The purpose and intent of this site is to supply objective observations, ideas, and thoughts with the goal of changing the world for the better. This site does not condone violence of any kind. I have done my due diligence to make sure guest contributions are free of plagiarism, but the onus is on the INDIVIDUAL to be truthful and honest. This is not a site for those who see themselves as victims and think that taking things from others is a solution to inequality. It is for the INDIVIDUAL who understands that hard work, self education, honesty, enlightenment, and vigilance are the key to freedom and a just society.

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I of the Beholder

Fourword Big fish sushi smorgasbord. A Bigger Fluffy Picture So, how did everyone enjoy last week's ENDPOLITICIANS.COM article? For me, it was most certainly the bestest and most favourite article...

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The Greatest Reward

To tear it down all the while building it up, but a necessarily constructive effort, in passing, through and through, crossed over, fully aware that there is no going back, straight forwards in...

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Poetry Slam!

Ginger-Bred & The Pathetic Old Man... Felled upon ignorance a truncated orchard of desertification bearing no fruit Superficial appearance of maturity yet consumptively scrambled to the all...

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