Mindless Shock Gobbles Afoul A Foul

Time to grab your water wings again people, the bleeding-heart surface squirting piss parade whirlpool is unremarkably still blowing hot air into substantive, fully blinded murkier depths of downright stuck clinging despair belaying con-formative ankle-biter deep springboard high-jive low-life manifestation insensibilities paralyzingly shallow upon their opaquely antireflective tread on thee, back stroke stealing, knows plugged and wrinkled, caught-up throw-down right-in-front left-behind encompassing clogged drain stagnated, slime ridden oozing sub-straight substrate curdled on by way of follow the “leader” reversed enemata stuffing outright inboard thoroughly obliterated choppiness upon the modern day See of Galilei. Galileo Galilei.

Certainly a well below see level entrapment basin pooling of: give a scam a fish in order to perpetuate a perpetual graft, in the politicized process lining up that perverted government hook to fully sink the baited breadth of self, and accompanying false political power manipulation caught upon a woke, throw in the towel-ism for a future bottom feeding prerogative symbiosis of sleaze to parasitically feed wholesale retrogradingly upon each other while indecently bleeding the overly sentient hosts storing pent, reflexively kinetic energy of the sole universal field of full-circle orbiting clarity anew.

Drowning upon the See of Galilei indeed. Galileo Galilei; gala free – via the gallows fee – incompetence. Societally hung out to dry and burnt upon the stake of incessant foolery of the ruling class of ungraduated insolence roaming the halls of power, shadowed incessantly by way of the fourth estate upon the fifth column in the non-janitorial form so befitting their true aptitude. Truly stuck in their piddly miscreant self-loathing proof is in the pudding vessel of Crown-nosed Political Creationism continuance by any way of their transmogrified substance, shape, and forlorn form.

Pfft! Common Sense and Logic is Heresy

Yes, while those with revolutionary, earth shattering, history rewriting, truly observational, contrarian, empowering, and societal advancing ideas & observations put forth the needed stimuli building blocks for a new enlightenment and the necessary footing to escape the current Dark Age of the twenty first century regressively hellbent continuance following the thoroughly beaten path of defeat trampled headlong into the waiting trap of the age old delineated labyrinth of inescapable terminal velocity, the boorish slobs behind the balsa wood curtain, their stringed puppet instruments, of either moral prostitution, and/or complete fallacious “existence” erringly continue to ignore, mock, threaten, assault, besmirch, marginalize, shoot down, shrug off, and most assuredly soon tremble forthright in fully extinguished gaslight as the growing stream of informational knowledge waves a tidal drowning current all too worthy of revealing and thoroughly decimating the cemented, subliminally engrained open conspiracy & institutionalized heresy odiously reeking within, then sickly puked forth wrongly via the thoroughly rancid, soul-sucking Political Creationism borne by way of centuries old, soon to be dethroned status quo architects of regressive aggression.

Political Creationism – surely only a liberty hating nonbeliever would swallow that unpotable poison of party politics. Well, we are most assuredly living in a bonafide Dark Age. Gulp, gulp say the cognizantly starved, cruel, cruel gruel dwellers feeding upon themselves in cannibalistic societal body emulation. Beware of anybody wanting other than personal responsibility, accountability, participatory effort and the societal system designed to mete out such advancing possibility for the entirety. Though instead, the Universal Basic Ignorance rains supreme in their shameless newfound self-drowning atmospheric cry me a river backwardness of forefront drowned ineptitude – welcome to the Dark Age indeed; if one can not see such an illuminated fright, then one is an unwitting contributor to the black hole feeding the opaqueness of said inky nightmare guiding society headlong into the short-tale of unepic distortion.

Cosmically Simple Outcome

Ah, Universal Basic Ignorance – that is some heavy stuff. Dark Age kind of heavy. Why doth the Dark Age fool vie not for a Universal Basic Effort? Or perhaps Universal Basic Philosophy? Is a Universal Basic Understanding necessary for a rational formative dwelling? Has the system become so convoluted that it is overpoweringly manufacturing a Universal Basic Failing? Would Universal Basic Exercise be considered a legislative advancement?  Could it be a Universal Basic Obviousness to state that systemic government incompetence are the creators, enablers, and/or overpowering contributors of the negative feedback loop of current Dark Age creationism and foreseen continuance to anyone not stuck with their head in varying mind trappings? Is one who thinks that we are here for a “good time” instead of continued self-improvement, responsibility, and accountability framework be considered to be giving the necessity of a Universal Basic Worth? When one continually goes out of ones way in making the right choices for a furthering into the realm that clearly rewards one with stoic principles of total advancement, would such be considered a Universal Basic Enlightenment? Surely to not tell one what it is necessary to improvingly hear, regardless of supposed “feelings,” without question must assuredly be a Universal Basic Insult, no? Surely a Universal Basic Courtesy would be to give one’s best effort on a daily basis? I could go on infinitely you know…..

