Just like a Catholic priest at summer camp in the middle of the night, this website – ENDPOLITICIANS.COM – life-changingly spewed forth a contemplative medium of substantive offering affecting the mind of the one so singled out being unfortunate enough to have to carry the load, while all that its chosen recipient wanted to accomplish was that of getting some shuteye in defiance of the crude awakening rendered tossingly headlong by Father Time; where in doing such, drastically changed the face of, in what was surely destined to repeatedly arise in order to come weekly evermore into the substantive of grasping future unleashed rightly and left in private for dangling societal intake as the penitence necessary for repeatedly swallowing the mainstream narrative and the penance such sin entails of sole salvation into true inescapable individualism in order to truly serve mankind to fulfilling universal coalescent potential.

I’d like to say that the unleashing and continuance of ENDPOLITICIANS.COM has, and continues to be a religious experience, though such, according to a heightened membership into universal transcendentalism would undoubtedly be an understated misgiving, a highly delineated misnomer, undoubtedly a misappropriation of descriptive nature, whereas, in Utah, perhaps though a misdemeanour of felonious intent. It is after all hard to match such other religious experiences the likes of martyrdom in blowing oneself and proximity dwelling humanity into kingdom come so as to collect the reward of 72 virgins in the afterlife for fulfilling such nonsensical homicidal actions. Though really, has anyone stopped to think of who were the sick SOB’s killing innocent virgins at a rate of 72 to 1 of non-virgins so as to guarantee such plentiful virgin to lowlife ratio in what seems to be quite a dystopian paradise? When one deflowers all 72 of their appointed offerings does one intently peruse the virgin reservoir with one’s harem and “accidentally” leave with new unceded territory to be hastily seeded? Come to think of it, was mother Teresa highly sought after in afterlife team picking? Surely it does not get much holier a virgin than Mother Teresa?

Those religious experiences, how divine they are? Because hey, there is nothing quite like living a life of total debauchery, thoroughly corrupting connivance, unflinching abusive nature, societal and self cheating graft, a foundational construct of lies and deception; where upon whimpering realization of coming judgement day, to dive headlong into Protestantism with what seems to be the advertised anomaly of joining their team in order to have one’s soul most assuredly saved in the name of Christianity following anew. Geez, seems quite rational & logical – in a Crusading empowerment religious experience murder-fest of maiming and annihilating mankind’s Muslims so as to be in “possession” of the territory where an antiquated, righteous, dead semitic Jew, now embodied in West friendly caucasian representative likeness is going to return in order to save the world. Well, the Christian world anyways! Unless of course you are gay, then “God” hates you, even if you lived a life of greater meaning, contribution and understanding than an ardently toting fallacious religious experience fanatic. I mean, the good books clearly state it, no? Biblical proportions no doubt; proportional to whoever’s at the moment representative anomaly.

May I indulge you perhaps? You sin, he sin, they sin, all sin, everywhere a sin-sin. It’s all good to sin in Catholic religious experience formative encompassment, so long as one atones with indulgence. I mean, any sin is alright so long as one confesses to the tendrils of the power structure to have ruled throughout much of western history, and then atones by sin-cancelling righteousness, of which, giving money to “God” in order to nullify sin was a heightened solution of much Catholicism past. I mean what could go wrong with the religious experience of telling one that sin is perfectly normal and ok so long as one makes up for it with as little as the recital of a prayer, pilgrimage, or supposed good deed to nullify what could very well be a horrific atrocity? Geez, with religious experience rules as such, it is no wonder that so much priestly semen has fouled so many children’s faces long before acne had the chance to make an appearance. Talk about an institution borne to reinforce humanity’s worst into divine acceptance and continuum into the future evermore. Someone of wisdom might assuredly contemplate that the way to go about alleviating sin is to get the brain to make the proper synaptic connections of the inalienable need to do good for oneself, others, and therefore the universe. It is never too late to make the proper connections; though sadly too many are incapable of truly believing in themselves to escape that highly evadable deviancy running scared in self delusion. Always come back for more. By plan per se?

