Open Err Prise-On

Encompassment of choking totality born, multigenerational occupied scorn, existential inescapably forlorn, violation of endless attrition worn, always in the end equating to desperate illumination of imperialistic Crusader form begetting further regressively war torn.

Meet the new Globalist bosses, same as the old Globalist bosses. Welcome to the production lying bottom line – a reversely engineered final solution resolution, so to speak, for the mega-phoney dials of oily pressed machinations unpalatable. Time to collect that factorial bonus; hands down, a lands down extravaganza settling in on the out and out olive branch burning bushwhacking of candled lamp-lighting. Hoorah the Torah, or else. Well, those falsely representing the Torah anyways. What – tv wouldn’t lie, would it? Globalist Zionist pigpen it be.

I know what you are thinking: with someone, who, on his maternal side of the family is a treed descendant of two separate branches of surnames ending in stein, of which some were historically unfortunate to have been murdered in the holocaust; surely this article must be an ode to anti-semitism? Guilty as charged in the kangaroo court fault line violation. Though trust me, I have no problem dropping a deuce upon where it needs to be served.

Endless Skeletons in Their Close-it

Years ago I read the book: Against Our Better Judgement – The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel, by Allison Weir (a must read for beginning to understand the Israeli conundrum of today). The main part of the book is only 90 pages in length, but has an additional 130 pages of footnotes/sources. Is the book a tell all of the complete history of modern day Zionism/Israel (Zionism and Israel in reality are highly separable from the Jewish faith if one is able to objective think for oneself) from the commencement of end of the 19th century when Ashkenazi Jews were “tentatively” searching for what seems quite certain as an already determined Palestine geographical location that was assuredly expedited at the hands of the British Empire’s acquirement by means of territorial control given over by the Ottoman Empire? No, it most certainly is not. But it certainly could get one started in attaining the needed knowledge to dispel the mainstream concocted “fact checked” history narrative of modern day Israel being some benign, rational, compulsory, idealistic, romanticized, benevolent, or even logical idea to have been so furiously acted out, ultimately in haste, to the detriment of what could be debated as the entirety of humanity. And most certainly that a dispeller of Israeli propaganda is in no way, shape or form an anti-semite. The above mentioned book surely also gives a glimpse of, how politics, when left in the hands of moral prostitution, a vacuum of virtue, camouflaged graft, and endless bribery, or “lobbying” by way of extremely small special interest groups is able to set the world into a collision course destined to bring endless death and destruction to unlimited generational continuity the world over. Cancel culture has existed for over a century, and the Zionist movement seems to be the originator.

Perhaps this is the opportune time to let everyone know that when a rabbi makes coffee in the morning, more than likely, he-brews it.

Perhaps a brief history lesson would be that of stating that what used to be Palestine was under control of the Ottoman Empire (14th to early 20th century) until near the end of World War One, which wasn’t at the time called World War One, but, what now could only be comically referred to as, “The War to End All Wars.” At the time Britain “inherited” Palestine and brought forth the Balfour Declaration after the end of Ottoman Empire rule, the population of Palestine was in and around 96% Muslim and Christian, of whom owned around 99% of the land.

Israeli “Self Defence”

Truly, since inception, therefore in the decades leading up to inception, Israel was foundationally idealized and brought forth by means of acts of graft, terror, and war. David Ben-Gurion, an ardent Zionist and Israel’s first prime minster openly declared that outright war was the only means to establish a “Jewish” state, and that a nuclear weapons arsenal was Israel’s only chance for continuation into the future. Murder and displacement of the Palestinian people is Israel’s founding principle, and anyone capable of objective though might very well come to the conclusion that the Ashkenazi “Jews” of mainly European genetic makeup quite literally began a new Crusade beginning in the early twentieth century (in my opinion planned for decades prior) and all is still on track now over one hundred years later. Deny, delay, denigrate, demarcate, decapitate – demonstrable developments definitively. The sole reason as to why a two state solution has never been brought to fruition is that Globalist powers want it to happen not. The point of a Crusade is total conquer, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Yes, I said terrorism was a critically important founding action to begin the narrative that all “Jews” needed a permanent safe haven respite to call home. When I say terrorism, I mean Globalist Zionist on Jewish terrorism. Such terror incidents were acted out upon Iraqi Jews as well as in other countries such as Poland. Such contrived actions and exploitations walking hand in hand along with endless Zionist propaganda, which by now had thoroughly infiltrated and infected the American political scheming machine were done in order to dupe all too unwilling Judaism followers to buy into a narrative that was plainly not going over as Zionist wishes wanted in order to get their obscene goose-stepping jackboot into the Palestine front door. No, they would need something big for that. Any guesses? Hint, just a hollow-cost of doing Globalist business.

Dirty little secrets. Forget that, how about obscene gigantic truisms. Yes, that is more like it. Here we go again – topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world. Those revolutionary dizzying effects – swirling and whirling, til one wants to chunderously explode. So, how about those Nazis? No, not todays UKrainian Neo-Nazi extravaganza and True-dope’s Canadian funding cheerleading squad of useless parliamentarians. We are talking old school originator Nazi’s (the Crown and Throne Trolls) here people, Yes, you got it now; Hitler’s Nazi’s and the American Globalists and corporations that funded and contributed to their Nazi war effort. Crazy, I know. After all, truth can be stranger than fiction.

