This is a poem I wrote back in mid March of 2020 after understanding what the government and media were going to unleash upon the population with their incessant fear and misinformation campaign.


Corona Poem


Hour after hour day after day,

mainstream and state media has the same thing to say.


Causing a panic amongst the masses,

has gotten to the point where many cannot find the material to wipe their own asses.


A lot of societies vulnerable have lost their employment,

living off government handouts brings no enjoyment.


Media aggression,

has caused a depression.


Government says we cannot leave our door,

yet every year the common flu kills so many more.


So isolate yourselves and follow our news,

makes one wonder if this is all just a ruse?


Perhaps this will all pass in a matter of time,

though probably not before a major surge in crime.


I surely cannot be the lone informed soul,

understanding the end game is more government control.