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Feeling Handy

Looks like the time has come again for ENDPOLITICIANS.COM to wordily rise to the occasion. Though most assuredly let me assure one that yours ‘paragraph hacker’ truly is in no way whatsoever infallible. To the contrary. CR, after all, has been known, in passing, for producing a questionable stimuli from whence engagement does peak in somewhat secretive subterranean splendour. Of course, on my part, there is always room for self improvement; which is why, in all the spare time that I have been able to handle it, this ‘observational surveyor’ has been studying long and hard of varying situations and intervals of time in the search for elevated improvement evermore. Though that being said, I am not sure how all the hot & heavy sapphic action of my recent long and hard studious undertaking will do anything for the bottom line of my paragraphical appraisals on your end. Well, perhaps a bit of filler for one to swallow; metaphorically that is. Why look at that, one hundred and seventy words ejected already. In observational conclusion: scissoring makes not the cut, whereas those European ladies certainly are a bit more cultured pearl diving wise.

Time now for a firm grasping upon something else.

 Red and White Poisoned Pill

Oh Cana-duh – here we go again. Elon, please shoot me to the moon! Ahh, Cana-duh, that bad dream turned into a perpetual nightmare. A literal “Liberal” incompetence dumping ground just waiting for a “Conservative” flabbergaster to compound the treasonous interest into a fully tectonic Crowned Globalist meltdown. Abandon all hope ye who are hideously confined here, except those who enter looking for a social assistance “free” handout socialist serfdom subsidy stipend – aka – a “Liberal” country builder extraordinaire: “We gave you that, so vote for us!” Everyone else, look forward to being the unwilling subsidizer of the now thoroughly arrived, though ever creeping, dumbunist state of disgrace; that is to say, seems to be a true World Economic Forum blood-sucking hatchling model? Cana-duh’s previous war criminal PM was up Schwab’s rectum too.

Seeming to have gone full Cindi Lopper, the only blue pill that Canada’s stringed instrument are able to hype and take affect to lowly subjects in perpetuity is that of the Matrix induced, incessant blinding by an incompetent dystopian “reality;” and at that, turning said impossible to swallow pill fiercely into a hideous suppository of snowballing proportions poised intently at the gang-rape of a depleting nation; be it by way of a suicidal debt regime, evermore government legislation, regulation,  and the expansion of incompetent redundancy of institutional government largesse to name a few of the many disjointed acts, of what genuinely appears to be sub-mental retardation on an epic scale, in turn transmogrifying Cana-duh into the laughing sheep stock of the supposed civilized world. Is it any wonder than an average of 67% of Canadians view Cana-duh as being a broken country?

Warping the facts, let us not forget about warping the facts. No doubt such is the bureaucratic self evident truth of letting the universe know that indeed government bureaucracies no longer serve any purpose other than innumerably bloating the putrified corpse of the fully suicided body of interest sunken in the moral and fiscal debts riding in the speeding hearse transporting the Globalist government casket to the crematorium of rejuvenating life. Talk about urning their rightful place. Sorry, I got carried away there, a pallbearer of the consequences one might say. Right, warping the facts: read this article from the Business Council of British Columbia; they shed some light on Cana-duh’s darkening days. Truly a eunuch is incapable of being even a limp dick, nor could it fertilize future posterity. Eunuch Cana-duh – strictly producing a tainted stream of government expelled waste. 99% piss to 1% vinegar sounds about right.

Even before the government induced covid “pandemic” Cana-duh was ashamed to show its face in public:

Canada’s real GDP per capita was USD 200 (0.4%) lower in 2022 than in 2019. In contrast, it was USD 3,300 (7%) higher in Australia, USD 2,500 (4%) higher in the United States, USD 1,300 (3%) higher for the OECD average and USD 1,100 (2%) higher for the G7 average.”

“The OECD projects Canada will be the worst performing economy among the 38 advanced economies over both 2020-30 and 2030-60, with the lowest growth in real GDP per capita.”

