Off with his head!

Damnatio Memoriae

Dead man walking. Well, walking when not in his daily regimen drunken stupor not so spectacular after the face-spending public soured limelight fades into his first of many to come stiff gin & baby blood martini’s of Razzle Dazzle baby rabbit-hole delving, which one must assume is saucily often by the fire-engine red rosacea of alcoholic induced origin plastered hopelessly in literal and figurative evolutionary sickly clown emulation, at which point, the shambling commences. Oh, that shambling, it carries forward such a grotesquely shameless and high square footage closeted Teutonic Nazi lineage ever further from the lying of demarcation, at which point the shambling ceases; voilĂ , grovelling, towards the arching, hence, surrounding front and back of possessed apparitional demons known as ancestral relatives; oh how they egg him on, with literal human ovum, freshly severed from the ovaries of any lowly wench this side of Cockney’s ring true; and there it usually ends, passed out face down, motionless, unless of course his worse-half’s preceding trail of slime does not lubricate him ever closer to that attempted final destination, the barnyard hay, to gaze in photographed album admiration of those Jimmy Saville days of yore when it was publicly accepted for all those prepubescent children to take endless rides on his “royal” tilt-a-whirl. Dead man grovelling, in public disgust, “royally” speaking.

Nickelled and dimed to death. Well, better make it nickelled, dimed, drawn n’ quartered, loonied, toonied, and, twentied to death for good monetary measure of any truly patriotic Canadian looking to expedite, yes, I said expedite, the total and complete destruction of constitutional monarchies masquerading as “democracy” the world over, while being able to so humbly, rightly, properly, comically, necessarily, absolutely, and creatively take part productively in the ‘Quiet Revolution’ that has been undoubtedly unfolding for the past few years, since the Collective West, well, the mind-wiped nitwits in the rotted to the core bureaucracies and Globalist government breeding shit-piles blew societies brains out in COVID abomination all the while claiming to be saviours, though in actuality being highly unqualified and utterly delusional invalids. So, fellow freedom planting Canadians (overwhelmingly opposed), as well as any other “Commonwealth” countries to have their hard currency disgustingly disgraced with the vile, corrupt, contemptible, erroneous, filthy rot aftereffects of trickling Globalist genocidal maniacs, grand larcenists, number one drug peddlers, warpers of reality, and genuinely awful awful remnants of now bygone egregious centuries of chaos, death and destruction via Crowned and mindless follower unleashing, I say: “Off with their heads!” Well, Chomo Chucky’s head anyways; though whatever one wants to do with that old and crusty devil fellating Nazi bitch Queen Elizabeth II fugly inbred face likeness, do it creatively in creative destruction for the coming system anew.

#OFF-WITH-HIS-HEAD! It could become a needed coast to coast to coast celebratory competition and a worldwide phenomena. One could foresee a social media sensation, a veritable long-cock cold-cock of a piddly little dickhead of closeted Nazi lineage. Not to mention good old fun while taking part in the ‘Quiet Revolution’ that is looking to become loud in the offering. My first two submissions ‘CHOMO CHUCKY’ and ‘DEAD MAN WALKING,’ what they show in seeming unartistic offering they make up for in artistic direction to go as one’s skill and determination takes them: Perhaps a contest to see who could write the longest witty or derogatory statement about the monarchy? Surely one could picture a true picturesque artistic gem with William, Kate, and the three little devil children dangling from the gallows in miniature masterpiece likeness! How’s about Chomo Chucky on hands and knees in a puddle of his own piss with guillotine blade a’ fallin. The possibilities are as great as the millions of imaginations forced to suffer under the force-fed mind-rot of “royal” mind creep foisted upon society for centuries.

But wait there’s more! For the overzealously patriotic that is. Why just stick it to Chomo Chucky, when one could literally wipe out his fugly inbred face permanently, as have so many “royal” decrees done to tens of millions of actual life-snuffed citizens the world over in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries alone. Implements of death, implements of death – whatever is at hand, or make that investment and choose them wisely. Think of the future, what an investment indeed – a monarchy free world. Hallelujah! A ROYAL FERTILIZER pile. Though, til then: #OFF-WITH-HIS-HEAD!

By golly, this article is not even published yet and the internet is already stocked with #OFF-WITH-HIS-HEAD videos. I nominate all the videos in this article for the 2024 Oscar Awards! Best director; best choreography; best documentary; best original title; best sound in an original score; and most of all, best kiss – lips meet grindstone & belt sander. Though the videos are definitely not going to win a statue for best lighting! Hypothetically, one would guess that they were shot in a carpenter’s garage with poor fluorescent lighting, where an old 400 Watt metal halide pumped out too much light so was not used, and the phone used to shoot the video was the only smart phone the “director” ever had, of which was purchased on a trip to Greece many years ago so as to help him navigate the city, but now just sits in a drawer to take an occasional picture if it needs to be added to the internet. Of course, all is just hypothetical speculation from someone with an overactive imagination, I swear. Fuck You Chomo Chucky! Told you I swear.

And the Oscar goes to: Defile the Pedophile!

