Welcome to victim mentality.

Handcuffing Their Own Mind

Welcome to the door of perception, although that not so Wayback Machine voyage still obscenely warps our current space time continuum, for you see, that not so distant past is still the present, remarkedly to the point of piercing evermore shallowly in the hands of the self-trodden tools who ignorantly probe the fools paradise of their shipwrecked mind, stranded upon their one way aisle of exceedingly unspectacular myopic vision charting the blindly flailed reasoning self absorbingly flooding over an emulated atrophic societal body evermore praised for the self-wasted disease metastasizing from a baffling, nonsensically negated political, educational, media informational and moral nervous system firestorm void of any rational impulse control. Dizzy, Dizzy Drivers.

Driven Under Idiocy

The fools paradise. That perfect world in the echoing void between the societally diverse idiot savants ears naive enough to believe that such is an actuality to be constructed. There they lie, more than horizontally, on their strung up and perforated, hammock-like dwelling, thoughts swinging so reassuredly as they spit into the wind, claiming it to be a refreshing sprinkling of a coming seasonal monsoon most assuredly answering the calling of a barren, fissured desertification, of, which, in actuality, teems magnificently with forethought to the juxtaposed aft-bogged hindsight of the back-peddler rearing to reversely dwell behind self-enemy lines.

The last time I wrote on the likes of the temperamental hates emitted by those unable to grasp the clutching of their desperation to an idealistic nothingness inseparable from a camouflaged self-reflected thickheadedness derived absorbingly from one’s own ignorant thoughtlessness by way of possessively absorbed pigheadedness, some of you cowered in your non-existent greatness. Adios, white trash!

Reversely, labeled a pig, you swine. Heck, I was once a little bit of a piglet myself – then I matured, and not into full grown swine, by fully escaping that self-loathing psychological disorder, realizing it was one of the cornerstones of the systemic disgracism puzzle pushed by the “entertainment industry,” corporate & mainstream media, and echoed by the white trash of whichever ethnic makeup wished to project their self-victim mentality needing to be reversely engineered in order to construct a full tiered 3D universal existence collage. In reality, sure, the picture of the laws in pieced construct needs to be shrunk and rearranged, but the framework is right to be left alone, as are those filling the positions. Follow the fools who wish to wholesale, disavow police departments, and surely the Secret Police, or much more devious incarnations will come to be.

Perhaps one need ask, why does the corporate and state media seem to hyper-focus, on, what, in reality, is much, much less than a fraction of a percent of law enforcement run-ins that end in anomalous catastrophe, knowing damn well that the pudding parade of ignorance idolatry will be whipped into the synaptic hypoxia frenzy they are unable to inescapably transcend due to their dimwitted one dimensional nothingness?

Self-victimhood and a bogus sense of entitlement, brought to you by systemic disgracism, magnified, amplified, and hopelessly personified by those thoroughly homogenized textbook examples of “academics,” “professionals,” and “intellectuals” educated to the infinite point nothingness, then pathetically and delightfully tag-teamed by the dullest tools in the societal shed, cheered by “progressive” politics, then projected through the propaganda apparatus to make it seem as if the societal bulk concur with the circus realm. Red alert, without a doubt. Their own shit does not stink to themselves due to it having being under their own nose for their entire cultural indoctrination.

Shall we step into that door of perception in the not so Wayback Machine? Time to Peabody to that piddly pea-brain French connection of hot lead to degenerate dirtbag fool. AKA – Choosing to be a loser, and proud of the fact. A scraping the bottom of the barrel existence. Clearly, idiot would have been an extreme compliment.

Forward To The Land Of Backwards We Go

Yes, the recent police shooting in France, where the corporate and state media, running with their full bore systemic disgracism agenda of attempting to confoundedly stupefy the globe, where now the political cowards kowtowing to tomfoolery, want to throw under the bus, a well decorated, dedicated and community protecting police officer in order to glorify and aggrandize a petty, two bit, piece of pathetic French white trash gloating at the lawlessness that society’s “professionals” endorse so as to make the low-life thug feel the need to feel equitable and be an inclusive part of society. Heck, they should put up billboards with the dead cowards face with the caption, “Act Like A Fool and You Might Be Next.”

Surely it must not be surprising to anybody with any amount of dignity over zero, that monetary donations to the tragically strung out to dry police officer are over five times greater than the monetary support raised for the family of the deservingly halted, law flouting, white trash filthy pig guilty of wallowing in pathetically abject systemic disgracism projection absorption. Did the loser deserve to die? For the choice he made, it is certainly not hard to understand why he did. Really, all he had to do was put his 3000 pound weapon in park and then atone for his chosen slew of politically condoned atrocious behaviour. Now, a repeat offender he will no longer be. Golf-clap!

Anyone with any sense of decency and moral compass are sick of the politically created irresponsibility factory that is fallaciously and ceaselessly manufacturing the environment for this descent into zero responsibility &accountability madness to carry on unabated. Just read the comments section on the YouTube video, where it seems to be about 99.9% of the public truly appreciate the actions of the police officer. Standing ovation!

Then the press make out the egregiously mind-wiped, rampaging crowds, who, out of a sense of “justice”, in order to bring “clarity” and “understanding” to the situation, run amok of the town and proceed to smash, loot, and destroy anything to run across their path of absolute cognitively impaired non-universal nothingness somehow passing as having being registered as an actual human being. Congratulations, true cowards with the true skillset of being fully qualified fertilizer specimens. And they willfully made every life choice to arrive at such a pathetic path. Welcome again to cultural indoctrination in the idiots “mind.”

As one’s respect for oneself diminishes, so grows the need to blame others for the situation they willingly choose to put themselves in.

