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Let US, an enlightened, self educated and engaged citizenry come together in order to force our captors apart!

Welcome to EndPoliticians.com, an interactive site where INDIVIDUALS are welcomed and encouraged to submit all kinds of writing, with the intent of spreading intelligent ideas to encourage discussion on various subjects with the emphasis and end goal of developing a society where we are able to wean ourselves off of the falsely portrayed need for political masters to rule over us. It is possible to end the mostly symbolic position of politicians and the role they play in keeping society captive for institutions much more powerful than them.

Let US, an enlightened, self educated, vigilant and engaged citizenry come together in order to force our captors apart!

And we accept poetry!

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Tough Love-Houses of the Holey

Bread and circuses, a figure of speech and literal action provided by ancient Rome's politicians to appease many members of society. In short, to provide a daily grain ration and access to cheap...

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Nickel Bags

Sorry, no drugs other than the inferred title of this article. Although I suppose much of the population is addicted to unwavering obedience. Could there be a worse addiction? In order for there to...

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In linguistics the word portmanteau is the combining of the form and meaning of 2 words. Examples include: Cyborg - cybernetic + organism. A member of the animal kingdom interfaced with computer...

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Political Purgatory

With the second anniversary of my mom's death having recently passed, I could not but help but think of the millions of people, elderly and otherwise who were doomed and castigated by politicians to...

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