Anything that lives will eventually die, or cease to exist, other than as a memory, unless of course memory itself ceases to exist. Be it a plant, mammal, reptile, virus, bacteria, fungi or whatever life form(I will leave inanimate, unearthly, interstellar objects for another time.) Some intelligent people say that as much as 99% of species that ever existed on earth are now extinct.

On the macro level, which may wipe out an entire genus, some deciding factors may be just that of old age and evolving into something different, or possibly an event that caused a mass extinction such as a meteorite striking the earth rendering the planet a very inhospitable place to be due to effects other than the initial catastrophic destruction to things in the immediate impact zone. Things such as lack of sunlight  for prolonged periods of time from blocked out skies which puts an end to photosynthesis and the plant life that need said process to live, hence herbivores and pollinators no longer have a source of food which will obviously have a detrimental effect on omnivores and carnivores and all in all what some would label as the circle of life. These are natural macro events and they can not be stopped.

On the micro level, which will eliminate single or multiple members of a species, our planet and it’s happenings has many multiples of more frequenlty occurring events than that which occur on the macro level. Some ways this happens is through necessity, rapaciousness and by sheer chance. Necessity would include a ¬†member of a species needing to intake energy to survive so it kills another life form in order to carry on living. Death from old age would also be out of necessity. As for rapacious killing or extermination, an example would be the Europeans needless and obtuse slaughter of the buffalo in an attempt to help starve the Native Americans into submission, or Joseph Stalins purge of intellectuals, which served the purpose of eliminating intelligent INDIVIDUALS that could shed light on the barbaric and brutal regime he was bringing into existence. And death by chance would be being struck by a bus as it lost control and accidentally ran down people as they strolled down the sidewalk, a person killed by a falling coconut, or something along those lines.

Events of chance could be eliminated to a certain degree if you wanted to cower in your home, but it would involve not living life to the fullest. Necessity is just that, necessary of the interaction of matter in its orderly form. As for rapaciousness, the worst acts seem to be perpetrated by that of subjective groupthink in order to appease an order of mass domination by a single leader such as an angry king or a despotic President or Prime Minister who may actually be serving his or her masters in higher institutions and of higher influence than common folk like you and I. Elimination of rapacious acts of savagery can be eliminated but it requires the change of unthinking obedience typically found in massive bureaucracies into a framework of objective, self educated INDIVIDUALISM, or what one may call diversity in thought as opposed to the occurrence of a subjective mob mentality. When one strictly “does as they were told” you end up with such events, to name a few, as the Holocaust, the Khmer Rouge’s Year Zero, the atrocities of the conquering of Native Americans, and pretty much every murder campaign or war that ever existed.

Typically it is the “State” that constructs the education and indoctrination system that allows such unthinking atrocities to happen and before many know, the “State” is indistinguishable from the INDIVIDUAL that is supposed to exist in the minds of all, yet seems to be absent in many of the beings that some would say are alive but may not really be living in a meaningful way other than unwittingly fulfilling the implanted aspirations of their unobservable captors.

As for me I choose INDIVIDUALISM, no matter what the cost. And I sincerely hope that there are enough of us out there who choose the same because we seem to be entering another period in history where unenlightened groups seem to be forming with the intent of taking things from others in a surely underhanded manner without any rational or logical explanation for doing so other than wanting what the other has without being willing to put in the hard work and discipline to achieve the same outcome for themselves.

All species deserve to die of either chance or necessity. Rapacious acts, while theoretically could be classified as a natural event, are only deemed so by a society that is out of touch with an objective reality.