Sherman, Set The Wayback Machine to America – COVID Firestorm 2020.

C’mon, you remember. When the corporate and mainstream media, along with an endless lineup of bullet-worthy politicians stoked the flames of hatred and again encouraged the fully indoctrinated, mindless masses of ‘equality for all’ to loot and burn down America, all because one fatal police incident out of what was surely more than a million other neutral to positive encounters with the public were blatantly ignored and deliberately kept from public highlighting.

How was it again? Oh right, Defund the Police. It sure would have been something to have let people publicly vote on whether they wanted to have the police defunded. Where the morons that voted for such would have their identities and addresses inputted into police computers and found themselves unable to receive police assistance when the need arrived. How long does one think it would have taken for the ne’er-do-wells to have fully cannibalized the existence of the absolute morons that were advocating for their free-reign to degrade and disintegrate the vestiges of an almost semi-decent remaining society?

Ah, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone/Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHAZ/CHOP). What a shit-hole indeed. A shit-hole encouraged and condoned by defenestration-deserving politicians galore, endless mainstream media hyping, and no doubt the missing-brain-child of the peak of formative equality for all, cognitively impaired, slime trail leaving, woke commie waste of atoms Antifa & BLM thuggery feverishly expanding in an intellectual vacuum fraught with indecency, all the while inviting hydrogen bomb sensibilities.

Here it is, the pinnacle of their woke idealism based upon incompetence, graft, stupidity, atrocious life choices, thuggery, predation, lack of common sense, laziness, and annihilation of dignity to name a few attributes. Defunding the police, it will take you places alright. Welcome to their club of absolute non-exclusivity, welcome to woke world indeed, where the equally inferior surely managed to display to the world the beginnings of their communist utopian society. Just think, in their revolution, some of these people would become the police. Beyond scary indeed.

Really, one might rightly assume that there may not be another group out there who loath politicians more so than do the police in general. Just look at the endless pile of laws heaped upon them to have to be forced to deal with. As well, it would be observant to realize that police in general do not join the force to serve the establishment as it so currently stands, but are indeed in it in order to serve their community with the end goal of neutralizing predaceous, antisocial behaviour, in doing so making the community safer for all.

There are all kinds out there, and true self worth harbouring a grounded universal understanding, or more specifically the ultimate lack thereof, nor the ability to entertain, even briefly, and swallow what is no doubt an erroneous reflective anomaly of an engrained character flaw  could certainly explain the inability for many to escape their own mind and even be able to come to terms to what could be a harmlessly benign, or if played correctly, the ability to partake in an interaction beneficial for the necessary humility of rationally dealing with an anomalous life projection, for whatever reason it came to be that the shallowness of one’s mind chooses self destruction in lieu of self betterment. The true victim mentality indeed. Many who think they don’t, pass the lowliest of the low in leaps and bounds without question. IQ and intelligence certainly do not negate the self-victim preservation and projection.

Surely a true education system would incorporate the wisdom and logic of, if one chooses to project foolishness, asinine behaviour, antisocial shenanigans, criminal violations, abusive tendencies, harm to others or objects, or public endangerment, where, chances are certain that one will more than likely be called on and held to account in remedying the unnecessary situation, and depending on one’s choices the consequences may range from a polite conversation, all the way up to willingly signing up for the Room Temperature Challenge. No doubt a concept that even a half civilized grubby should be able to attain in formative cohesiveness. Surely such a concept grandiosely trumps the poor-me, rewarded victim mentality being spread thick in dystopian woke world of hyper-regression.

Vigilante justice be praised.

Sometimes I watch the odd podcast where someone speaks truth against one of the most egregious worldly raping organizations firmly and deeply entrenched within the Empire Du Jour’s genocidal cogs and cranks of political puppeting ranks, then in the same breath they stack the entirety of police within the same sordid pile.

Is it time to come to the conclusion that there are zero degrees of separation between that worldly raping organization and the low-life community raping organizations that sow chaos, peddle misery, and seek retribution against those that are morally rich enough to insult the cognitively impaired organization or sole “life form” that are all too eager to attempt harm against another all because their psyche is so weak and cowardly that the literal stringing of the alphabet offends them so?

Really, is there a great possibility that many a truth tellers in this day and age would have become worm food by now if it were not for the diligence and responsibility of local police forces?

Perhaps it could be contemplated that police forces are indeed an integral part of an instrument of national security put in place to prevent the world from slipping into the hands of weak, self-victimizing loafers, of which are all too entirely sponsored and praised by the ever deteriorating Globalist political disgraces running the current shit-show?

Am I saying that the police in some forms do not protect the system that has become so egregious and bloated that anyone able to read the writing must surely come to realize the time is limited? No, I am not. Perhaps one would not be wrong in thinking that the police are well aware of the trappings society finds itself? My guess would be yes.

Police do polish endless turds on a daily basis, all the way from the political top to the dragon chasing bottom of society’s unleashing. No doubt there will come the day when the turd load becomes unbearable and the police and military take the true freedom and liberty sentimentalities that will become symbolic of an eventual future and bring their needed piece of responsibility laden formative encompassment to the system anew in order to crush the politically correct, stupidity laced, topsy-turvy downside-up world where human filth prey upon society and are cheered endlessly by woke political, educational and media ideologies of spirit killing nothingness somehow passing as our current reality.

Really, why not let the true societal animals loose against the Globalist political establishment for cleansing purposes and then have the citizen militias, military, and police take care of the rabid beasts. The literal sheep dictating current systemic disgracism will most assuredly fall in line after the deed. A literal win, win, win situation for reattaining a sense of, at least, semi decency. Where do I sign up!?

Seriously, count me in.