The splatter pattern cometh.

Make it Grate

Shall we make America great again? Most assuredly such sounds like a con, a grift, foolhardiness of some depleted lame brained wacky tobacky mirage of a fantasy dwelling that never truly was or ever will be. American greatness that is. Snorted profusely, gulped awkwardly, gawked blindly, gonged insatiably, tackily tactile, wazoo wonderful, and ultimately obscenely barfed upon the globe in undigested orgasmic explosion emanating from the core of imperial propagandistic spermatozoic lacking semen spewed forth in un-wholly matrimony factorial emissions of a smug smog-fest clouding out objective rational rationale other than the reflective insensibilities of Adonis Complex resolute destituteness of inability to see beyond the feigned projection of astonishing self-blinded treading upon a shattered foundation of marble-garble mouthed utterances of deceit. The propaganda for the stimuli? Swallowed hole.

In actuality, perhaps the above unparaphrased phraseology did not quite delve far enough back into the historical record to be of a meaningful acceptance to that of greatness being productively bestowed upon a certain geographical location of which has come to be arrogantly, and eventually, posthumously, known as; U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!! Though perhaps ‘TRANS-AMERICA’ when getting to the bottom of things comes to be the top of unerring Crowning achievement of a good girl gone bad. That was a chick with a dick Aunt Samantha beeline of transitional incurability. Zing! Overdosed upon sanity blockers. A lopping it will be. Call it an escape plan from full lobotomy insensibilities.

On third thoughts, leading from the scattered remnants of the previous two, let us forget about hoarding all of that greatness for America improper. If not so, one has surely escaped not the ginormous telegraphing upon the imperial networks of which any informed and enlightened listener has to be synaptically self-broadcasting on the salvational frequency of 50,000 four-dimensional what’s. Let’s make the entirety of the West grate!

It is time to heap that greatness upon them. Time to alleviate their space in meteoric fashionable succession with accompanying tales streaking across their Skynet in destructive creationism arising from their cratered existence of gorged hedonistic ineptitude of summoning the beast. A Chicxulub personified moment is certainly awaiting arrival and long awaited revival. Lumbering Globalist dinosaurs be damned, you have had your fill. Decrepit dinosaur genus; ‘Royalist Familial Mega-sore-ass,’ the fossilization awaits in true foundationally replete sentient sentiment cemented curing of future ossification footings. Your inbred & predatory (inbredatory) nightmare no longer serves in functional advancement, nor common sense, wisdom, logic, or even half baked swallowing. Choking death shall be given, no longer taken.

Yes, time to make the West grate alright, non centrally speaking. Greatly and indicatively void of those Globalist parasites that consider themselves to be above politics. You know, politics, The perverted gaming system that the Globalist class invented and unendingly transmogrify in order to unashamedly ferry society uncontrollably into the rivers of hate, pain, forgetfulness, fire, and wailing in order to create the illusion of democracy that most dimwitted dupes of all wool-pulled-over classes regurgitatively echo throughout the narrowed halls of cultural indoctrination bound in inescapable confines of the mind. Welcome to Globalist “democracy,” where the only choice is to “choose” an already bought and paid for pathological liar all too willing to do whatever it takes to hoard those golden Globalist nest eggs while shitting all over public decency into the billions.

Welcome to the Globalist Ferry

Billions of dollars and billions of people that is. The old over-under technique, where Globalist scum claim ownership over us, then shit profusely in antiquated dinosaur like fashion upon anyone under their club of perverted exclusivity by means of the proxy politicians reading from the centrally planned Globalist handbook. Case in point: COVID tyranny, Central Bank Digital Currencies, climate terrorism, digital ID’s…

Anyone wonder how feudalism and communism rhyme in many aspects of the forced conformity thrust upon those unfortunate enough to be trapped within the dictatorial decrees? Free choice and free will are slowly or rapidly absconded with by the puppet masters, robbing society of creativity, individual innovation, free movement, and freedom of expression other than what the infantile masters deem acceptable, where the self lauded soul-sucking racketeers of measly false intellectualism writhe orgasmically in their delusions of grandeur somehow passing as accepted reality.

