EndPoliticians.com was brought into existence by myself, one INDIVIDUAL, with the aspiration to bring forth a platform able to convey ideas, whether political, philosophical, moral, social, financial or any other form and to share such ideas publicly in order to start a healthy discussion and begin a transition to a more democratic system.

There is no better government than that of a self educated, enlightened, engaged and vigilant citizenry who have all of the facts in order to make an informed decision free of propaganda.

Violence plays zero role in the formation of a more just society. Other than self defense, the only reason someone engages in violent behavior, whether a single person, a gang or a standing army is because they do not have a logical or rational reason for what they wish to accomplish, so they attempt brute force in the attempt to terrorize the victim into submission. Unlike logic, the escalation of sheer force has the extreme negative consequence where to outdo the other in violence can only lead to the eventual and catastrophic destruction of all, including our life sustaining orb, planet earth. Whereas the perpetual increase of logic and rationale can only lead to such an enlightened INDIVIDUAL who fears nothing other than ignorance and is willing to forego all in order to achieve a just outcome.

If enough free thinking INDIVIDUALS unify it is possible to create a framework that limits the current model of political puppets beholden to special interests and usher in a more equitable medium where society in general takes a much more participatory and decentralizing role in deciding the happenings of the neighborhood, city, province, state, country, and world we live in.

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