If it is Dutch it ain’t much. Under these circumstances anyways. All is not what the grifters marketing the COUNTERFEIT objects in linguistic trickery make it out to be. I will state with absolute certainty that 100% of the “Ancient Roman Glass” and “Ancient Jewelry” up for sale in this coming Sunday, February 18th auction by ZEUS Numismatics are but modern reproductions made in modern times and are being deceptively misrepresented as ancient objects.

Typically any entity with dignity, transparency, honesty, an honourable business practise, morals, and most of all a conscience will advertise items for sale as reproduction if indeed they are reproductions. However NOT Zeus Numismatics, or another Netherlands based auction house by the name of Pandora Numismatics. Pandora Numismatics sold me glass items linguistically twisted to come across as “Ancient Roman Glass.” In fact Zeus Numismatics and Pandora Numismatics go out of their way in the action to mislead people and sell them items by means of graft. I had some suspicions about the “Ancient Roman Glass” items I purchased through Pandora Numismatics, though figured that I would take a chance and see the items in person.

Just read one of the descriptions that Zeus Numismatics writes, it is quite obvious that it is their objective to pass of modern fakes as ancient antiquities, but hide behind deception by slipping in the words recompose and restoration. In an attempt to cover their ass for selling fakes, Zeus numismatics has refined their linguistic debauchery further from the descriptions that Pandora Numismatics used on their recent auction of fake “Ancient Roman Glass.” Again, not even ONE single item in the upcoming Zeus Numismatic auction is an ancient artefact.

Shame on Zeus Numismatics and shame on Pandora Numismatics, and most of all, shame on biddr.com for allowing questionable con-people to sell such highly misrepresented items on their platform.

Zeus Numismatics and Pandora definitively need to have their PP smacked for stooping to such pathetic tactics.

The glass items sold to me are so pathetic that the “patina” rubs off with the lightest pressure from a finger rub.