Orbital Bone to Pick

Well, another one bites the space dust in heavenly viewed high resolution photogenic encirclement of projecting terrestrial blazed movement feeding revolutionary galactic encompassment settled in evolutionary determined timed increments so concisely delineating the accompanying twinned passage awaiting scaled human emotion bringing trailing planetary devotion into the actionable rearranging orbit borne by excessive gravitational government gambit now foolishly blazing an endlessly tailing trajectory in all inclusive refractory telegraphing the soon to be coming extravagant burnt-out cratering of Ejecta Perfecta ding-a-lings. Happy New Year?!

Though until then let the three legged women stir it up, the cognitively declined would-worms attempt to nail it down spatteringly, as the scrambling of common sense and logic from those left spuriously flood from see to blustering see, all the while in plain sight the right ship comes carrying a sub-straight cargo of weak bulk headed construct. And all brought to you via Globalist government engineered drowning, in a once strictly piss filled, though now fecal ridden kiddie pool of epic drowning distortions. Where everyone who wanted to swim within ‘Their’ realm sure gave and then received their fair share of it – shit that is. Fecaloid fever fanatics to incubate the pinkeye for the pigsty entirety of squinting existence. Escape ‘Their’ diseased abattoir confines not and the only option is indeed reigning supreme in poop-flinging infancy ahoy, aport, astern, astarboard, afore, abow, aloft – all of which – afoul, to eventually be correctively blown asunder. Happy New Year?!

Three Legged “Woman” Rachel Levine

Turn Your Head and Scoff

“Vote for me I’ll give you progessivity!” said every politician everywhere. Progressivists via progressive fists. Hmm, kind of seems like such progressive totality is a disease to be aptly categorized as progressivitis. Highly curable no doubt, though only by the removal of that progressive suppository fist of Globalist violation. Puppets galore. Symptoms of progressivitis ¬†include but are not limited to:

  • Mind-spinning sovereign debt regimes causing permanent vertigo & taxation neuroses, eventually leading to FTW outbursts.
  • Debilitating musculoskeletal anomalies giving way to a crippling posture brought by way of the unnecessary gravitational assault of a digital slave system with Central Bank Digital Currencies and the Digital ID being the crux of such life squashing influx (for your wellbeing of course).
  • Frictional head-in-sand, fingers-in-ears, or any other enabling escapement to alter the reality of Western governments having set the course for a non-winnable WWIII so as to briefly and feebly cling on to egregious power in order to not admit the folly of the fully collapsed yet progressively faltering kleptocracy of supposed democracy propped up by means of the proportionally irate yet not fully actionable citizenry.
  • Paranoidal delusions that manifest in schizophrenic ideas such as, “It is election year, and when we vote that other crud out and get the new person in things will change for better.” (Such a symptom means the disease has thoroughly taken hold).

It is time to proscribe ‘Their’ progressiveness with a life and face saving prescription. It is all left to right is it not? Or are there too many sick in the societal body to be saved from their muttony mutiny of Globalist helping? Liberty; heightened free will; fiscal sanity; more than one or two governing choices every few years or so; unity in unravelling the counterfeit tapestry of indecency; responsibility & accountability from the top down; war-party obliteration – Wow, now there is a start at escaping ‘Their’ confines, and surely enough common sense to send the knee-knocking mind-captives running flabbergasted for their covid mask, socialist serfdom stipend, or succumbing to a hyperventilating tizzy while proclaiming “Domestic Terrorist.” Happy New Year?!

Formaldehyde Calling

So the symptoms of the progressivitis disease so manifest of the sweeping contagion, but how will the hideous wasting pathogen of todays progressive sickly societal body further gormandize sanity as the hypnotized hosts and political parasites of progessivitis terminalis stumble incognizant empty-head-long into an unsuspected waiting hospice as the last vestiges of a long since depleted societal homeostasis evaporate in the last gasps and wincing exhalation of what will be officially recorded as none other than COPD mortality (Catastrophically Overt Political Disaster) on Globalist governments death certificate of needed celebration? Clearly one can only humour oneself and others; besides, try making up ones own remedy to counteract the escalating dumbfounded path through topsy-turvy crazy downside up world we so venture in such unfashionable turbidity choked eyeball deep wading. It may go a little something like this:

