Fossilized Remains

Continental divide. Another school time learning experience that stuck with me all these years for some reason. Not even past years of wasted (?) and now firmly exhaled pot smoking could finagle that natural cycle concept from my holey cerebral vortex in lieu of a crap-amine sleaze-fest derivation fix of immediate gratification responsible for a shoddy synaptic webbed feat utilization for treading within a captive vessel confine. One must assume such information laid omnipresent in excavatable fossilized remains buried and scattered in the terra firmament of my mind. Sometimes picking the brain can be done with the ease of picking one’s nose – though unlike the nose, it is usually necessary to have another’s hand probe the input used in digging for the treasure.

That pot smoking will make you think you know. Of course, surely, curiosity will factor in on factorial production lined dimensional pondering and ejections. Speaking of which, sometimes I like to think that, on occasion, the water I drink may have been historically utilized as a cleaning agent, in pairing with exploratory bubbling soapy bliss tenderly exfoliating the firm and perky bosom of Joan of Arc as she reflectively cleansed the dried blood of countless English Crown swallowing slimy limey douchebags from her heavenly existence – or perhaps also, in exhilaratingly fashionable wetness to have most assuredly run elegantly over the areola peaks and parting valleys of Cleopatra’s environmental locations before being swallowed by the earth in filtering destination anew of mineral absorption. Deep thoughts, I know. And an evaporative construct too. Yes, I made Joan of Arc and Cleopatra wet!

Oh right, continental divides. Topically speaking, they are the apexes of geographical location defining topography responsible for determining, in laid groundwork and gravitationally flowing accompaniment, of where combined hydrogen & oxygen atoms so do end up after having become precipitation from the taking of awaiting evaporative bodily water constructs part and parcel of that changing for over a billion years environmental thing called a climate, where, more specifically, said mountain ranges, raised plains, or, the elevated terrestrial like play the landmark defining role into which body of water, by way of fed flowing river, the fallen rain does so disperse back into in order to repeat the nourishing cycle.

Though, continental divides are not always responsible for river systems and watersheds to ultimately drain back into an awaiting ocean or possible sea like that of the Mediterranean. As endorheic environmental catchment systems end up forming an isolated basin that are usually saline in nature and have no direct route to outflowing rivers that end up in oceanic discharge. Endorheic drainage that does occur is typically that of the water draining into marshes or swamps and then feeding the climate cycle through evaporation. Examples of endorheic basins include the Caspian Sea, Lake Eyre in South Australia, Lake Chad, as well as the Dead Sea.

Continental Divides of North America

Continental Long Division

Whoever coined the term ‘Shit Runs Downhill’ clearly was not able to sink to the crevasse dwelling pinnacle of feral federal government body politic of Globalist anatomical discomposure all too teemingly responsible for the simultaneous abundance of nonexistent closure and accompanying calamitous exposure of their existential hoser syphoning environment of catastrophic geographical location debasement running negative indemnification claws across the nation with their perverted ability to strike down human nature in a deluging torrent of getting that government pilfered cheese rolling the dimensional opposite of universal gravitational laws of acceptance while unendingly floating their holey boats submarining the path of least resistance into endlessly piling upon the inescapable moral, fiscal, and social depths of debts rolling, sucking, infiltrating, permeating, drawing, delineating, stagnating and putridly drowning their poisonously netted income streams flooding mercilessly the treading of now skimming any last hopes of buoyancy in a thoroughly causticly plain of stammered basin retained Idiocy.

No, the laws of nature, physics, decency, nor sanity run not the governmental continental divide so hoovering fiscal and situational dispersement into the sees of sorrow surely salient in any anchored, undrowned stoicism necessary to accompany an output greater than that of raw sewage environmental cohesion wallowing coast to coast to coast enthusiastically in order to excrementally swallow leech-like and feed childlike forthwith in abject choleraic delusional nutritional fallacy pumping endless the miraculously stomached existence passing as situational reality.

Indeed there is no draining for the sickly governmental continental divide basin, as a discernible, even meagre apex, nor, escape point exists not to allow for a cleansing runoff.. All settles incompetently central and is sucked forth from the elevated perimeters of societal competence ever repulsively torn involuntarily into the sucking cesspool wound of centrally planned sadistic geyser emittance responsible for eddying the remaining vestiges of willing continuance into a current trajectory heading towards breaking the whole damn construct in a clarifying nature of participatory revelation. Governments sickly continental divide is characterized not by even a basic evaporative function of constructive environmental release and relief for the perverse basin of stagnation begging for dynamic and dynamitic sensibilities for needed relief from eternally stockpiled unimaginative inundation.

The Cows Can Come Home No Longer

What are you going to do about it?