves that they are actually gay, and do end up engaging in a homosexual existence. Sorry but like all in life, there is more than one reason for making something come to be. To say that people are strictly ‘gay’ because they were born that way is an absolute falsehood and equivalent to saying that someones parents were short in stature, so all of their offspring will be as well. there are many variables at work in all universal constructs.

There are many ways that brain maps may occur and develop in people, and for many reasons, where certainly it is must have something to do with how differing stimuli affect those in different manners, explaining why some are able to overcome and persevere, while many fall victim to what in reality is nothing more than falling to the trapping of a learned behaviour that becomes engrained through self doubt, trauma, pleasure, euphoria, happiness…or the combination thereof in whatever number of combinations and the countermeasures one is mentally possible of defeating if cognizant to the chemistry occurring between their ears. Most certainly a logic and wisdom based approach that a decent education would find a way to incorporate into an enlightening system.

Read this book, if you want to learn something extremely compelling: The Brain That Changes Itself; by Norman Doidge. It delves into recovery from traumatic brain injuries including strokes; autism disorders; sexual behaviour and syndromes; and learning disabilities amongst other subjects. And if one does not suffer from short term memory loss from past marijuana smoking, one might learn something. Maybe even how to defeat short term memory loss. This article is about gearing up to diagnose trans mission anomalies right?

Somatosensory Homunculus & The Genital Foot Proximity


Testosterone and estrogen, those male and female hormones. Women and men, they posses them both and they are vitaly important in many aspects of a healthy life, where a surplus or deficiency can be a telling sign of disease or a lacking body function, such as estrogen playing a crucial role in male sperm production, and testosterone even playing a vital part in women’s fertility, and sex drive. We need them both to live in a healthy, balanced manner.

That being said, the exposure of testosterone and estrogen while still in the fetus certainly plays an important function in post birth development. Effeminate males, and more masculine females seems to be a scientifically plausible explanation for such formative external outcomes. A few characteristics said to be that of high testosterone exposure in the womb for males are that of more masculine facial features, and what appears to be longer ring finger ratios, of which occur in women as well, and seem to be responsible for greater muscular strength in both women and men with longer ring fingers. It is also purported to be an indication of a larger penis as well. Surely a larger penis due to a longer ring finger size is a male characteristic? Well, topsy-turvy downside-up fantasy world would deem it not so. Crazy, I know. So we dwell. Unicorns, fairies, and three legged women, oh my!

Men have XY chromosomes, and women have XX chromosomes. Though there are genetic anomalies that do occur. One such example is Klinefelter syndrome, where the male acquires the XXY chromosomes, of which happens in 1 to 2 live births per 1000, or .001 to .002 percent of births. Symptoms might include weaker muscles, less body hair, possible breast growth, and infertility by way of smaller, malfunctioning testicles.

A Non Binary Cannot Spell Without An X Or Y

There is also an XX male syndrome where a man is born with the XX chromosomes. This syndrome appears in around 1 in 20,000 births, or .00005 percent of the population. The condition may be responsible for “1) males that have normal internal and external genitalia, 2) males with external ambiguities, and 3) males that have both internal and external genital ambiguities.”

Women can be affected with XY gonadal dysgenesis, known as, Swyer syndrome. Dwyer syndrome is extremely rare and appears in around 1 in 100,000 female births, or .00001 percent of the population. Women born with Dwyer syndrome usually have normally developed external female genetalia, but suffer from non functioning gonads, of which almost always renders them infertile and unable to achieve puberty without treatment of hormone replacement therapy. The gonads are typically removed as they are prone to developing cancer.

Again, I will not purport to indicate what is transpiring in other peoples minds, especially in the slim to zero reality fantasy that topsy-turvy downside-up world lacking universal construct projects and obfuscates systematically. 21st century insensibilities – creating that brain-map, firing to that systemic disgracism miss-wiring. Synaptic pudding, a smorgasbord indeed. Encouraged gluttony, immediate gratification, seeking attention. Hollywood directed, politically mandated (or is it transdated?), educationally reeking too.

I have some serious questions. Does someone who is non binary (identifies as neither a man or woman), and is clumped into this trans mission narrative sweeping Western “civilization” participate in masturbatory antics such as whacking off, or probing the clam? Do they refrain from sexual intercourse altogether, being that they are neither male nor female? Are Barbie and Ken their role models? Do they excrete non binary goo, or possibly ejaculate gender neutral fluids if they were to hypothetically stimulate their cocks and beavers? Really, I would like to know. Is there an excessive amount of non binary males lining up to become eunuchs? Or is Just-him Truedope emulation too passé these days?


Typically, what is the general attitude of people reacting to those me, me, me fools who feel the repugnant need to constantly gloat in public, and are endlessly bragging about how great they area, how everyone should always be paying attention to them,  how everything they do is out of this world, where in their own deluded mind they believe that anyone who does not heed their foolery must be a fool themselves? They come across as pretentious douchebags and are endlessly despised by the crowd in fulness. Enter the new trans mission paradox of idiocy. For the majority of society, it has nothing to with trans-phone or homophobe, and perhaps the sense of lack of common sense, wisdom, logic, decency, and an aggressive public genital fixation comes across as asinine, to say the least.

Anyone who has been to Thailand, the Philippines, or some other geographical locations have observed that the trans community is out in the open, have their own little clique, are in no way forced upon society, and for that reason, amongst others are extremely tolerated, and taken with a grain of salt. The in your face, and child promotional regiment being publicly forced upon society will come to backfire, strictly out of sheer stupidity.

Thailand being the sex change operation capital of the world is no surprise with the amount of ladyboy presence encompassing society. But believe it or not, the country that performs the second most amounts of sex change operations is actually Iran. Where the procedure is in fact condoned by the Ayatollah.

It seems quite logical that transgender people that undergo a sex change operation, in their mind, truly see themselves as the opposite sex. As to the reasons to such being the case, it sure seems plausible that more than one phenomena, stimuli, and environmental factors is responsible for believing so. Where in the end, live and let live, no?

From past experience, society should be extremely alarmed when the “news,” education system, entertainment industry, the corporate cartels, and last but certainly not least, the political systemic disgracism all jump on board full steam with promoting what sure seems damn well to be a constructed Globalist agenda brought forth to divide society, warp and obfuscate the minds of the vulnerable, to consolidate further power through societal fracture, engage in population control, while, literally, raking in obscene profits through pharmaceutical posturing while doing so.

Really, is it any wonder as to why the West’s shelf life is analogous to that pulpy toilet paper existence? The closer we get to the end, the quicker it is going to go. Heaven knows, eventually it will reach the point where it is necessary to leave, before replacing society’s roll.

Welcome To The Revolution