In reality; to search out, analyze, define, dissect, then contemplatively wrap one’s mind around, objectively, in accompaniment of participatory logical means of the litany of above Universal Basic Truisms, of which are literally free to imbibe, for any and all to willingly participate would altogether eliminate the hideous linear nothingness captivating the totality of the enervating sad-sack contingent of heliocentric-starved emaciations fraudulently charged with accreditation and pseudo beneficial credence that a Universal Basic Income is a sound, rational, beneficial, or even thought worthy idea. Imagine that: a free for all Universal Basic Truism enlightenment (functioning education system) to end the societal and psyche destroying Universal Basic Income monstrosity free for all pitched by the Globalist Scourge of the World Economic Forum and the stringed political instruments falling prey to the web while looking to perpetually devolve and dissolve human freedom and the necessary choices that go along with such reality: forget feudalism and communism, welcome to their next infinite misery; dumb, dumb, dumbunism for all. Whether your stolen money, or their stolen wellbeing.

World Economic Forum Centrally Planned Treason

Though in reality, society has reached a technological vantage point of participatory two-cents-able able to fully sever the idiotic bleeding heart scourge of such nonsense as a Universal Basic Income and other ignorance from the Freddy Kruger identity politics nightmare murdering the last few vestiges of common sense, decency, and logic torture device splitting the “minds” of the thoroughly defeated pudding clique; though more on such an inflection point will be coming later – if my now way past, fully exhaled marijuana regime induced early onset dementia does not have me ringing off countless penis jokes from here to oblivion! Alright, forget about penis jokes; truly, what I have for y’all is just strictly a bunch of dicks. No, oblivion neither; just ignorance digging a big old mass grave designed to bury sanity and common sense. Universal Basic Ignorance will tend to do that to geographical locations of any size. Even the family dwelling unit.

In circumscribable totality the foreskin gave the tip, “You are hardly giving me the shaft, no balls about it.”

Oh right, erecting the exposure of Cana-duh’s Universal Basic Income Ignorance scheme of nonsense. Believe it or not, Cana-duh’s Senate (suppository chamber) has already had two readings of a private member bill (S-233) to enact a Guaranteed Basic Livable Income (GBLI) for ANYBODY 17 years of age or older. Yeah, “free” money to sit on one’s ass and do sweet fuck-all. And certainly, a great majority of lazy dumb-shit loafers truly will, if the dumbunist commissars get their way. The GBLI is now in the report stage compilation in order to give the reverse enemata (senators) a chance to rudely shock gobble in logorrheic Satanic unversed continuance.

Yes, this is Cana-duh! Universal Basic Ignorance abounds in the Great White-Trash North Weak and Captive totality of geographical location; so no, to have a bill for Guaranteed Basic Livable Income being before the Senate is surely not enough for the mind-captive, janitorial worthy, Iota  “personalities” of defunctness disgracing the narrow minded halls of egregious power; so poop slinging monkey see, poop slinging monkey do: à la mode Guaranteed Basic Livable Income bill (C-223) currently to have already had its first reading occur in the odious House of Commons. Yes, Cana-duh currently has two Guaranteed Basic Livable Income bills, each disgracefully before the House and Senate.

Cana-duh – A Dumbunist State of the Nether Mind

That is some ominous foreboding, “citizens” of Cana-duh. The blind Senate leading the blind House, and the lowly devourers of defecating principles taking up their rear in hopes of snorting some Globalist feudalist/communist/dumbunist crumbs criminally stolen from the hardworking contingent of society. And yes, government tomfoolery projects a GLBI, by Parliamentary Budget Office decree, to reduce poverty rates up to 49% in Cana-duh, at the initial cost of 87.6 BILLION dollars annually, of which will continually rise in price for obvious reasons to anybody capable of basic philosophical pondering and human nature analyses. I mean hey, it is not like the bloated incompetent structure, and complete lunacy of government debt systems is the main force striking down societal harmony and varying forms of independence. Governments ineptitude at ending poverty has utterly failed from the inception of government; there is no fixing ignorant stupidity after all. Time for a Pitchforks United Party running on a defenestration platform of common sense.

