INDIVIDUAL cognitive thoughts & poetic offerings.

Quite self explanatory. This section is dedicated to the public publishing of INDIVIDUALS cognitive thoughts put forth to create poetic offerings.

The motivation to include a medium devoted to verse was that of my mom’s therapeutic use of writing poetry during her years long battle with illness. Sadly, Mom died early 2019.

This section is dedicated to her memory and all her great accomplishments.


Peace Hope and Love

Peace Hope and Love The three rocks sit on the coffee table made by my son. They have been there for years and days go by and I hardly notice them. But my little grandson picks them up nearly every...

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Eclipsed Briefly

Gravity the tides have turned Spatial dimensional construct Cosmically without from within Elliptical heavenly motions obscured Universal encompassing time and space Orbiting a return in the making...

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There once was a man with a World Economic Forum Through bribery of politicians he created his own whoredom Klaus has them on their hands and knees Oh so eager to please Therefore sovereignty is...

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Today would have been my mom's seventy first birthday. Hard work, determination and positive thought are a few of the necessary life skills I managed to observe being a constant emmitance in her...

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Moms Poetry

In Memory of Shadow   I remember opening my eyes on those first mornings Back in South Africa, when I was still able to visit, And in the space between sleep and awareness, Not yet knowing...

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