A Leading Detached Introspection – Fuselage Tally

Talk about a volunteering force, elastically the mission remains undrafted, as in not drawn up officially. Engaged within special ops, there is no way in hell that I would go commando in my natural location. A cradled support is best of such a making. After all, no need for an ununiformed chafing upon non-layered exposure. With that being said, enter the continuation of going solo, flying from the seat of my pants in elevated exploratory sortie, headlong shadow of six o’clock high formation. Even as such, glimpsing the trailing time surely does make one occasionally nervous. Where, in per suit for holding my own boxer rebellion in the hopes of eventually being briefed upon letting it hang.


Wholesale electroencephalographic flatline extraordinaire.

The House Goes Busted

Are the odds to come out even, or unceremoniously enter the hole? Such a pitfall, that hole of irradiated gambling. Let it spin. I’ll put my money on red, ever more of that crimson crimson red, until it all goes terrifyingly black in that spinning downward spiral of awaiting delineated casino. An EMP attack now decades in the Western making: Excessively Malleable Politicians, loosed of the Globalist hammerings reeling in evil anvil shaping adorning a neck for garrotted asking. Crown of shame cognitively stretched thin, pyrite of the mind, metal fatigue it is of that rusted Western curtain. Selfish mindless gorging, catastrophic failure. A’ kneeling replaced annealing a long, long time ago. Decades in the taking, swallowing alchemized poisoned pills, enter the philosophasters stoned.

Blue Pilled – A Hard On For Ignorance

Three Card Wonky

Attention span abridgement into synaptic dislocation. Welcome to the hand puppet heavy petting zoo, a Western freak show molested in Crown suffering geographical locations. First, in brushing up on that French fruitcake “tough guy,” Emmanuel Macron. But just a few days after being branded an emasculate prostitute he launched his moronic punching bag blitzkrieg galleria to emulsify the sheep-walking masses and give ample ammunition to any and all in glorious lambasting opportunity extraordinaire (insert own joke here). A sissy is a sissy regardless, and especially in light of such self aggrandizing foolery. Need one remind the world, where a couple of years ago Macron got bitchslapped by an even smaller Frenchman with bigger balls than Macron could ever dream of. But in his feeble mind, Macron is the king of the world, even when Macron’s citizenry holds a 71% disapproval rating of him. That’s right, over three quarters of French people do not approve of Macron. No wonder the boiled frog is so intent on starting World War Three; when France gets nuked it will overwhelmingly vaporize the majority of French citizens that detest him, so when he emerges from his Globalist hump bunker, surely his Globalist serving anus will be excruciatingly sore, but his approval rating would surely be better among the 17% of French citizens to come out alive? Rib-it Rib-it!

In alternate thinking, if those Germans are good at one thing, it is at starting then subsequently losing world wars. Enter another pathetic pipsqueak, O’laugh Scholz, begging to have his beholden and vacated cranial pimple popped in puss ridden relief. Where 73% plus of German citizenry would cheer such a country cleansing squeezing. (Insert joke about Adolph Hitler’s approval rating here). Now there is some Western Globalist “democracy” to cheer for, German chancellor O’laugh Scholz has a 22% approval rating and is making atrocious decisions that are going to further jeopardize his citizens security, prosperity, plus very ability to literally remain within the living world. The Dark Age is already here, prepare for the Incineration Age. The Thousand Yard Stare Reich a’ cometh. Anyone get the feeling that the blackmail chip programming little sickly hand-puppet O’laugh’s despicable behaviour is a literal “royal” iron fist up his backside as one of his many feats on a gay German BDSM website, with O’laugh hiding his true identity with a zippered silent gimp-mask disguise?

A Good German Lapdog Says: “Yes, my Globalist Masters”

Oh, the European big three, left tranche, lopsided pallbearer puppets enacting the West’s funeral while dragging the open societal casket, mercilessly stuffed with hideously bloated, unembalmable putrid corpse on full display; no, they do not even add up to a scrupulum of a single personality, and the contingent of awake and unwoke fed-up populaces have no problems admitting it. Fittingly, that little toady puke, Rishi ‘Greasy’ Sunak harbours a disapproval rating of 66% of the English populace. Surely nothing says confidence and competence like having two-thirds plus of a country’s citizens fully disapprove of the moral prostitute running said geographical location into a coming irradiated ground. Once again, Globalist hump bunkers and thirstily craving such Globalist prick violations, the Western political establishments foundation and comeuppance rolled into one not so neat and immensely untidy packaging.