Well, with all of these major religious experiences coming forthrightly, of course there has to be an indisputable chosen likeness by “God,” of personification excellence of complex superiority over all. Jew guessed it. Well many of the delusional seem to think it and state it unequivocally. Imagine that, how could such a blatantly erroneous life espousing philosophy come to lead such numerous, obtusely naive followers and those dragged along unwillingly into the inescapable wake of all swallowing hubris leading to what has historically proven to be a captive, and, or, ultimately pronounced, semi-tolerable land of inhabitance; where, when the historical malice and graft of the British (Teutonic & literal Nazi) Crown cooked up the prickling signage of ‘Home Sweet Home,’ of which, in histrionic fashion could just not be acted upon accordingly in humble, modest, truly progressive modernity; instead the nastiest of human attributes rising to the forefront of supposed religious experience statecraft teeming with excess racism, apartheid ignorance, an extremely fallible cultural indoctrination regime, where in defence of such malign formational continuance the retort is to incessantly bellow the, “Hey, we are the historical victims” narrative.

Hope you are all starting to feel what overpowering religious experience can openly project in smugness regardless of the religion emitting whatever chimed beacon of truly burnt-out righteousness. The big three braggadocio religious experiences supposedly share the same divine root, but seem to be too spiteful and simple minded to admit that they may very well all be wrong in their approach and philosophy and doctrine – Full stop.

“Oh God, here we go again.” Surely God itself must utter such phraseology in perpetuity, as once again, from the historical conglomeration of humanity’s religious experience hierarchy’s forlorn and bellicosely clamouring intently about being the sole proper representation of God, therefore all opposing viewpoints must suffer either a horrific shunning, beating, maiming, raping, slavery, death, or combination of all six & listable others; and all for have so chosen the wrong religious experience of which all claim to serve the universe’s highest power, though of the three Abrahamic (of whom seem to have plagiarized many Zoroastrian ideals) inclusive religious experiences sharing the same Godly benefactor, having themselves not even been able to coalesce in the common surround of their supposed superior religious experience by having split into numerous divergent branches of which want to make claim to the title of ‘Religious Experience Supremely Superior’ so as to claim as much of humanity as possible to engage in evermore largesse further misinterpretation and graft of a twisted narrative and agenda that anyone of any truly universal enlightenment and understanding has surely come to understand as anathema in totality as to what the true higher power of God exists in fullness to grasp, understand, partake and carry forth rightly.

One who sure seems to have reached a great deal of understanding is Guru Nanak (1469-1539) founder of the Sikh religion and the first of Sikhism’s ten Guru’s. Guru Nanak’s premise is that of there basically being no Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism…and that the devotion to scripture, mosques, temples, idols and rigid prayer adherences were of no guarantee so as to come to know the Being of God singular. Though of course by the time the tenth and final Guru, Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708) had died, the supposed spirit of the eternal Guru that had inhabited all ten of the Sikh faith’s Gurus was transferred to the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred scripture of the Sikh religion, of which now possesses a scripture(though not the word of God, but makeup of various faithed authors) of which the first Guru – Guru Nanak claimed to be unnecessary to fulfill a true connection and understanding with God; as such, the Sikh religion of around 25 million worldwide followers now also possess many gurdwara’s (Sikh Temples) of which were claimed by Guru Nanak as also of no importance in the inward meditations needed to elevate oneself to salvation. Sikh gurdwara’s welcome all faith’s, inclusive of the faithless: Hmm, now there is a selfless religious experience for the masses.

