Charles’ Dickins Cider – A Tale of Two Shitty’s

It was the breast of times, it was the wurst of times, it was the age of triple speak, it was the age of “Fact Check,” it was the epoch of confusion, it was the epoch of three legged women, it was the season of Fight, it was the season of Drones, it was the fall of sanity, it was the summer of destruction, they had a gallows before them, they had seven rifles before them, they were both going directly to jail, they were both going direct Lucifer’s way – in long, the era was so close like the topsy-turvy period, that the entirety of its meekest anomalies insisted on its being deceived, for evil or for worse, of the super-laxative decree of compartmentalization solely.

Yes, the breast of times; a pair of thoroughly waisted boobs of the Globalist body exposing themselves publicly in a hideously tattered over coat exposure. Those shrill and shill flappers incessantly Motorboating each others ramped up atomic aircraft carrier catapulting this mock 2 unleashing. Just jiggling jingoistic jejune jargony jesters jerking that “royally” centralized circle pointedly in chilled societal protrusion. A rubbed raw chafing espousing geographical location strafing. But thoroughly spent teats suckling upon those interoperable fleets. Telling whoppers upon such theatrically protuberant towers of DC babble.

Yes, the wurst of times; Just a couple of cocks. Flaccid tallywackers longing to wield the operational fescue to aid in the Military Industrial Complex rescue. Afflicted with orgy of death priapism, assuredly spreaders of that swampy monster protoplasm, all the while sitting atop the podium of what was surely needed parental onanism. A premature extrapolation of necessity harbouring an erect societal rape indignity.

USA!, USA!, USA!, flat footed standing champions of the passing of the incendiary torch of the “royal” relay race to the top of the bottom of the sideways antics adorned in the Crowning achievement medal of dishonour displayed the world over in hacked anthropological meat market insensibilities. Bloody butchers they be: Jabba the Hutt & Little Shrew-Hawk; perverted pieces to the sickly unethical cleansing sweeping the globe in crimson globular extraction. But you know them by their heathen names of Victoria Nuland & John Bolton. Need one ask who Jabba the Hutt be!?

The Nuland Wiggle

I hate to have to do this to you all, but imagine if such self loathing freaks, Jabba & Little Shrew-Hawk, exchanged fluids and actually had a devil child together. Just reading such a concept probably took at least six months off your life, surely along with a reflexive action to want to gouge one’s own eyeballs out. As for myself, I am guessing 18 months of lost life and early onset dementia for having synaptically conjured up such a vile scenario. Although, I may have just found a cure for teenage pregnancies; show the Jabba & Little Shrew-Hawk copulation video in public school sex education classes and even hairy-palm syndrome would be miraculously shaved many fold. Now as for that devil child: it would not be hard to imagine, with parents such as Jabba & Little Shrew-Hawk, for such a despicable monster to have cunningly sharpened its little claws on Jabba’s hulking kidney stones, only to have feverishly hacked its way from the womb, straight to the heart for a terminal pumping blood feast, where with the newfound sanguine energy burst, eviscerate, then, like an overdue Slav in a foxhole at the smell of borscht, pop-out, via Jabba’s leathery larynx and proceed to strangle, with the umbilical cord, then ravenously chew the face off Little Shrew-Hawk with the devolutionary full compliment of 73 regenerative dangle fangs. An odd number indeed.

Christ, if the likes of Victoria ‘Jabba the Hutt’ Nuland, John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton, and Jake ‘White Bread With No Crust’ Sullivan are the top, rotted from the inside specimens willing to be drug in front of the curtain for Throne Troll parading, just imagine the sociopathic psychopath psyches hanging out behind the curtain. In the end one should truly wonder, how does this whole sickly construct keep going when it is running upon the vacuous nothingness of half cent personalities, fuelled above all else, of their disgusting being, by that of googolplex cowards to the core of time itself? Yep, penetrated fools, delusional and defunct losers, synaptic retardation, seething self hatred; certainly no way to run a personality, not to mention foreign policy of the Empire Du Jour, space balls deep with Queen Charles’ the Turds Dickins Cider.

Velcro, Clip-On, Bolt-On?

Again, talking loud and saying nothing, but scripted, regurgitated lies of the horrendous theatrical Globalist power play. John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton, an insufferable coward without question. ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ has no qualms about concocting plans to murder innocent people in countries across the globe, and sending second class Americans to die or be maimed, so as to pump-his-own-tires in his decrepit mental languishing of an obliterated and thoroughly eclipsed Americanized mind.

The “Royal” Taint Tickler

But give the effeminate Queen Charles the Turd taint tingling hair-lip Bolton a chance to partake in some battle action in the flesh….You guessed it, he weaselled his way out with a deferment reach around by signing up with the Maryland Air National Guard after he was drafted for service in the Vietnam war, knowing that the chances were almost zero for himself to be pulled from National Guard duty and sent to Vietnam.

John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton was an advocate for the Vietnam war, but claimed to be against himself going to fight in Vietnam because, “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy,” Bolton wrote in his Yale 25th reunion class book. “I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.” Amazing, when such a coward’s life is on the line, the lies in his delusional mind justify his own feeble self preservation to satisfy the scrambled fantasy his synaptic perversions have detailed as his truly false reality.

Anyone remember the Iran-Contra scandal, where the US was illegally selling weapons to Iran, while openly supporting Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War of 1980 to 1988, all the while using the proceeds of the weapons sales to Iran in order to secretly fund the Contra’s, a right-wing rebel force in Nicaragua opposed to the anti-American Sandinista government? Well, John Bolton had his Little Shrew-Hawk taint tickling device wrapped in the Iran-Contra debacle as well.