Endless Cards Up Their Sleaze

Let me let everyone in on a nice little secret, if one has not already figured it out. The two-thirds to three-quarters of the English, French, and German populace (and West in general) that disapprove of the direction their beholden “leadership” is taking said countries are dispersed quite evenly throughout all facets of said respective societies; where in such meaning that quite literally three quarters of the intelligence apparatus, military, police, every class and tax bracket, as well as business magnates, entrepreneurs, petty thugs… and every other Pam, Dick, Gaston, Giselle, Gerhard and Gesundheit have lost total confidence in the direction they are being shepherded towards, and that is even before becoming inundated with wartime inflation, shortages, and literal raining death in a neighbourhood near them when the escalation occurs by means a futile and suicidal attempt to save the centuries old skin of a handful of the architects of aggression and oppression masquerading as societal cohesion. Not only such, but the remaining twenty-five percent or so who claim to approve of the actions of said puppeted politicians of whom are dragging the majority, kicking and screaming, would assuredly come under the category of those, like the egregiously salient politicians themselves, who are truly unable to think for themselves and cannot comprehend anything other than what the seminal and fully operational televisional and educational cultural indoctrination mind scrambler has told them since pre-conception. Though to have escaped from the confines of which the mass-psychosis has delineated, to flat out refuse in defiant action is a different story. History is an epic of conscientiously meandering into ultimate demise. A twenty five percent willingness to agree will neither win a team sporting event, nor the will to prop up a plethora of failed states in a conglomeration of dually continental sleaze. It is but a question of how many will unnecessarily die in the process in motion.

No, World War Three is already over before it has officially started. Kaput, Western confidence has been blown to kingdom come. Apart from the ultimate sheep-walkers that is. The media, political, governance, education, economic and social systems, and last vestiges of the way it has been are now irrelevant and the government and media COVID tyranny forcefully jammed that sawed off shotgun into the collective mouth, shattering teeth and bleeding gums, then excitedly and arrogantly pulled the trigger under the schizophrenic guise of self improvement. Yes, enter the shattered mind of the establishment and cloacal imbibing slobberers in noosed symbiosis towing cheering a downtrodden genesis; a reflective anomaly, enthusiastically wearing the theatrical mask of shame in a horrifically refracted reality. There is zero way to justify what they have planned in the making and coming rollout. The ruse is up, yet the pieces to the puzzlement unfurl. Half-cent personalities galore.

In keeping with the mark of confidence, just last week while grabbing a tea at a local bakery I ran into someone who was working on a job site with me right around the time that the UKraine war started, of which we chatted a bit. Said person had been an active combat member of the Canadian military for well over a decade. While waiting for my tea to arrive, I asked the gentleman if he was still in the military, as I remembered him stating the first time we met that he had a short amount of years remaining, to which he replied yes, for another year and some. To which he then stated, as if it was already quite plausible under Canadian military NATO alliance, “If the shit hits the fan, we are going to go over there and ‘take’ as many as we can.” With the word ‘take’ emphasizing killing, not European politicians, but Russian soldiers. It just seemed kind of odd the way he said it, though one might suppose it is soldiering 101; but, “to take as many as we can” came across as the notion of taking as many as they can before they themselves are taken in return in futile offering. Though perhaps he should have said, “When the poop-slinging political chimps fling the shit to the theatrical wall…..,” as itt just comes across much more sophisticated in geopolitical analysis, does it not? After all, why would Rheinmetall (once Reichswerke Hermann Göring), a German arms manufacturer be setting up shop in the good old USA! USA! USA! an ocean away from battlefield Europe, and have been promoted onto Germany’s premiere stock index, the DAX in March of 2023 if the Globalist swine were not planning to kill as many people as possible while profiting from untold human suffering as they eat Wagyu steak, drink gin & baby blood martini’s, and ruthlessly sodomize lowly political heads of state in their hump bunkers until the radioactive dust clouds settle? It’s a wonderful life indeed.