Perhaps the scariest part of these ridiculous GLBI bills is that if they pass it requires the Globalist serving Minister of Finance to implement a Cana-duh wide framework for a GLBI to be unconditionally available to anyone who so chooses to be a lazy, contemptible, ignorant, self-defeatist in need of an attitude and universal understanding adjustment, now thoroughly and pathetically reinforced by the massive fissures of what can be nothing other than complete and utter government incompetence admixture, including the would worms, squirming and squinting blindly at the bottom of society’s inverted barrel. Topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world, it’s a bitch. And speaking about, in overt flattery terms, of scary bitches: Cana-duh’s Minister of Finance, that red-dressed Globalist pig, Chrystia Slaveland; a member of the Forum’s Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum, and wouldn’t you know it, a Rhodes Scholar programmed to unflinchingly serve the Globalist agenda to any degree of treason necessary. Yes, her, Klaus Schwab’s double fisting treasonist using Cana-duh as a test grounds to implement Globalist hijacking techniques.

V Ain’t For Victory Anymore

Devolutionary incompetence and pandering nonsense, welcome to politics 101 in the 21st century. Mindless me, me, me – gimme, gimme, gimme servitude ineptitude to the detriment of basic advancement, common sense, fiscal awareness, let alone responsibility, or origin of a non-liquified base.

As mentioned above in foreshadowing preview, I had let slip that a rational and competent society, or even a semi-cognizant one for that matter, has the knowhow and means to accomplish their virtue signalling trappings, logical necessities, and endeavours between; and all with leaving out the patheticness of politicians, idiocy of tax theft, and forced participation of those unwilling give up their hard earned money, or the dramatic wastes of time and societal energy brought forth by the pudding clique seeking attention for whatever the issue of the short attention span of the moment dragging into the Dark Age continuance seems to crawlingly slither from the poorly finished woodwork of zombified threshold crossing.

Let one put their money where their mouth is in any two-cents-able liking patchings they so choose, so long as they do not drag the public coffers, framework of common sense, and any other logical truism down with their irrational bleeding-heartathon of tv armchair guru hoodoo doo-doo voodoo into such a mired sinking. If a FOOL wants to give Crowdfunding charity to the ridiculous notion of a Universal Basic Income, let it be done, out of their own damn pocket. Certainly the form of government, federal, should in no way be thinking about a UBI, let alone have two current bills in two different suicide chambers fit for blowing the publics brains out with such a Globalist machination.

Truly the FOOL can not register that the larger any form of government gets, the worse off society is going to become, and a more massive amount of squandered money will be needed to accomplish diminishing “returns” that in no way is an actual investment upon anything, and certainly not those used as addicts to continue the egregious government pimping.

Yes, let the disenfranchised virtue signallers, and other backers of actual issues of importance give their own time and money to remedy for whatever “injustice,” “necessity,” or actuality they want to highlight or kick and scream about in illogical tantrum dust cloud of insensibilities or matter of factness they so choose. Federally, without a doubt; provincially, ditto – right down to the civic and neighbourhood classification.

21st Century Encompassment

An example of such is the recent provincial election in Manitoba, which seemed to become a no holds barred greasy wrestling match focused upon whether the front-running political parties were going to spend 184 MILLION dollars to dig up the Brady Road landfill in order to find the bodies of two unfortunate women to very well being buried there after having being killed and disposed of by a death deserving coward. And wouldn’t you know it, the virtue signalling professional liar and panderer of the New Democrat Party (communist) won the “right” to waste government stolen money.

Surely no rational person could state that it is a sound idea to spend 184 MILLION dollars on something that is a literal bridge to nowhere being built from criminally pilfered tax regimes. Really, would not the rational thing to do have been to put out a private plea to the citizens of Manitoba, Canada, and the world if whoever was willing to donate to the cause saw fit by Crowdfunding campaign. Heck, if I lived in Manitoba I would be furious about my tax dollars going to such an issue; but in all reality, if I was brought aware to the cause where I live in BC, I would honestly have zero qualms about pitching in 10 dollars if the campaign was to be privately funded and enacted by volunteers willing to put in the effort to leave government and its complete and utter incompetence out of it.

Is there a moral or lesson to be learned from this article. Well, possibly more than one. Perhaps the biggest would be that anyone thinking that government, especially that of the Globalist variety is going to accomplish anything meaningful, let alone beneficial to society, have been thoroughly duped. That mind of state state of mind, like Chrystia Slaveland, is most certainly an utterly useless bitch for anything other than graft. Yet the FOOLS cary on picking their red/blue/green/poly-vomit colours for the continuance of the sleaze they see as making a difference in the fantasy dwelling nonsense that their slave-masters have beaten so thoroughly into them that they are not even cognizant enough to realize it strictly exists only for the FOOL validates the invalid under the guise to which they have been tricked into thinking has something to do with free will and democracy. FOOLS indeed.

Surely a Direct Democracy of the future will by fiscal sanity leave more money in the hands of the citizenry, where more issues, pressing or not, will be highlighted, invoked, and solved by means of individual participation of actual free will, in the process being a new found form and sense of rationality to what has become a thoroughly irrational world.