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Let US, an enlightened, self educated and engaged citizenry come together in order to force our captors apart!

Welcome to EndPoliticians.com, an interactive site where INDIVIDUALS are welcomed and encouraged to submit all kinds of writing, with the intent of spreading intelligent ideas to encourage discussion on various subjects with the emphasis and end goal of developing a society where we are able to wean ourselves off of the falsely portrayed need for political masters to rule over us. It is possible to end the mostly symbolic position of politicians and the role they play in keeping society captive for institutions much more powerful than them.

Let US, an enlightened, self educated, vigilant and engaged citizenry come together in order to force our captors apart!

And we accept poetry!

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All In This Together

Let me elaborate on a saying that has been making the rounds during this overly aggressive covid agenda that has been forced upon us by the powers that be. That saying is, "we are all in this...

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Opium War 3.0

No matter the city or town you live in there is a good probability that you know of the major drug usage and overdose problem that has been running rampant in western societies for the past few...

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Artificial Intelligence

Money. If you are a wage slave like myself, you do not have enough of it and you are always going somewhere and doing something to earn more of it. And then once you have earned it the government...

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Letter to CBC

                                           Introduction Here is a letter I wrote to the CBC back in early May regarding their one sided subjective scaremongering that they have the presumption to...

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Look at us we are so great Your lives mean nothing They know not what they have done CR

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234 Versus 22,050

Covid 19 is a real virus, there is no doubt about that, and yes there is no denying that it is responsible for taking some time off the end of some peoples lives, most of who were living in extreme...

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