Cheers to the Hoi Polloi Holocaust!

Dealing From the Bottom of the Dick

Though, what I wonder is, surely there has to be some rules of engagement as things stand right now, and no doubt how they will transmogrify into all out slaughter of all living totality. Need one remind the world how the USA! USA! USA! started “funding” and “observing” France’s occupation and operations of the Indochina war taking place in Vietnam, where from 1950 to 1954 US funding was 3 Billion dollars (nearly 40 Billion dollars adjusted for today). Anyone else see any spooky similarities and foreshadowing as to what is happening at this very moment in the UKraine War, though instead of just the good old USA! USA! USA! funding and observing, it is the collective West and gullible dupes of the European East?

How did that war in Vietnam end up spiralling out of control again? Let’s see, from “funding” and “observing” the imperialist French in 1950… to 400 special forces troops in 1961…16,000 US troop presence in 1963…the false flag in the Gulf of Tonkin… to a peak of over 500,000 troops in 1969… all the while waging a “secret” ethnic cleansing and illegal bombing murder fest upon Cambodian and Laotian real estate and inhabitants, while simultaneously engaging in Operation Ranch Hand; the defoliation and wholesale poisoning of the Vietnamese populace en masse…What’s that you say, and all against a mostly pajama clad insurgency with a penchant for tunnelling, and a supposed “inferior” North Vietnamese Army. Oh right, and a thoroughly unhappy ending with nearly 60,000 US dead and a million plus Vietnamese corpses. History really does rhyme. So it goes again. I wonder if Las Vegas is going to get in on the action? Sounds about right for the modern Sodom & Gomorrah locale in the American Gestapo Corporation’s propping up the Crowned Empire du Jour and all too willing Throne Troll accompaniment in their coming final battle and resting place.

American Exceptionalism

Hit Me

As said before, one wonders what the rules of engagement are right now in the UKraine war? Clearly there are NATO forces in UKraine of the non-mercenary type, and surely doing more than “observing”. So say France does send in sixty thousand troops into the meat grinder, is that considered a NATO attack on Russia, or does a NATO member actually have to attack Russian forces from somewhere other than a UKraine staging ground? And if Russia butchers 20,000 French troops in UKraine, surely such could not be considered an attack on NATO, could it? And is Russia just content with butchering them on UKrainian soil until the NATO false flag arrives?

It kind of seems like that is West’s plan in a sort of Vietnam tracing blueprint, to slowly, then rapidly influx the number of troops, in an adoption technique also used in the commercial construction industry, where the moneymen and the general contractor equate quantity of warm bodies as an actual metric of qualitative progress being made for the sheer anomalous fact that there are now ten times more tradesmen on site than last week, so surely there has to be at least ten times more work getting done; forgetting the fact that it is now a clusterfuck, people are tripping over each other, the quality of workmanship has suffered because the bottom of the barrel has been scraped in overall abundance, morale is low, nobody wants to be there, production suffers, the general contractor and financiers are ridiculed, and the end product is a lot shoddier than it should be; where in the theatre of war, it is just the pile of corpses that grows larger due to the inept logic that quantitative personnel miraculously leads to qualitative measures; a false assumption brought forth via blind logic. Just ask World War One tactics.

One wonders, how much longer will UKraine continue being the meat grinder? Not only such, but when will the NATO false flag commence, and in what form in order to force NATO countries in their security pact to become mandatory participants in a conflict that seems to have nowhere to go in the end, except for the nuclear option. And while looking at the long border between Finland and Russia, it has sure become clear as to why it was necessary for the Empire du Jour to dupe the Finnish political prostitutes into joining the North Atlantic Terror Organization. Something tells me once the NATO false flag comes, the Finns & Co are going to have much more than a Sausage War on their hands. Enter the nuclear shashlik? We shall see, we shall see. And perhaps feel.