The Cee Word

These are the doggerel days of their summer, scratching a catatonic whipping posthaste of subterranean footing handily fingering a pumping-their-own-tires existence of fallacious exuberance caught up in a full on spectrum of loathing protuberance beaming an endless SOL exhausted horizon of the dank shadow of true illuminating formational cliff-dove failing into the synaptic abyss of a needed step-back reflective zero headedness. Force fed in forcefield, blocking the squareness, subtractively void of complimentarily acute right angles of necessity degreed upon emissions carrying forth a true advancement traversing well beyond another sighed bordering the trapping wastelands of yet continuing inescapable unminding mindless mindedness.

They come in all shaped sizes, locations, associations, departments, restrictions, educations, miseries, dependencies, agencies, families, propensities, misleadings, governings, and most certainly totality of “royalty” to name those thru and thru high centred, therefore mistakenly crashed in delusions of auto-graphed grandeur. Strictly an absorbed minuscule continuance upon the variance of stimulus responsible for creating a fallacious edifice of nothing more than a devouring precipice hanging in the lost balance of their projecting cowardice. Step right down folks if you dare! Although, hold on, that is why those of us dwell up here. Bargain basement prizing, they all get that ribbon, pinned through and through on their sole/soul worthy accomplishment – exhaling carbon dioxide so as to provide food for plant life united.

Time to jettison those rewards, now the trip goes downwards and inwards, as it is time to slither onwards towards those corrupted stewards of  self-blinded cowards. Cowards – so they hide, in plain sight, truly visionless by their own myopic delusions of excellence of a not so minded mind hellbent upon the perfectness of ignorance whirling rottenly between that observational vessel of clearly unattainable enlightenment proportionality of balance befitting somethingness other than their ultimate non universal vacuous celebratory nothingness.

So they dwell within an infected resolute barring, shrivelling for a shedding so as to fall prey of that which torments the highly escapable, yet self engrained destituteness, that within the poisoned, self-victimized pattern of a cast off doubtfulness of character, unbelievably looked forthrightly as a virtue, are unable to grasp the concept of humility, let alone, for universal classification of archived continuance, produce the correct countering as to the questioning of worthwhile being understandable so as to the transcending nature all so attainable to any who so chooses a path of realization as to the ultimate testing of worth any worthwhile individual does clearly seek in the elevation of oneself, when, in the accomplished process, unselfishly harbours, and then timely, builds upon the base, then so rightly laid, paving the way for ascendency anew in uplifting clarification of all to dwell in highlighted continuance into a renaissance boundless in uplifting possibilities.

Not only so, but the cowards weakly seek to infect others in premeditative corruption by ignorance and implantation of thoughts, ideas, notions, actions, violation, and erroneous paths they themselves have ignorantly bungled in the finish line lacking faults responsible for the incompleteness of their unnatural state erroneously and egregiously prodding the confines of those already suffering from incompleteness borne from the systematic jumbling and outright obfuscation of the needed universal constructs paved over by way of a millennial-generational deceptive guile transgressing a moral code that should be nourishingly feeding, from inception, the elevated capabilities laying dormant in mind of state state of mind confines all too ceremoniously cheered as something of value, though in objective reality, possessing the intrinsic value of nothing more than assembly line production rendering humanity’s synaptic potential and universal advancement into a slippery descent reminiscent of the reflective mire so mirrored in present day erring of illy learned inability running in step with a shoddy predisposition to deteriorated teachings amass.

Though surely instances of cowardice make a coward not. Affright to one’s own occasional personal quarrel in traversing where once one dwells/dwelled, and in the end passing through and coming to the realization of where it is necessary to truly exist; who has not, for reasons varying whichever, acted in such a manner to have not hurled cowardice upon one’s and others living? Unquestionably, this author can in no way profess to have not projected cowardice into this world in the observably distant past. Such bouts knowingly, should be, in retrospective analysis, strictly one of the puzzled instances of needed transgressive overcoming and continuous onwards movement. Assuredly, the regressively absorbed institutional confines of obedience, by design, put in place to withhold and hamper the awaiting, fully discoverable true meaningful existence deceptively, stealthily and so bindingly prevent, by many, of all attained pyramidal dimensions, the now not so natural nature of an orderly nurture absorbed keenly and in cleansing transcendence, of which, when confidently grasped, does, so, squeeze lifeless, previous engrained nonsensical hysteria of chaotic saturation deceptively sprouting the means of a harmonious being intently living to advanced potential.

Definitively it would not be erroneous to even decree so, that, countless who may give appearance to others of engaging in activities that some may erroneously claim to be performed by those of brave exaltation, may in fact be, and would be universally exact to make the claim that such a person of hollow bravado is unequivocally a greater coward than that of a paralyzingly meek individual living within an overly restrained and highly sheltered inward trajectory. But how, one might ask, could an act of roiling and toiling, on occasion dizzyingly tossed about in undulating oceanic experience of long distance seamanship even be akin to, let alone be overpoweringly exceeded by that of a true reflective origin leading to a selfless universal enhancement by way of engaging, by whichever means effective, to stand up to true ignorance and degradation, no matter the cost, monetarily and existentially, while in doing so, refusing to heel to the perverted little regressive confined sickness that true abusive power has laid the ruling lines to which near all others have not the gumption, nor mere basic stoic resourcefulness and towering enlightenment to have the will, let alone the moral or actuating fortitude unerringly expended for those of selfless classification coming to unparalleled realization that existence exists not without the endless prowess in doing that which is serving the cause of elevating the entirety of humanity by way of realizing that to do otherwise in no way serves a true comprehended association of oneself to a fully digested absorption of universal understanding?

For you see, an instance of cowardice may be as simple as not acting upon and bringing to be into the world that questioning voice of reason that surely all possess, of which many mistakenly ignore, by fault of the systemic programming nature of an assaulted true harmonious equilibrium via rigid dissociated hijacking of one’s transparent free-spirited alignment; undetectably unleashed via moulded continuance of the state apparatus overly propelled to the detriment of the greater focusing picture currently unrolled in sheeted excessiveness while claiming to be that of a mosaic masterpiece for beneficial eternity. Whereas a cowards entire hollow repertoire falsely portrayed as that of actually being, entwines the entirety of the living hell wholly undetectable in their fractured reality framing the inability for instances of cowardice to be unleashed, no doubt, as the inability to cease a cowardly existence, ultimately renders one unable to have instances of cowardice, strictly classifying and boiling such a despicable maggot as that of a fully branded coward throughout every aspect of time and space. As such, instances of cowardice are capable of amends and atonement in the general variety; whereas to be a coward guarantees those as truly being SOL, where the only variable will be as to how much they so suffer once said coward comes to meet the maker.

No, it matters not of the false appearance that the true coward, terminally infected with a cowardly disposition attempts to disguise their true nature with by way of glitter, pomp, salient nothingness in a pumping-their-own-tires infection, braggadocio of pseudo magnifico, capturing the stewed in accompanying bottom of the barrel rank nothingness; regardless of supposed intellectual ability, unending deception based upon delusions of grandeur and centred on ignorance and self-graft; swallowed enthusiastically by the desperate for a meal cognitively starved purée of endless auditory mind-leaked shoulder staining drip. No, they see it not; not even if being spelled out in absolute basic clarity.

Pumping-Their-Own-Tires Disease

A swollen head invariably carries it.