Hmm, above politics. Conjures up images of fuck-tard “royalty,” aristocracy/oligarchy accompaniment, and the trove of seat sniffing throne trolls tasked with the continuance of the perverted game under their control for centuries past, right up to this disgusting very day and age. Puppet master-wise anyways; as for the puppets, just search out any federal politician the West over. The make and model is of their infected design and plaything, morphed into the current dystopian cold blooded dinosaur corpses just waiting to be explosively cratered in grandiose centrally planned ejecta event of contagion adoption the world over. That ripple effect. Point of origin on outwards in creative destruction. The behemoth brutes shall perish as consolidation settles in.

Those rotting dinosaurs, the embodied putrid corpse of those institutions & individuals so considering themselves to be above politics, so reeking of desperation to keep the exploitative stomaching of their house of cards so shoddily constructed. They are a many: European Monarchy/aristocracy, Council on Foreign Relations, George Soros, NATO, BlackRock, IMF, the World Bank, Bill Gates… and that tarpit trap extraordinaire the World Economic Forum, so brazenly gorging upon, then wastefully defecating those bad seeds of commie empire across the West’s trajectory of self destruction of blatant suicide by means of unintelligent and unintelligible blatant lunacy of digital slavery. And certainly digital serfdom/slavery is not compatible without the alcoholic dwelling existence of a top feudal Crown. Find that “royal” Dodo chomo cronk here too.

His face is so red from alcoholic induced rosacea that it has been adopted as the new communist flag of the West.

Yes, the West’s Globalist fiefdom of imperial rape slowly collapses so, after the decades long consolidation of power into the hands and minds of ever dumbing, greed serving, above politics puppet masters and accompanying prostitute puppets of supposed sovereign country representation all too willing to expose their lack of conscience, decency, moral compass, common sense, logic, wisdom, intelligence, patriotism, caring nature, honesty, integrity, foresight, knowledge, dignity, understanding of history, or even the basic necessity to care for the well being of what are, clearly, pathetic lowly subjects of their mismanaged geographical locations gone awry after falling to the fuse-blown back burner in a vain attempt for the Globalist dinosaur’s chance at a few last meals as the inescapable atmosphere consuming asteroid of violent, kinetic human nature hones in after having locked on to the predators blinded realization to that of having become the prey in a consolidated focus by means of the historical melding of those that have chosen it to matter in the environmental making anew, post laid out catastrophe of necessity.

Speaking of coming last meals. Ever hear of the UKraine? The West has chosen its hill to be struck down upon while tucking scaly tail to continue self cannibalizing scampering for survival. Billions of dollars. Well, make that Euros for exchange rate mechanisms of judging political incompetence. Here is a chart depicting exactly who has spent how many billions of Euros on the Globalists UKraine suicide pact of infertility, up until May 31st, 2023. So you know the Euros spent, like Western debts, roll endlessly on in search of infinity.

Not surprising that the American Gestapo Corporation of Crowned existence has taken the lead in financing more than 70 billion Euros (and tactical involvement) in UKraine, as, ever since fully absorbing the Nazi reich they are full of that blitzkrieg shock & awe mentality by way of having to let the world know how their small genetalia, of whichever identifying gender (or possibly eunuch) is far superior to anyone else’s in whichever geographical location it is to be waved in well-camouflaged fashion forthwith. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! If you do not remember my older article: the Nazi’s were indeed created & financed by European “royalty” including the English House of Windsor. Oh right, I almost forgot. America was also funding the the Nazi regime well before WWII even started. And yes, IBM played a role in the function of the holocaust. Topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world, it will get you every time.

Secondly, anyone not realizing that old money (monarchy/aristocracy) has been charting and directing the course of European Institutions, policies, political landscapes, and general imperial direction/hunt for graft for the past centuries leading into millennia, had better go back to flat earth dwelling. That being said, UKraine has become the ambush biting back at Western imperial machinations of not only coming to a standstill, but with Russia’s annexing of the Donbas, having for the first time since the end of the Cold War, sent the Western terrorist organizational front of NATO and full encompassment of the Empire Du Jour reeling back in the opposite direction in the now over a centuries long campaign to alleviate Russia, by any means necessary, of any amounts of its geographical locations – if willingly, all, and the vast mineral wealth contained within that was forcefully removed, by Bolshevik revolution, from the slippery homophile grip of inbred, Western European, familial “royal” scheming going back to the relatives of almost every remaining vestige of current European monarchy still in existence including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Spain, Netherlands, and Monaco. Needless to say the Globalist  institutional conglomeration of Western “royal” sleaze and their portfolios of ungodly influential, engrained controlling nature, along with the accompanying Globalist control regime are being challenged by Russia and will soon be brought to account by means of the backbone of the citizenry that these above politics Globalist freaks so despise and distractingly run roughshod over through guile, divide and conquer deception, cultural indoctrination beginning in primary education and now so intricately woven into popular culture and entertainment industry, not to mention all the up and beyond university mind warping infiltration.