SS Underdeklausspredinbich (SS = Sodomite Spectacular)

Though surely one must be thinking, but surely Nazis and Jews don’t mix, unless it was in exterminatory genocide that is? Well, however, Zionists and Nazis are a different story – an absolutely true story. With Israel’s first prime minister and dedicated Zionist, David Ben-Gurion being extremely sympathetic to the Nazis persecution of Germany’s Jews under the hope of it creating Zionist expansionism and the needed immigrants to Palestine in order for the Crusade hidden disguise within a “Jewish” (Globalist Zionist) state.

In the early days of Hitler’s Reich, Zionists and the Nazi Party willingly collaborated in order for Germany to expel a portion of the Jewish population, with there actually being a propagandistic commemorative medal with a swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other side. In fact, in 1933, Zionist leaders signed the Haavara Agreement with Hitler’s Nazi Germany that saw 50,000+ German Jews and 100 million in currency exported to Jewish Palestine in exchange for the Zionist movement to end an economic boycott upon Nazi Germany and it’s foundational principles of Jewish persecution. Where assuredly the Zionists had themselves a win-win situation: warm, pliable bodies to further the cause of continued infiltration and expansion of a “Jewish State,” and the means to financially support Nazi Germany, who by predetermined actions would continue to ruthlessly assault further German Jewish citizenry with assuredly (?) the Zionist benefit of creating continued discriminatory and future murderous regimes that internationally had to feed in to the “Jewish State” necessity.

Even Notorious Nazi SS Obersturmführer Adolph Eichmann met on numerous occasions with Zionist leaders including David Ben-Gurion’s chief assistant Teddy Kollek. Not only so, but Eichmann, as well, making a visit to Jewish Palestine in 1937 after learning to speak rudimentary Hebrew and Yiddish and considered an expert on the Zionist movement. Yes, Eichmann was notoriously active in the extermination of Jews in the Holocaust, an extermination that did not kick into high gear until it was apparent that the foray into Russian Territory had failed, the vast Soviet energy and mineral resources needed to feed the Reich had gone kaput, and therefore that the Jewish slave labour needed to partake in producing such industry would not be needed, therefore the Jewish “stockpile” was eagerly earmarked for complete eradication once it was apparent that the Nazi’s would most certainly be defeated.

After World War Two was over, the Globalist Americans and British began loading up the Zionist regime with overpowering military hardware, and the Zionist Israeli regime unleashed their ethnic cleansing territorial ambitions upon the Palestinian populace which came to be known as the Nakba. Welcome to the Holy Land. And to this day, the modern day Crusade carries on, where, Palestinians in abundance, including women and children, for decades have been systematically, murdered, displaced, humiliated, psychologically assaulted, terrorized, marginalized, propagandized, dehumanized, and according to international law; illegally downsized, in which case the only means to get attention to the world of their plight is to act out in retaliatory violence; of which the lie-factory media misrepresents as Palestinian aggression; foregoing to mention any details of the endless systematic Israeli Zionist (not Jewish) killing and conquering.

Occam’s Razer?

What does the future hold for “Palestine” and Israel? Certainly more tilted to one-sided violence and death, that is for sure. With Israel seeming to have purposefully allowed the recent Hamas onslaught into Israel to happen for Globalist theatrical full effect purposes, Giving the self imposed Israeli Green light, with Empire Du Jour ‘Do Not Stop Until You Repeatedly Pass Go’ monopolizing advertising insensibilities (what else is new?), in the process ruthlessly punishing the stuck in the middle of it all Palestinians to eat white phosphorous and dehydratingly desiccate to death.

Where Hamas fighter are all to willing, even enthusiastic to die for what surely seems to be, as of now, a fruitless historical bearing. Surely the Hamas leadership were wise enough to realize that Israel’s eventual response will be the total annihilation of what is seeming to be at least half of the Gaza Strip, so undoubtedly must have water and food stores galore in the mass subterranean network that snakes in Cù Chi adulation; possibly even US military rations and weapons purposefully left in Afghanistan in order to foment a burning down of the world that is all too willingly and blatantly rejecting the Globalist Empire Du Jour abomination that has been running downtrodden roughshod in terrifying excess for the past two decades, not to mention the previous 500 years of adjoining Crowning bereavement.

Though something tells me in the future; perhaps nearer than farther, the Globalist Zionist war criminals guilty of running one of the greatest rackets of the 20th, into the 21st century will most certainly be dining upon a comeuppance of non-kosher humble pie of their self levelled swine origins. Inclusive of the enabling mass of the US government representatives deeply and pervertedly entwined in the pay for play scheme that some may conclude is in fact the Zionist tale wagging the home of the transgender anomaly pooched fetching regime. Lobby that hellevator!

Really, it is possible for Muslims, Jews, Christians, Pastafarians, and other denominations to live peacefully within many Geographical locations. Perhaps once the future occupation of Israel is underway, the new global rapprochement of international peace and trade has been signed by the post-defenestrated Globalist shit-show of todays grotesque shame, the city of Jerusalem and surround will be regarded as the Capital city of the world; welcoming any and all race, and religion; where truly higher education places of learning will be established under an enlightening construct of logic, wisdom, and reason to replace the thought graves that todays education systems of close-minded indoctrination have been brewing and stewing regressively for decades now……

Either that, or the Guinness Book of World Records will be setting the record for largest singular mushroom cloud, as well as most mushroom clouds in the same geographical area in the shortest amount of time. Sadly, all nukes will have been launched from Israel itself. The Zionist hatred of the Arab is that great, as is the white trash contingent of those unfortunate enough to have been swallowed unholy by the disgusting Zionist/Israeli cultural indoctrination programming unleashed upon them from time of inception onwards. It truly exists; I have met a few of its firsthand victims; as well as those on the other end of the spectrum. Night and day does no justice – comatose and universal dwelling is more appropriate.