Really, it is a frame of mind borne of enlightenment, stoic understanding, noble existence, positive attitude, constant effort and other elevated attributes – God, that is. It can not be found other than truly delving within oneself and coming to a universal construct of which the understood meaning will come to grace one’s true purpose for being in the universe and the delineated course of action that illuminates intently in beneficial continuance of one and all benefitting the universal path so chosen to be unfalteringly adhered once the clarity of eager cognition makes itself known. Though myself to have never lived in any way a life of corrupting, maligning, abusing, envying, nor cheating fellow humans (if I am not actually an intergalactic alien), this ‘alphabet scrambler’ was once foolish enough to have suffered from the misconception of God being but a paltry fallacious notion in the minds of the out of tune masses too self absorbed to see past the trappings of what all too often the religious experience rudely projecting unflinchingly forthright of antiquity headlong into the conflict ridden future. However to stand steadfast in the truly divine realization of something appreciatively greater than oneself and humanity in totality, where partaking in universal moral undertaking in the selfless yet self-honouring steadfastness and straightforwardness needed to carry on intently, bravely, and unflinching in the crude face of wicked terminal subjugation regimes a preying on humanity, regardless of the existential possibilities to ones well being at the ignorance of beholden human filth will surely open the door to what can become a magnificent dwelling for ones age and time & space eternal. As for those believing of no transcendence of God outside of religious confines, or worse yet, those who think solely that religious experience is the given path to fulfill the contemplation and divine enlightenment and encompassment of God, or those who so reject god in any substrate whatsoever; it must truly be the bliss of ignorance to have never escaped the culturally indoctrinating confines of the Wool Pulled Over Syndrome entrapment vessel of systemic disgracism.

As Guru Nanak came to realize, unquestionably there is absolutely no religion worthy of the ultimate manifestation of God; though such being said, it is also unequivocally true that men and women off all descriptive nature who have fully come to absorb and digest the universal literalness of a Being of higher power are well interspersed within religious affiliation, whether the congregation, or the robed class. One way of looking at it may that of stating that humanity may be looked upon as being fundamentally flawed in many directions, therefore man’s creation of religion, or in reality, the devious and the deceptive fools who have come to use the religious substrate as a means of camouflage, deception, statecraft, manipulation, profiteering, government….have sullied the original message of the founding principles set out for the religious vehicle which often takes many for a ride, including the countless backseat drivers steering the course ultimately devoid of the true representation of God, void of religious barriers. As stated in the past: The Good the Bad and the Mass of Ignorance In-Between.

Let me not tell you about the self-reassured religious experienced Catholic of which this ‘word violator’ recently conversed with at an event I recently attended. Said person a monarchist no doubt – geez, a monarchist citizen in the land of the free and home of the brave! This person believed in reestablishing a monarchy with the king setting the moral authority for all to follow through endless Catholic ideals. No, nothing a wisdom packing Zoroastrian had as input would matter in this persons utopia, nor a logical Muslim, common sense filled Jew, or rationale espousing Agnostic or Atheist . No, it was Catholic dogma or nada. And such closed minded foolery rings true in statecraft adherence the world over. A clear candidacy for religious experience Crusading ignorance.

Do not worry people, this article is truly in no way blasphemy; in fact the polar opposite, as it is surely about discovering the true meaning of God, of which to the non-indoctrinated universal mind exceeds far and above any religious connotation that purports it to be inseparably fixed to, all the while being fixated upon as having the true essence of divine meaning. Nor is this article an unadulterated bashing of religion; of which there have been numerously high religious experiences throughout history that have done innumerable benefit for mankind and will continue to do so well into the future: the likes of a being of community, humanitarian charity, a heavy footprint in freedom movements over the years, artistic mastery, architectural prowess, the preservation of ancient history by Irish Monks in the isolated monasteries far away from mainland Europe and the uncouth degradation into the dark age that so transpired in said geographical location as Islam sprouted in the east.

That being said, it sure would be nice to quell the phoneys, frauds, hucksters, snake oil harvesters, corrupters, trap baiters, and general associations thereof.

If this article offended you: warning, you may very well be one of those fallacious religious experience swallowers choking on an incomplete representation of God that is in no way doing the world any favours. A disservice in fact.

No wonder the Founding Fathers opted for freedom of religion and a God detached thereof.