My keyboarding middle fingers, they are at the mercy of my mind. The point I was trying to get at before laying that novel of a groundwork was that the second largest funder of the NATO tax-pilfered terrorist funding of “Zelensky’s:” short-lived reich are so-called European Institutions who have now kicked in well in excess of 35 billion Euros. European Institutions such as the European Commission and European Council. Certainly both regular Globalist dominated circle jerk institutions designed to prolong and advance the imperialist rules based international order of impoverishment, punishment, suffering, and death for any geographical location or individual that heels not to the centuries old Globalist whipping regimen.

Shit Parade

And where does the European Commission and European Council get the billions of dollars to sponsor death and bedlam in UKraine to prop up the ever failing Globalist model, in lieu of spending said money productively for the benefit of EU citizens? Uh huh, the lonely plebe tax-milked cattle trudging on down the abattoir of freedom path to digital enslavement and authoritarian “liberty.” Just think, once they eliminate cash, “your” money will be at the whims of their psycopathy to fund death and destruction on unlimited scale, at your even further advanced unwillingness. Hmm, sure sounds like a cause to unite in Chicxulub Globalist dinosaur searing enthusiasm! Well, one of many anyways. Eliminating incompetent, cognizant evil surely tops the list though.

Evil it be. Surely it is no coincidence that the UK and Germany top the list at nearly 11 billion Euros in conflict prolonging expenditure. They are the 2 literal root countries of the head of the current genocidal Crown of perverted perpetuity. So European Union Institutions along with Germany and the UK have now spent in excess of 56 billion Euros in a feeble attempt at propping up their nonsensical existence, to the detriment, elevated death, and economic obliteration of of the entirety of the EU proper and those unfortunate enough to be trapped by such inept representation of treasonous debauchery.

But wait, it gets worse! Remember that World Economic Forum headed by that “sovereign” country pimp, Klaus Schwab, guilty of tricking out entire populations of infiltrated countries by means of the moral and coffer filling whoredom of our feral federal political class? Once again, empty your chunder buckets now, because a guaranteed spillover effect shall be chunkily splattering off the ground and dribbling down any matter of proximity to disgust.

WEF Power Play

Well that was a frightening list. Say, did you notice that every person on that list is a Globalist Whore under the pimp-master of royal gerbil ascension-hood of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, all too eager to carry on with historical precedence in conquering and pillaging geographical locations for power, profit, economic domineering by way of graft, while subjugating the populaces in out of control debt regimes and tightening the digital slavery system due to the need to gain absolute control of every aspect of life, in the futile attempt at those few last meals of the self delusional, above politics carnivorous dinosaurs feebly picking over the scant covered osseous remains of the skeletonized societies homing in on the other worldly beacon summoning a revolutionary asteroid of one in many a lifetime gravitational anomaly.

Oh, and by the way. Not only is everyone on the above list a World Economic Forum Globalist Whore, but they are also all leaders of the countries and major institutions of the first twelve entities funding the UKraine war into the billions of dollars, to the extreme detriment of the citizenry who the money was so criminally stolen in the first place.

Perhaps it would be fair to say that a conspiracy theory it truly is not?

What else to say but, topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world indeed.

One might want to bet on the first and second place finishers for asteroidal defenestration of historic precedent to be the Globalists that consider themselves to be above politics, and the political puppet whores now so disgracing the egregious position of power they so ashamedly fill. Though those redundant government bureaucrats seem to be surely on their way to filling that podium collecting of their ejecta trajectory of the Nobel Piece Prize so hovering in low atmospheric orbit.