Ginger-Bred & The Pathetic Old Man…

Felled upon ignorance a truncated orchard of desertification bearing no fruit

Superficial appearance of maturity yet consumptively scrambled to the all rotten core

Harboured loathing reflection traced unquestionably linear in maternal damnation

Projected so plainly abundant the blame game circles blindly unable to roost

Invariable make up in the taking of what it is such runts of cognitive litter aim to destroy

Outdone in totality by earthly opposite trappingly claimed via delusional superiority

Grasping hammer and sickle mentality unaware of their own nail and chaff positioning

Beds in their making as those misspent sands capture said dimly narrowed trailing remnants

Motorcycle Fruitcake

Cam’s shaft excitedly turns his faltering crank

As a handlebar moustache tickles his taint

Redlined palpitation races uncontrollably forward

Leaving that kickstand buried in the dirt

Ignition electric races in passionate direction

Surging energy throes a throttling piston

Guzzling of fluid a fill-up awaits

A knucklehead consumption for the ages

Yearning to ride in drag strip continuance

Welcome to Zion

Foundational folly; catacomb omission piling chord wood obscenely

Illuminating darkness; anthropological candle burns all but serenely

Engrained waxing containment shapes hideous mould; justification waning

Dinning entrapment wicks frothed warbling encompassment; inbred remaining

Internet Dating

Aphrodisiac and candles the evening is surely set

Mood defining atmosphere a time to not forget

Feeling good rightly so time to make a move

Sweet caress with the hand get into the groove

Action picking up the blood it really flows

Timely areola migration experience deftly shows

Hot & heavy here we go to get on top of things

Ecstasy nears and of that which it possibly brings

Birth control having now become a leading issue

Will CR be the first to impregnate a computer with his tissue?

Z Man Plays the UKie Pokey

Strung upon Globalist making, a regular clown

Name and number for taking, bathroom stalls across town

Mental stature in matching, rollercoaster he rides not

Aid money for snatching, having long since being bought

UKrainian corpses a’ piling, as the frontline moves back

Moral bankruptcy in filing, sky-high teetering evidential stack

Destitute prostitute for sale, where will it all end

But a piece of Empire tail, has he any further to bend?