What does the future hold?

I will make the debatable statement that nothing on our observable planet plays a more decisive role in the decisions we make in life more than money does.

From where we live, what we choose to eat and drink, our mode of transportation, the fabrics we cover ourselves with, destination of travel, choice of employment etc. Money is the determining factor for the root of our decisions. It is even the benchmark to the level of free will we are able to achieve in our time of existence.

Here you will find articles to do with money, whether philosophically, literally, figuratively, morally or any other “ly” that you or I can think of so we can expand on such ideas.

It is time to act before governments enact the all digital monetary system which will bring forth a 100% captive control environment where any form of privacy, freedom and liberty cease to exist.

Money Articles

Is a Mako Onto Shat

Brain Pain If one did not have one, one would not be reading this zero, of one. One, who one day, decided he was going to take letters from the alphabet, type them into words, subsequent sentences,...

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