John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton’s record is despicable. Bolton pushed the totally fallacious “Weapons of Mass Destruction” narrative that commenced the 2003 invasion of Iraq which led to the death, dismemberment and displacement of millions of innocent Iraqi’s; the flood of weapons to the region, and the engineered sectarian strife and planned utter chaos that was unleashed according to plan, including the funding of Al Qaeda and eventually ISIS. Bolton also has a hard-on for starting war with Iran, and bombing North Korea into the Stone Age for a second time in history.

John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton loves death and destruction so much that he helped create the framework of Article 98 to prevent Americans from being turned over to the International Criminal Court and charged with war crimes in the US wars of aggression that Bolton himself is so eager to unleash for war profiteering of the Military Industrial Complex.

So, in observational analysis, according to John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton – all US wars are justifiable, no US wars of aggression are a lost cause, unless Bolton himself is drafted into said war, in which case it is okay for endless American lives to be forfeited so long as he is not one of those lives and he has the basis to weasel out of combat.

John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton is some piece of work indeed. A hair-piece of work no doubt once you figure out his deep dark little secret. Well, make that his hair-lip piece of Queen Charles the Turd’s taint tickling. Question is, is that walrus moustache held in place publicly with velcro, a clip-on fastening system, or a straight up Bolt-on securing device? Because highly probable intuition would agreeably dictate that once his daily public service to the American Gestapo Corporation and subsequent Crown overlords ends, John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton walks through his front door, detaches that soup catcher and so proudly bares his prized possession, a to scale Adolph Hitler imitative moustache. Not only such, but the rumour from the DC swamp is that John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton has been beating-off to Nazi Holocaust footage since the age of thirteen. Nothing turns old Johny boy on like that of a pile of emaciated corpses and a gaping smokestack in overdrive; though that “royal” Crown is a close second place.

Salt That Slug

Jabba the Hutt. Need one say more? A vile, repulsive creature serving the Empire Du Jour, where if it is not a caustic trail of slime being left in her wake it is her ubiquitous trail of corpses and accompanying blood borne of Jabba’s bad acting from the scripted American Gestapo Corporation lies in the Crown & Co. Theatre Production. Queen Charles the Turd’s Dickins Cider, or perhaps vice versa.

Victoria ‘Jabba the Hutt’ Nuland, a hideous beast indeed, and married to a genuine spawn of Satan, in Robert William Kagan, a true American terrorist in the sulphur expunging flesh. Robert ‘Goebbels’ Kagan, a creature so repulsively horrifying that he jumped ship from the Globalist beholden “Republican” Uni-War party when Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, so that he could support Hillary ‘Mrs. Gestapo’ Clinton in her Globalist beholden Democratic Uni-War party of endless corpses and treachery. Robert ‘Goebbels’ Kagan was a co-founder of Project for the New American Century, which transmogrified into the Foreign Policy Initiative, a continuation of a sham of an institution set up to lubricate American exceptionalism by the belly of a bomber and outright graft. Both institutions have since, like Victoria ‘Jabba the Hutt’ Nuland at a “royal” shindig, gone tits up. Robert ‘Goebbels’ Kagan is also a member of the Yale University, Skull and Bones Club, a tentacled arm of Globalist perversion which includes such members as Prescott Bush, Adolph Hitler’s personal banker; George H. W. Bush, son of Prescott Bush, 41st US president, and likely Assassin of JFK in November of 1963; George W. Bush, 43rd US president, grandson of Adolph Hitler’s personal banker, a clueless dupe, and repeatedly dropped on his head as a child. Say, John ‘Little Shrew-Hawk’ Bolton is also a Yale “man.”

Victoria ‘Jabba the Hutt’ Nuland, the public mascot of the decades long and billions of dollars initiative to instigate, infiltrate, infect, infest, and injuriously take control of UKraine in order to wield it at as a helpless weapon and staging ground for the purpose attempted destruction of the  Russian Federation, so as to mercilessly gorge upon Russian resources that were removed from the incestuous hand of the European Crown Russian “royal” family in the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Victoria ‘Jabba the Hutt’ Nuland is keen on starting World War Three and would probably do it free of charge as her defunct, self loathing personality indeed dwells in such subterranean defiled perplexity. Heaven knows that Globalist slug has served evil enough to have probably earned herself the needed massive berth way down on Level 7 of one of the many Globalist Hump Bunkers of which they plan on riding out the Nuclear annihilation. Talk about a useless eater. Shame on that bitch!

Infinity Bitch Right Down the Line

And speaking of Globalist bitches, how’s about that ultimate waste of atoms, Queen Charles the Turd? Bitch and attention whore! As the Globalist media likes to purport, Queen Charles has some form of cancer, an early stage of treatable cancer, which they will not disclose. Whoop-de-doo! This just goes to show how much of a snivelling, useless, pandering, self-aggrandizing coward this Smurf-blooded familial dick-taster really is. Though in reality old Chucky has had cancer since birth, it is a hereditary disease afflicting the entirety of the “royal” lineage; it is called cancer of the soul that has metastasized to the syphilitic mind. There is no cure other than death. Bring on the Romanov treatment right down the entire pederastic line of human filth.

Any real man, especially if the cancer was caught as early as it is supposed to be, if in fact not benign, would keep the diagnosis to themselves and immediate family, not pander to the public at large so as to try and gain sympathy points from a mindless Crown snorting hootenanny of misery addicts the world over. Such pathetic antics are indeed the actions of a highly disposable sub-pawn pretending to be a king. Shameless theatricals from a horrendous, desperate actor. Just an attention seeking degenerate.

Queen Charles: take a page from your ancestors master plan and have yourself a cleansing Zyklon B shower. Make sure you bring the rest of the “royal” cowards from Teutonic “royal” lineage every European country over. Damn freaks!