Yup, those royals are thoroughly spent, and not just via the coinage. Nope, spent, used up, to be no more, adios, sayonara, straight jackets and padded walls, history books on the other end of the crimson spectrum totality. Really, all one must do is just take a look at “prince” William and the ever worsening Emperor Caracalla scowl seemingly unable to be wiped from his programming. The crush of ravaging emotional gravity on his indelible face is priceless, not to mention old Kate’s pica disorder and accompanying inward implosion and desperation explosion, as the “royal” handlers attempt to plaster her desperately false notion of indispensable importance in the “royal” fantasy that has fooled far too many for far too long these past centuries, into and onto any medium that can be bought and sold. Poof! And then they were gone. Talk about a Nazi hangover. Enter the house of Windsor. Scheming and scheming and scheming and scheming until the “royal” wang is penetrating the “royal” first cousins orifice of interest, the Czar and kinfolk are being aerated, gas chambers churn em out indefinitely, and death camp smokestacks are bellowing in overproductive delight as those Windsor’s pose for photo ops as they supposedly brave the London Blitz perpetrated by “those other Nazi’s.”

Heil the Windsor’s!

And it could all be yours for cheap! Talk about a deal! Staples sells the Avery colour coding labels in packs of 240 for the low price of $6.49. That is less than 3 Canadian cents per artistic lambasting, until GST and PST are added, then it is exactly 3 cents per offering to creatively defile Chomo Chucky’s filthy rot. And any dignified tradesman or serious do it yourselfer is going to possess at least one means to separate old Chomo Chucky’s face from what will soon enough become an actual sovereign geographical location’s currency void of “royal” infringement and Crown poisoning; so do your part – Join the Revolution. Heaven knows, If I were a chemist I would be bubbling Chomo Chucky’s old cock-face off of the coinage with some form of corrosive acid!


A Marked Improvement

Yup, the not so picturesque face of Globalist “democracy,” where 60% of a populace’s wishes are to not even recognize Queen Charles the Turd as having anything to do with what is clearly a non-sovereign nation, yet the bureaucracy and political party shit-pile rush through in minting a clear majority’s unwanted currency, without any form of consultation with who, in the invalid establishment’s mind, are nothing other than us lowly tax slaves to be milked and balked at abusively as they run roughshod and do as their Globalist masters so please in continuation of the oppressive system of normalization to entangle enthusiastically but that of the complete fool indeed.

“Royal” Reflections

In such being said people – do your part, join the revolution, join the civil disobedience, join the fun, join the Canadian (“Commonwealth” country) arts & crafts anonymous in putting such a history of slovenly “royal” human filth where they so belong, on the rubbish tip of history, to be taught for posterity, of how for century after century the general populace was foolish enough to believe and act out that “royal” inbred-cowards and their genocidal gerbil-boys of deceit, by way of indoctrination reality warping techniques and outright murderous oppression, pulled off a mass brainwash of dyspeptic proportions which led to the eventual ‘Great Awakening’ and kinetic energy extravaganza necessary to wipe the monarchy and Aristocracy nightmare clean into the next civilizational sweep.

Chomo Chucky meets a die die die grinder!

So, depending upon your level of patriotism, stock up on those colour coding labels, bench grinders, wacky stickers, belt sanders, metal files, die grinders, corrosive acids, and anything else capable of wiping those inbred “royal” disgraces off of our soon to be recovered captivity creating currency indoctrination implements of Globalist government supplied topsy-turvy-crazy-downside-up-world. And if one comes up with a novel idea as to how to rip old Chomo Chucky’s rot clear off the coinage, remember to share it with the general public of Majority large via #OFF-WITH-HIS-HEAD! I sure would like to see what a loonie, toonie, or Chomo Chucky in the flesh looks like after being fragged by a Canadian or “Commonwealth” hand grenade!

Goodness knows, every piece of Chomo Chucky coinage that Yours “Royal” Mangler Truly spends in the future will be a thing of faceless beauty, though only for the fact that the preceding Canadian Patriot beat me to the oh so pleasurable face scraping technique; a facelift if you will, lifted into dusted oblivion where Chomo Chucky’s likeness does so long to belong, I swear on it. Fuck the Fuck-Face Queen Charles the Turd! Told you I swear on it!

Don’t forget to do your liberating part.

And, why yes, when there is a divot or descriptively lambasting sticker where Chomo Chucky’s face used to be, the coinage does still work in city parking meters, which means it will probably work in vending machines too; so if one is not an absolutely true patriot willing to drop those dimes, and other coinage in the flesh upon a fellow “royal” despising retail worker, one is able to fuck up old Chomo Chucky’s inbred face and then anonymously plunge his truly rung-to defiled persona likeness into mechanical monetary digital reception slots for spending pleasure!

This is one of those rare articles where the title came to me before any words were ever put down in typing, but the original title was to be: Defile the Pedophile With a Bastard File; but then I specifically went out and bought a half-round bastard file to attempt to win an Oscar award, but then came to realize how hard it is to file the face off such a lowlife child Nazi hangover as Chomo Chucky, where in proving to not be a luddite, low and high voltage technology were surely appreciated in time and ease of production. Er, I mean, all videos were taken from cyberspace, I swear. Fuck Chuck up, please and thank you!

A Few For the Road Ahead

Oh, and regarding the future Queen Charles the Turd’s eventual twenty dollar bill replacement of Lucifer’s lickspittle, Queen Elizabeth the Second’s fugly inbred mug, if Chomo Chucky is not dead before it’s government guaranteed printing press arrival, one only has to point out that if inbred Lizzy is capable of growing an Adolph Hitler admiring moustache, so can Chomo Chucky too, and probably a large swastika tattoo right in the middle of his child-lusting forehead is all but guaranteed.

An Uncanny Resemblance

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