The straw that broke this mammals back.

COVID-19 was the overriding reason for this INDIVIDUAL to bring this website into fruition. Actually, not Covid-19 specifically, but the all around nightmare that most of our politicians unleashed upon society (There were a few countries that behaved in an intelligent manner), unnecessarily ruining the lives of millions of INDIVIDUALS and countless small businesses which are the backbone of a strong and healthy community.

Politicians and media, state and mainstream, have set parameters for the discussion of Covid-19. When you set parameters for debate/discussion it is no longer free speech. Without free speech you cease to live in a free society.

Here is a section to allow free speech on the subject, whether it be possible hidden agendas, a poem, story to how the authoritarian lockdown affected your life, etc.

Covid-19 Articles


In linguistics the word portmanteau is the combining of the form and meaning of 2 words. Examples include: Cyborg - cybernetic + organism. A member of the animal kingdom interfaced with computer...

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Political Purgatory

With the second anniversary of my mom's death having recently passed, I could not but help but think of the millions of people, elderly and otherwise who were doomed and castigated by politicians to...

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