Six Decrees of Desecration

Here is some history of which I read about a dozen or so years ago, recycled for continuance into the minds for those which the power structure of ignorance have done their all to try and make sure that society in general would hopefully forget. One of those dirty little secrets that is an all and all filthy massive truism, buried intently.

It was A Date Which Will Live in Infamy. Oh wait a minute, hold on, America already has that date restrictive moniker. No, check that, this event is a grandiose sweeping under the rug, then subsequent burning down of the house in order to eliminate the rug type of deal. Make that the  White House – razing it down, so to speak, in political prostitution and beholden cowardice. No, forget A Date Which Will Live in Infamy, this one is more aptly classified, and categorized as A Date Which Many Will Die in Nefariousness. Yeah, that sounds about right. Somewhere right about in the middle of Blitzkrieg and its unholy alliance of Shock and Awe. Let’s call it Concussive Stupor. How stupendous!

Ever heard of the Six-Day War, otherwise known as the Third Arab–Israeli War? Fought between the Israeli army on one side, and Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian armies and Palestinian contingent on the other. The Six-Day War was fought from June 5th to June 10th 1967. That is one hell of a short war one must be thinking; makes the Seven Years War look like a blink of the eye! Damn right about that. Let’s just say the Egyptian-Arab coalition ended up with a heck of a lot more of the barnyard on their face other than the proverbial egg. In such Egypt temporarily lost the Sinai Peninsula which was returned in 1982 a few years after an Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, and Syria lost the Golan Heights, still in Israeli hands to this day.

Though this article is about the Six-Day War, It is time to cut the Egyptian and the Arab combatants out of the melee and insert the Americans in a one sided Concussive Stupor for the ages. Well Dark Ages anyways, in attemptive mislabelling, less travelled archival drawer concealment. Like the Blitzkrieged Polish in 1939, Shock and Awed Iraqi’s of 1991, it was the USA -USA-USA’s! moment for Concussive Stupor at Israeli offering.


On June 8th, 1967, American spy ship USS Liberty was sailing in international waters off Egypt’s coast, sent to gather intelligence on the currently unfolding Six-Day War. The USS Liberty’s sole means of defence was four, 50 calibre machine guns to defend a crew of just under 300 seamen.

On the morning of June 8th Israeli reconnaissance planes had identified, by radio and thru spotter means, the USS Liberty as an American vessel and flew varying sorties over the ship for hours until the early afternoon. At around 2pm Israeli jets mercilessly unloaded with rockets, armour piercing bullets, and napalm against the virtually indefensible USS Liberty and accompanying sailors. And that was just to say hello! Say, did I mention that the Israeli military had jammed the USS Liberty’s tactical as well as International distress frequencies preventing the Liberty for radioing for help.

USS Liberty – Post Israeli Concussive Stupor

A full nine hours after Israel having known that the USS Liberty was a clearly marked and identified American vessel – following the rocket, armour piercing, and napalm orgy of destruction, the Israel Navy sent in a torpedo boat to finish the USS Liberty off, firing five torpedoes, of which one hit the mark, killing a couple of dozen seamen outright. Then in all out depravity, Israeli gun boats approached and commenced machine gunning the USS Liberty’s life rafts in an attempt to make it impossible for any survivors to escape if the now heavily listing ship were to sink. Basically, it seems as if the Israeli army was attempting to murder everyone on board and then plead ignorance, as the USS Liberty up until then was not able to reach out for any help due to jammed radio frequencies.

Eventually, one of the seamen of the USS Liberty was able establish contact with a US carrier by means of a jerry-rigged radio transmission, and once the Americans contacted the Israeli army, the Israeli army brass proceeded to ignorantly make it seem as if they had no idea what they had done for the past few hours.

Of the nearly 300 crewman aboard the USS Liberty, 34 were killed outright, and 172 seamen were injured in varying degrees of maiming.


And who was US president at the time of the USS Liberty incident? Why none other than Lyndon Johnson, of whom many suspect as being involved to some degree in the JFK assassination. President Johnson did seem to make an attempt at letting the odious rot emanate from the vessel, but was subsequently blackmailed under the threat of ‘antisemitism’ by means of the originators of Cancel Culture – the Israel Lobby via Jewish donors reluctance to make the needed campaign contributions if Johnson decided to run for president in the next election.

In 1967 it was thought that the Israel Lobby, through Jewish donors had the capacity to hold sway in 169 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House.

Also, in order to sweeten the deal for sweeping the USS Liberty incident under the rug and burning down the integrity of the White House, Israeli Intelligence supplied Johnson with Soviet SA-2 antiaircraft missiles and missile systems which had been wreaking havoc on US pilots in Vietnam.

So under the rug the USS Liberty went, where a year or so after the USS Liberty incident American “aid” to Israel increased fourfold, and America proceeded to replenish the weapons that Israel had used in the Six-Day War.

Though do not take my word for it. Let seamen of the USS Liberty, and political insiders give first person accounts.