Observational obliteration, entwined, intermingled, engrained. Dimensional delving, maimed, defamed, shamed, one and the same, unneeded in name, there and then to the here and now. Surrounds, so in bound, shallows, the depths, telegraphed dichotomy, cleaved, in such weaved, creativity upon severity, a move, abscond predawn, letting in while taking out.

It had to be to any who see, destiny, emblazoned in being, within, a makeup not chosen, intercellular conglomeration, time and space, synaptic connection, hibernation awakened, bespoken upon broken, sparked, set off. Seeking, vibrational emittance, forth to be, interwoven operability, second nature of the premiere front, atomic sensibilities, formational adherence.

A regular disaster, stumbled, mumbled, befuddled in acceptance. Cavernously enthralled, stalled, hopelessly mauled, undermined in time, subterranean expulsion, revulsion, tutelage of perversion. So the scene, has been, amiss, raked in entirety, fallen, coals of bewilderment sear in topical stagnation. Weeds the seeds where as such a stationed terminal tragedy bleeds.

Connectivity of complexity overwhelming perplexity, a dawn for the donning in suited surroundings, instances layered, constructive surmounting, bury the hatchet, severance to the core. Immeasurable ullage, a vessel replenished, scaled to existence, approbation in store. Channeled of clarity, pathways in the finding, universal compliance, creative necessity shall settle the score.

Such was the personification whirling, swirling, miasmic infection, here, there, everywhere, burnt in all sense of reception. Decrepit deceit, more than at one’s feet, pitiful planting in deepening quarry, let loose in foul evermore recessive, a hopeless bargain dependent on saving. Caked amok, reflective deception looking forth into opaque direction.

Stepping up, step in, change from within, down deep was the steep, pored forever more, steadfast and climbing, constructive relief. Fed of the hunger in digestive retreat, reprisal of scrimshank, overcoming deceit. Inclination determined, so went the warning, coalescent unity, something something something something, something something, something something something clout.

And so it would have gone,…………………………………………………………more continued irreverent wit………etcetera, etcetera…………

Hang him from his minuscule testicles, then shoot him in the face with a twelve gauge slug, along with this pusillanimous coward! Unless of course they are one and the same, in which case, save him for my bare hands.