So, where does one go from here? Well, first, suppose one might have to contemplate where here is to be exact, in order to get there. So now a second topping of the front line becomes designated to get to the bottom of everything in between the third realization of hopefully reaching a terminal vantage point destined to understand the analytical lowdown commencing from the preeminent high-up fourth stanza leading into the eventual depths upon the fifth delving wordy introductory offer alignment internal from the margins of encompassing totality most assuredly alphabetically weaving a sixth instalment destined to carry rightly the necessary anticipation wielding the continuation underlining the seventh degree of separation between the not so blurred lines emitted of an eighth sentient reproductive order brought downwardly expanding so as to carry on descending rightly for the ninth live wiring altogether formatively congealed in grammatical solidity resting evermore in the deca-dense interwoven operability destined in continuity to altogether cast onwards and outwards offering an eleventh delineated pattern harnessing a discerning inclination into the chemical reactions needed to mixingly cook so many a dozen synaptic bridgings overlong via paragraphical termination resting headlong into triskaidekaphobia.

Oh shit. Well that was a monumental waste of time one might say. Possibly even imposing unstatuesquely ginormous upon the word-heap of mystery? Those damn word salads, they can do that to you you know. Insinuating tartly, a souring experience distaste? Lemon-entry my dear What’s-in, lemon-entry. Certainly we are now more closely situated to be getting there – from here anyways; though what is now here, at nascent offering is now most assuredly there; though not the there to which is the target of slinging these alphabetical projectiles forthwith into not looking back from whence they came. Say, perhaps, here nor there in perpetuity, always in the in-between, until we reach there, of which, of course, will be here by the time we get there. Definitely demonstrable demarcation dependent. There it went, til it comes again that is, then there it will be. Indubitably, English is a bizarre language; though such contemplative pondering was derived from the fact that it is the only language capable of harbouring my pureed thought processing. Oh, to murderously clobber concisely in Swahili diatribe undertaking. If one had something worthy to say, that is. Ah, here we are, and there we go. The future there, anyways – if one is able to hang in there; heaven knows, from here on out rightly, anything could transpire.

Where to get to the bottom of things here in contemplative accomplishment worthy of fundamental decommissioning thereafter, rest assured of an uptake befitting the downward drive, possibly giving meaning from whence it was deemed wittingly pertinent to calculatingly escape the preemptively striking confines insofar as to wield the pen anew in searched casting, so as to cleave the sordid misgivings hacked bluntly from there to here encompassment totality, revolving degreed in continuance from acceptance decreed unquestioned in porous absorptive encephalitis lethargica of the down and out syndrome struggle wordily wrestling an adjective induced prolonging heartily needed of a circulatory system capable refreshment from here on out culminating in an enlightened advantage advancing contingent expending the critical velocity needed to transgress all in all momentous upheaval here to there in perpetuity.

Speaking of which to what that may very well be a spirited, cathartic, transcendentally inward reflective philosophical emitting continuance spanning therefor into the hereafter dimensionally altered spheric universal circumnavigation deeply alluding to a tendered tendril delineated multi-connectivity gravitating cerebral cortex impelled infusion symbiosis regenerative helical planed substrate pointedly altering an anomalous linear warped out & out morbidly opaque lacerative parameter induced void trapping gravitationally recessive disadvantaged point reigned mercilessly ever-long in roughshod downtroddenness of existential entrepôt derived drones intently tuned out humming Globalist anthem anathema.

So here we are, and there we go.