With that being said, surely Cana-duh’s pathetic slide into the productivity and competency abyss is certainly not due to the sole virtue signalling, diversified pandering incompetence of the “Liberal” party’s brand of lobotomized braggadocio country suicide. No, the Canadian government has been burying it’s citizenry, productive capacity, therefore competency, world standard, overall confidence, understanding and many other positive attributes in the permafrost of subterranean government dwelling, in turn slowly creeping Cana-duh into a Globalist reservoir for mineral and energy wealth for the plunder, while ever-piling on government regulation upon innovative entrepreneurial business to seemingly punish anyone bold enough to dare escape the grinding socialist confines of Crowning achievement. Where now the “Liberal” government is well on their way to even decapitating the energy and mineral production of the skewed government equation, all the while treating the farming industry like a contagious leper in need of exile. Where even 3 years ago Canadian businesses were being robbed annually of around 11 BILLION dollars of unnecessary government red tape, not including the government treachery of the covid debacle. Christ, any day now that alcoholic, child molesting king of England will probably walk in here unopposed and claim ownership of the entirety of Cana-duh and brand us as socialist serfs for the raping under the guise of saving us from ourselves (for immensely profiting themselves). Right, as if that could ever happen; wink, wink. And don’t forget, as the power elite manipulators attempt to shame you with their exaggerated climate terrorism, they, the 1% cause more emissions than the bottom 66% of humanity! Clearly there is a much simpler fix than Globalist scum herding humanity into their delineated abattoir. Any guesses?

More Duh of the Cana Variety

Commissars galore equates to poof goes your money. The True-dope’s “Liberal” party has increased the number of federal government employees by over 100,000 during his reign of terror. Going from 257,034 in 2015, to 357,247 in 2023, of which twenty one thousand have been added since 2022 alone, and all after blowing up Cana-duh’s federal debt by around $400 billion during the first year of the full serfdom attempt of the government exacerbated “pandemic.” Need yours truly ‘alphabet scrambler’ remind people that 100,000 government employees (and future pension liabilities) do absolutely ZERO to add to the economy of the country; in fact the exact opposite, every penny paid to these redundant federal seat-sniffers has to be stolen from either a private citizen such as yourself, as well as small, medium, and large businesses alike. Government produces absolutely nothing except for stifling regulation, and the reduction of the overall wealth of every true competing person and entity working, of which the Canadian citizen is now nearing 50% of their money earned in paying taxes to support a fully failed systemic disgracism based upon fully expired graft. We are talking about government who raised taxes so as to bleed an addition low single digit amount of less than 2 BILLION dollars out of the populace per year, but then blows up the national debt by nearly 400 BILLION DOLLARS in the course of one year. Yet government keeps telling us we need them. These people are not qualified to be selling hotdogs, yet they are “running” a country? Truly insanity. Elon, please shoot me into a colliding orbit with any substantive space matter!

**Warning: Stupid Scary**

Cana-duh’s debt chart (now 1.2 BILLION):

Truly a picture speaks a thousand words. Whereas two pictures asks as to when the defenestrations begin? Cana-duh’s interest rate chart:

It is simple crackhead mathematics. If the drug debt nearly doubles in the course of 3 intervals of wigged-out time, so to will the amount of money needed to pay off the dealer; if the drug fronting rate stays the same that is. However, if the drug fronting rate increases by around 20 fold in incremental value in an even shorter interval of time than the debt went up, then it is time to find a gun and start committing armed robberies to repay the crack dealer, otherwise the crack dealer may very start taking fingers, or give one final lesson of the relative affects of gravity on the being of a lying, cheating, all round incompetent entity.

