Talk about an official piece of shit. Telegraphing pure anguish on his Telegram account.

Yes, that yellow belly, blue in the face Smurf Zelensky is so delusional, drunk on despair, and craving attention that he thought it a masterful tactic to post a video of himself and war criminal contingent planning another failed mission while looking so gloomily horrific and mentally dishevelled, that undoubtedly a child rapist and murderer counting down his final minutes before becoming deservingly acquainted with the awaiting electric chair surely comes across as exuding more optimism, positivity, confidence, and joie de vivre than the camouflaged lot of white trash in the below funeral planning caught on video.

Firstly, the video purports the locale to be a “bunker,” though personally, it kinds of looks like an office building with OSB (Oriented Strand Board) covering up the bank of windows. Lord knows, with no economy other than leaching off of NATO graft payments, there are bound to be countless office buildings to cower within. Besides, their fear of being buried alive probably keeps them out of subterranean confines.

Don’t forget to notice the guy with the American flag on his camouflage trucker hat. Yeah, that room is full of shock and awe. Shell shock and awe shucks that is. Surely a rainbow flag or two would brighten up the mood in that room, no? Clearly a few of those “soldiers” seem to be on at least triple food rations.

I can just picture Andrey Biletsky’s tactical plans: “So here is what we do. We load the conscripts into million dollar western mechanized hardware and have them drive in an elongated, single file column straight through the mine field. When the first tank blows up, all “soldiers” from the rear of the column are to get out of their vehicles and begin disassembling said exploded tank one nut and bolt at a time until fully removed from the straight line of short pointedness. Then when vehicle number two carries on forwards and blows up – repeat step one. Eventually, we will be in Russia and Putin will have zero choice but to surrender.”

Zelensky: “Biletsky, you are a genius. You can bunk in my above ground walk out closet tonight. I will play your penis with my ‘piano.’ Heil king Charles the Turd!”

Really, do any of the faces in the below video reveal anything other than the sheer suicidal desperation that the Ukraine Regime and Western backers find themselves in?