  • Shall we see as a final insult to the American people and the world, once the ‘Big Guy’ poopy-pants Joe physiologically matches his mental prowess in 2024 by finally kicking his chunder filled bucket, only for a new daily reality tv program called Weekdays at Biden’s, tightly based off the 1980’s movie Weekend at Bernie’s, in which the Deep State’s seat sniffing handlers will drag poopy-pants Joe around the world on the premise that all is still well & good and that poopy-pants Joe is indeed responsible for the daily running of everyday treasonous happenings in the Teutonic States of America?
  • Clearly the time has come for UKraine, now that Zelensky’s & the Clown Crown Corporation have masterminded the now 7 month long counteroffensive of one steppe sideways three steppes back, to begin a Montessori military academy for toddlers. Just think, hands on training from the terrible two’s could only lead to such progressive outcomes as highly skilled seven year old assassins leaving countless Russian teeth under their trench pillows for Uncle ‘Tooth Fairy’ Sam’s stacks of Benjamin’s thieved from hard working American citizens tax regime lunacy. Moscow by 2056! ¬†Slava Ukraini! All 47 unscorched acres of what will be left of it.
  • In a bid to be the first world “leader” to have held office as, a man, a woman, protoplasmic pile, a full on brown-header, destitute prostitute, human filth, as well as both son and daughter of Fidel Castro, Just-him Truedope will officially change its gender to both male and female and take the official “royal” title of hermaphro-dyke – aka – Klaus Schwab and Queen Charlese the Turds play thing in the Globalist Oral Orifice. It is like the Oval Office but way more perverted and convoluted. Just think trains, circles, and jerks. Round and round they go. Those halls of power! They got rid of the carpet decades ago. Epoxy floors and numerous floor drains with garburators. Use your imagination people….
  • In a final bid to retain power the Globalist government ein-gang will officially declare every day ending in the suffix ‘day’ to be that of a national holiday in every country within their perverted realm. Welcome to Sun, Mon, Tues, Wednes, Thurs, Fri, and Satur daily socialist serfdom stipend handout day. Where a loaf of unleavened bread will exponentially rise by the billions of dollars hourly, though confidently speaking will only cost five thousand Vietnamese Dong of productive capacity. And yes, Bill Gates will be personally and forcefully quintuply vaccinating everybody, including fetuses after a thirteen day gestation period. The DNA and hormone readers that have been installed in all tributary plumbing waste pipes will mean full compliance. No jab, no lab grown grown meat! Happy New Day?!
  • Due to India’s 40% rate of vegetarianism, and the inability for somewhere around half of the Indian population to have access to a toilet, therefore not adhere to the Globalist government DNA sewer pipe compliance act, Narendra Modi will decree mandatory bug consumption for the entirety of the subcontinent and will be personally handling a feces inspection unit responsible for the detection of World Economic Forum buggery consumption compliance, so as to guarantee Goose-stepping Klaus, Billy Goat, Chomo Chucky & Co the contractual profits promised for admission into their club of Globalist treachery.

Annal Probing

Oh man, please bring on the alien invasion. No, not the current illegal alien invasion happening at the southern US border, being brought on willfully by the Globalist (“royal”) class. Since the War of Independence end, the US infiltration a trickle – now out of control, though hot & heavily for the past sixty years since JFK’s brains were blown over the Dallas street allowing for full penetration into those above mentioned halls of treason, in order to fully implement chaotic degeneration and eventual full capture of the nation to have magnificently, though temporarily, expelled the filthy, fertilizer worthy Crown of which has been unceremoniously absorbed by the American faction of Deep State of treachery enshrined within the Empire Du Jour so keenly guarded via the parapet perching American Gestapo Corporation inclusive of the NSA tripwire and accompanying Throne Troll contingent of international concern.

Nope, CR is not talking about that US illegal alien invasion of totality planned destruction. I am talking world building, not world destroying alien constructs here people; as in foreign, out of this topsy-turvy crazy downside-up schizophrenic world order of ‘Their’ debauchery. Just think, rationale, common sense, wisdom, logic, heightened free will, fiscal sanity, voting for something other than a beholden pathological liar every few years, medical autonomy, work for pay, overcoming confines of ignorance, national sovereignty, an accountability and responsibility framework starting at the top; all of that good stuff and more; you know, everything that “political correctness,” the Globalist stringed instruments and aspects that the cultural indoctrination machine of the past decades have manipulated out of societal discussion and acceptance, except for the fact an abundance of us unclean plebs still stand for all those positive life building attributes and then some. Yes, it is some ruse that ‘They’ have fooled themselves into believing ‘Their’ own lies of dystopian theatricals. The whirlwind of fury, it cometh. Yes, we will come in peace to tear their slave system to pieces – once that first alien construct exposes the mothership of motherships currently hovering in the refreshing ether.

The time is coming to creep out of those consolidating shadows fellow alien’s, and commence the invasion spectacular upon ‘Their’ They Live sorcery of Globalist apparatchik tomfoolery. Potential touchdown alien invasion under the banner floating Area 37 landing of non-conspiratorial infectious contagion of true life affirming organisms? Some would say an origin point of unleashing an unblinding light in the eternal sky of current eclipsed darkness?

For historical perspective, a holy shit moment. Forget about remembering where one was when Neil Armstrong treaded on orbital space cheese, Princess Diana had her cranial-driveshaft infusion, three camels and a transgender harem (with American Gestapo Corporation plotting) went err-force won with those twin towers, or for todays progressivitis society, where one was when Taylor Swift farted in a crowd, where in doing so, had something more interesting and relevant to say than the entirety of the political establishment the world over.

Anyone walking the streets of any North American city has come to realize that with this year anew, by Chinese zodiac standard, it is not only the Year of the Dragon, but in the age of progressivitis it has become the Year of Chasing the Dragon in perpetuity – subsidized by every level of government incompetence, which has coordinatively led to the perfect storm of the progressivitis terminalis drugged out Globalist societal body taking pleasure in macabrely, for amusement purposes getting great enjoyment from tickling the dragons tail. Heaven knows, one can only hope that, by default, the misery addicts finally get their comeuppance and 2024 is officially relabeled as the Year of the Alien. That Globalist gormandizing is becoming ever so much tougher to swallow.

Certainly the time has come for the cognizant to come together in order to keenly tear our captors firmly apart. Happy New Year?!