Yet somehow it is different when it comes to government? Even when they are playing with the dystopian well being of millions of people? Some may argue soundly that it is far worse what government is doing in supposedly fiscally “running” a depressively burdened, over-regulated, egregiously taxed, run down country. If the average Canadian family was paying yearly over $7000 CDN in criminal interest expenditures to service the debt back in 2016/2017 when the national debt was close to half of what it is now, and interest rates were nearly TEN TIMES lower than todays mark, what is the average Canadian family now paying when many of the provincial debts have also increased substantially from 2016/2017, and as mentioned, the interest rate is now TEN TIMES higher than in 2016/2017? Perhaps the Fraser Institute could put out a revised number so as to finally dust off the pitchforks to necessitate the guillotines and accompanying revolution.

Pissing Into the Wind In Attempt to Extinguish Their Full Nation Razing Acts of Arson

What will the next act of Cana-duh’s Globalist government be in nonsensical overloaded insanity the likes of the previous expectation of 2 BILLION dollars in excess tax revenue pilfered from it’s citizenry to do anything of importance against a national debt of 1.2 TRILLION dollars? More lobotomized nonsense to match their geographical location landslide of tidal wave sewer dwelling reservoir existence; what else of course? this is Cana-duh you know!

Yes, that’s right, Cana-duh’s bureaucratic bungling socialist serf society of pudding brained lowliness will again be punishing the lowly peon citizenry and business that actually contribute positively in the effort to prevent Cana-duh from sliding full stop into a dumbunist hellhole. Interest rates on taxes owed will be raised from 9% to 10% in the first quarter of 2024, making the rate having doubled to 10% from 5% in 2020, the year that the True-dope puppet and his Globalist one-gang of World Economic Forum incompetence elevated Cana-duh’s national debt by nearly 400 BILLION dollars.

As this sections title presents, such a punishingly extortive effort is equivalent to pissing closeup on a forest fire and thinking that one is going to make a difference, and not be fully engulfed in flames while committing such a futile act. Yet unbelievably the bureaucracy carries on, with golden pensions, as the smug and pretentiously gratifying political and zero class accolades are heaped in clueless self-blinded adulation by truly everybody incapable of truly thinking for themselves. Again the aim to rake in perhaps a lowly single digit BILLION in the attempt (?) to nullify a TRILLION dollar problem. Are these government morons truly that fucking stupid, or are they just following the puppet masters directive to further drive productivity down and moral and financial debts up? One might think both. Elon, please shoot me into a black hole!

Oh Cana-duh, thanks for egregiously punishing those who go out of their way to do something meaningful for themselves, their families, employees, neighbourhoods, cities, provinces/territories, country, the good of humanity and a universal existence. You are swell Cana-duh. Way to keep sinking evermore unthinkingly into the antiquated Globalist model based model of fully unserviceable debt, graft, war parties, all the while constantly reducing the living standards of the hard working scum portions of society such as myself. Though I feel Cana-duh that you could be doing oh so much more in paying down 3 cents of the debt as you increase it by two dollars fifty seven cents simultaneously. Bureaucracy, have you ever thought about doing quarterly mattress checks to see if us scum might be holding out on you? Or perhaps an at gunpoint spare change in the sofa confiscation? Oh right, that is what the Central Bank Digital Currencies are all about; eliminating the possibility of us dumbunist serfs spending a nickel without the Globalist masters being privy to such rebellious acts such as privacy, liberty and common sense.


Bonus: Free Fall No More

Yesterday I read an article someone published about the city of San Francisco installing steel netting beneath the Golden Gate Bridge so as to prevent people from committing suicide. After thinking to myself, “What an epic waste of time, resources and money,” the next thought that came into my mind was, “what is to prevent someone from jumping, falling into the netting, and then just climbing to edge of the netting and carrying on with the Great Leap Forward?” Then my next immediate pondering was that of some poor soul jumping off of the bridge, falling head first into the netting, causing themselves to become a quadriplegic, then subsequently suing the city for grievous bodily harm for well in excess of 100 million dollars, of which would set off a jumping spree of self-victims looking to injure themselves so as to earn a hefty payout for acting the greedy fool.

Don’t laugh, our current Throw Away Society has reached such a point in the wasted time we seem to keep sleepwalking into.